(Boxing Day) Jewellery & Accessories @ Forever21Canada From $0.99 & Free Shipping!

(Boxing Day) Jewellery & Accessories @ Forever21Canada From $0.99 & Free Shipping!


In the continuing event that is the Boxing Day sale @ Forever 21 Canada, I’ve spotted that there are some cute little jewellery pieces for only $1 on there. PLUS you get the added bonus of free Canadian shipping too!

(Sort by price low-high to see the items for $1)

There are only 6 pieces of jewellery in the sale for a dollar and I noticed that most of them are sold out already except for these:

So I decided to have a look in the sale section and browse a bit further, and I found a lot more pieces for only $0.99 that are not being advertised in the $1 Boxing Day sale section. For example:




And if you’re feeling flush, you could pay TWICE the price and check out the $1.99 clearance jewellery items such as this Rosette Cross Necklace. Yes, this is all just costume jewellery but sometimes it’s nice to accessorize an outfit with a little matching piece.

The Forever21 free shipping is due to end today (on the 27th December 2014) but I don’t know how long all the rest of the deals are due to last. If you are interested in any of the pieces above, just pop over to Forever 21 Canada and place your order now to take advantage of that free shipping.

(Expiry: unknown)


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  • Shar
    I just got off the phone with them... I use firefox and it won't let me sign in, this after trying for 3 days to get the stuff into the shopping cart because it takes forever to load. Phone rep told me to use Explorer and when I went there, my shopping cart was empty. Good luck there are lovely deals.
    • Anna W.
      That's a shame!!!!