Boxing Day @ London Drugs

Boxing Day @ London Drugs


Check out this sweet deal on the Dyson V6 Slim for Boxing Day. London Drugs Canada has the portable vacuum on sale from $349.99 down to $299.99. Add it to your cart, and an extra $50 comes off automatically, thus bringing the Dyson down to $249.99. In addition, London Drugs is offering an extra $25 off your order when you checkout with Visa Checkout. After that additional discount, your order comes down to $224.99. As the vacuum cleaner is still over $200, you will receive free shipping.

This is a pretty impressive deal for a Dyson, I must say. Usually we do not see such substantial discounts on the really popular vacuum cleaners. I am even tempted to buy one myself. I price compared this vacuum cleaner with other stores but it was the best deal by far. Other Canadian retails are selling it for:

  • $279.99 @ Best Buy Canada
  • $279.97 @ Walmart Canada
  • $349.99 @ Dyson Canada
  • $349 @
  • $349.95 @ Hudson's Bay Canada

While the vacuum cleaner is on sale for $279.99 at two other stores, London Drugs' final price undercuts that by $50 when you use Visa Checkout. You may be wondering what is so special about this vacuum and I will tell you.

This vacuum is designed for all floors and anything else you can throw at it like stairs and blinds. It has a powerful Dyson digital motor V6 that will keep the cordless vacuum cleaner running for 20 minutes without losing suction.

The motorized cleaner head cleans all surfaces thoroughly and the entire unit converts to handheld mode for messy jobs in the trunk or the back of the car. Use it in the bedroom to vacuum the mattress or in the tree-fort out back to clean up the cookie crumbs. There is also a 'high power' mode that allows six minutes of intense, higher suction for difficult tasks. This is the perfect apartment vacuum cleaner at an amazing price.


This screenshot shows the entire extra $75 taken off the sale price when you pay with Visa Checkout and the free shipping as well. Those taxes are for delivery to BC. Taxes will differ depending on your province.

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