Bookcloseouts Deal: Hot Summer Reads For Only $1.99!!

Bookcloseouts Deal: Hot Summer Reads For Only $1.99!!

As you might know, every few weeks come out with a new offer to tantalize and titillate the book-lovers! This time, they’re got an “escape sale!” All titles are only $1.99 – that’s dead cheap! They’re calling it an escape sale, as they are mainly books which you could take with you on your hols.

There are loads of great titles there which would be great to throw in your luggage, then whip out when you get to that beautiful beach!

For example, if you’re a sci-fi lover like me, you might recognise the name Harry Turtledove. I was surprised to find out that he doesn’t just write sci-fi books, but also historical fantasy, as seen here in “Fort Pillow.” It’s all about a confederacy war, if you like that sort of thing. A similar title is “The First Heroes.” Both book are only $1.99!

I’ve also heard of the author Nancy Lemann, but not yet read any of her novels. One such novel is on special offer here, it’s called “The Fiery Pantheon.” It sounds like a love story, if that’s your bag!

Ed McBain is a pretty famous guy. You can buy “Fiddlers” for only $1.99! It’s a nice juicy crime drama in the 87th Precinct Mysteries series.

Or do you fancy one of the classics without the pain of ye old language? There’s a moden day translation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet! To read or not to read, eh?

There are loads more titles to choose from, in fact there are 37 pages to get through, so I’m sure you can find a few nice books for $1.99 each! If you’re spending a bit of money @ Book CloseOuts, check this post for some active coupon codes.


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