BookCloseOuts Canada: Anime & Manga Sales!

BookCloseOuts Canada: Anime & Manga Sales!

This month at Book Close Outs, they’re having a special promotion on Manga and Animé titles, with loads of books for only $0.99!

Click here to see the Animé & Manga Sale on Bookcloseouts (Click promotions at top)

There are 516 titles to choose from, quite a lot! I don’t know very much about animé or manga. I’ve seen a few of the more popular DVDs, such as Akira and Cowboy Bebop. I’m not the biggest fan though. I did really enjoy Ghost in the Shell.

Some examples of offers:

  • Gundam books from $0.99
  • Dragon Knights from $0.99
  • Tokyo Babylon from $0.99
  • Dragon Hunter from $0.99

This deal expires on the 26th March 2009! Remember, check this previous Bookcloseouts sale post for coupon code discounts and free shipping too. Just so you know, the prices are shown in US dollars on BookCloseOuts, but the products ship from inside Canada.

Are you a Manga fan? We’d love to hear from you – any decent books in here worth buying?

On a funny note, I was reading a recent thread on The Gameist, showing the 9 levels of Cos-Play hell, featuring a few manga outfits... laughing ensued.




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