Bookcloseouts Canada: All Travel Books Half Price

Bookcloseouts Canada: All Travel Books Half Price


Yes, it's the Christmas holidays, and many of you probably aren't even thinking as far ahead as your next vacation. But now is a good time to take advantage of these great book deals from Bookcloseouts Canada.

All books in their travel section are now half price! If you have plans to visit certain countries this year, have a quick search and see if you can find a good price on a guide for that area.

I'll amaze and astound you with some of the amazing places I have been to, and see if I can find any relevant books in the sale.

I recently visited beautiful Iceland, as I mentioned on the blog a few months ago. Bookcloseouts is offering "Flying Visits Iceland Finland & the Baltic" for only $3.49! Iceland was a really beautiful country. Standing on a glacier in the middle of a blizzard was an experience I won't be forgetting any time soon.

In my teens, I visited the Greek Island of Rhodes. All I remember of that trip was sun, sand, sea and… er… sangria. How about "Rhodes & the Dodecanese Plus the East Aegean" for only $2.49? I'm sure that would bring back some memories for me!

I've also travelled around Australia, and my sister is actually heading there next month. I am going to recommend that she buy "Let's Go Australia on a Budget" for only $3.49.

For those of you who do not know this, Bookcloseouts show prices in US dollars, but they are a Canadian company, and ship from within Canada. Their prices are really excellent, and it's always great to have a hunt through their range of bargain book titles. And, you get free shipping on a $35 spend as long as you make use of the Bookcloseouts promotion code here.

So what about you guys? Been to any exotic and far flung destinations?


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  • Ania
    I've been to the Fanning Islands as a stop on a cruise...not much to see there. More far flung than exotic. (ps: it took a year and a half for my postacrds to reach home).
    • Anna
      I had to google that one :)
    • Krystel
      holy cow! Fanning islands is definitely "far flung" ;) I had the chance to visit Iran (in 2000) with a girl friend that was going back to see family.