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The absolute best sale from is on now: get free shipping on any orders of $35+! You can load your cart full of books for you, books for your kids/friends/family and enjoy free shipping charges: even for the heaviest of boxes full of the best books!

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If you are a comic strip fan here ar a couple suggestions for you:

Both great reads, the second one is a most excellent deal (and hardcover), you won't be disappointed.

If you are a Neil Gaiman fan and have children you might want to check out a few of the books I am picking up:

Both hardcover. I also managed to find a scratch & dent cover of Prince of Stories (in hardcover) for $3.49 which is 88% off retail price. You can get the softcover for close to the same price though: $3.99 or pay a little extra for a non-scratch & dent hardcover.

It depends on where your interest lie. I love good art, graphical rendered stories and comics. However, I also have To Hell In High Heels in my cart - an awesome book on anti-aging that I read 1/2 of when i was in New Zealand (it was on the bookshelf where we were staying). I highly recommend it to ANY woman! Only $4.99 - 61% off it's cover price.

There are also some great Company's Coming cookbooks starting at just $2.99 each. I picked up 2.

In total I paid just over $35 for 7 books. :-)


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  • Robin
    If you ever get the chance-go to the warehouse store in St. Catharines-you could spend days in there finding great bargain books!
    • Avigayil
      that sounds like fun :-)
    • friskey
      Book closeouts USA transferred my account with boks listed to order How can I get into that site and my shopping cart that was transferred - I do not think I am in the right place. Please help me get there. The USA said to log on to bookcloseouts and everything would be there -log on info etc. Where is it? Thanks Sharron Lahaye