Body Shop Canada: Jumbo Body Butters $15 (Save $15)

Body Shop Canada: Jumbo Body Butters $15 (Save $15)


The Body Shop Canada has a plethora of promotions going on right now and one of the best deals in my opinion is their sale on jumbo body butters. pick up a 400ml container of body butter for just $15, originally $30.

Why this deal really tickles my fancy is that the regular 200ml body butters usually retail for $20. The jumbo body butters are twice the volume at 400ml, and you can now buy them for less than you would the smaller butters, which are half the size. You get 50% off these jumbo body butters. It is far more economical to buy the larger size of the body butters than multiples of the smaller butters.

There are four body butters to choose from. Perhaps the most popular choice, this Jumbo Shea Body Butter is a fan favourite of Body Shop customers. This thick and moisturizing body butter is made with Community Fair Trade Shea butter. It has a slightly nutty scent and is often considered the classic body butter.

I am primarily interested in the Jumbo Coconut Body Butter as I love everything that tastes like or smells like coconut. I love the scent in my body products just as much as I like the taste in my food and drink. This is decadent body butter with a wonderful tropical scent. Perfect for the dry summer heat.

If you are into fruity scents, then you should try out theJumbo Mango Body Butter or theJumbo Satsuma Body Butter. Orange is not really my favourite scent for a body care products though my husband automatically guesses citrus whenever he tries to figure out what the scent of any of my lotions is. However, this body butter has a hidden secret: mosquitoes do not like it. As this reviewer says:

This product smells good, refreshing and has a fantastic use that keeps mosquitos away. put it on and played a full game of baseball in the outfield and not one mosquito bothered me. I have used this for outside and ball games for the last 3 years. it is a must and I find it works better than off or other bug sprays.

I might try it just for that property. Mango would be more my style and I would love to try that butter out. Shipping is free on orders over $75 or $5 on orders of $50 or more.

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