Black's Canada: FREE Collage Poster ($19.99 Value) & Free Shipping * HOT *

Black's Canada: FREE Collage Poster ($19.99 Value) & Free Shipping * HOT *


Black’s Canada has teamed up with TELUS to offer a free collage size poster worth $19.99. To redeem the freebie, you need to use your mobile app and the coupon code below. Shipping is free either to store or to your home, another $10 value.

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  • Discount : Free 14″ x 24.5″ collage poster with 28 images
  • Expiry: 17th March 2015

Click here for info about the Black’s app & where to download it

Note: The in-app price is $9.99 but the website price shows $19.99 as the value of this freebie.

I had to try this freebie out on my iPhone, as I no longer own an iPad. Despite the small phone screen, the BLACKS Photo App is easy enough to navigate. To redeem your free poster, follow these easy steps:

  • Select the correct collage poster
  • Enable Blacks to access your photos
  • Pick the 28 images you want to use
  • Change out pictures, crop photos (press and hold an image to crop it), and choose boarder colour
  • Add to cart

There are a few things to note. Before starting, you should download the pictures you want to use to your phone. As this is a mobile offer, you need to use the images stored on your mobile device.

I also highly recommend using your tablet (if you have one) over your phone. Cropping photos on a phone is near impossible because the size of the image is about the size of your fingertip. Rearranging photos also can be a real hassle on such a small screen.

There are two options when you go to checkout:

  • Pick Up & Pay at Store
  • Ship It & Pay Now

Even though the first option says pay at store, you still have the opportunity to apply the coupon code online so you will have $0 to pay in store. However, why pay in store when you can have the poster shipped to you free? Select Ship & Pay Now for free home delivery. To find where to apply the coupon, select the three bars (drop down menu) after you have entered your mailing and shipping address. When you enter the coupon code above, the subtotal, tax, and shipping cost all go down to $0.

This is a FANTASTIC freebie because it includes free shipping. For this and any other Black’s coupon codes, visit our forum.

Blacks reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.

(Expiry: 17th March 2015)


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  • Pat M.
    Thanks! What a great offer. I used my tablet for the whole process and it worked really well.
      not working for me, I went through all the process and I'm at checkout and it says FREETELUSPOSTER is not a valid code :( what did I do wrong..?
      • Ryan B.
        Hey Stephanie, Ryan from BLACKS here. Sorry you're having trouble! Not sure where things are going wrong for you - we've received thousands of orders already. Are you ensuring to select the correct product: Home > Collage > 14x24.5 Collage Poster - $9.99. If you can't get it working, please call our Smile Centre at 1-800-668-3826 and they can troubleshoot with you.
      • JDub
        Tried this at 7pm on March 4, and it says "FREETELUSPOSTER is not a valid Promo Code" Thanks for the waist of my time.
        • Ryan B.
          Hey JDub, Ryan from BLACKS here. Sorry to hear this. Are you ensuring to select the correct product: Home > Collage > 14x24.5 Collage Poster - $9.99. The code won't work on anything else. If you can't get it working, please call our Smile Centre at 1-800-668-3826 and they can troubleshoot with you.
        • Debbie B.
          I've completed it several times and continues to say it's an invalid code! Frustrating! Is this a scam for them to get personal info??
          • Ryan B.
            Hi Debbie, Ryan from BLACKS here. Definitely not a scam! We've had thousands of successful redemptions so far and can confirm that the code is tested and working. Are you ensuring to select the correct product: Home > Collage > 14x24.5 Collage Poster - $9.99. If you can't get it working, please call our Smile Centre at 1-800-668-3826 and they can troubleshoot with you.
            • Debbie B.
              It shows collage - 14x24.5 for $19.99. Where is the $9.99?
              • Ryan B.
                Hey Debbie, it sounds like you might be using instead of the BLACKS App. This offer is only available in the BLACKS App. You can find the download link above in the article.
          • Ryan B.
            Hey everyone, Ryan from BLACKS here. If you're having any trouble with the offer, please give us a call at 1-800-668-3826 and we can help you out. Please remember the code is an app exclusive, so it won't work on the web.
            • Corrector
              "Waist " your time..? Honestly...? I'm sure you made some mistakes looking at your spelling...
              • Corrector
                Hello Ryan, will we be able to get the offer if we call the number even if we don't have the app? Thanks
                • Ryan B.
                  Hey Corrector, this offer is strictly app-only. Sorry!
                • Bonnie
                  I tried few times last night, using the app and picked the 14×24.5 Collage Poster – $9.99. It did not show "invalid code", but just did not respond to the code, and kept the $9.99 in the total. I only have time to do after work in the evening on weekday or can try again in the weekend. What is the working hour for the Smile Center?
                  • Ryan B.
                    Hi Bonnie, did you hit the "Apply Promo" button next to the code? There might be a 1-2 second delay after you hit apply and then you should see the price change to $0. Then you can go back to your cart and complete the checkout. If you need to get in touch with us, our Smile Centre is open M-F 9am to midnight and S-S 9am-9pm.
                    • Bonnie
                      yes, I hit the "Apply Promo", but the price did not change. Will try that again tonight. Smile Center hours is in what time zone? thanks
                      • Bonnie
                        The promo code works this time, and price went down to $0, but it still asked me for credit card information, is that correct? Thanks
                        • Bonnie
                          Also, I could not find pickup location in BC, is that right? Thanks
                          • Ryan B.
                            Hey Bonnie, this is correct — our app has a little quirk where it still asks for a credit card even though the total is $0. Rest assured your card will NOT be charged. It's something we can hopefully fix in an upcoming release. We no longer have any stores in BC, but you can ship to home for free. We hope to add TELUS pickup locations to the app soon for more convenience (our desktop site already offers this).
                    • dirp
                      My promo code worked no problem. Great app. Excited to see my poster. Thanks
                      • Marilyn
                        I have been working on this for awhile now and it will not let me apply the promo code??? I am on my phone with the Blacks app
                        • Sherrie
                          You have to follow the exact steps. Use the app, make sure its the $9.99 collage you are picking and make sure your promo code is spelled properly. You will need a credit card, but its not charged. I am using an iPhone and had no issues at all. Can't speak for android. Very smooth and great transaction! Thank you!
                          • Donna
                            I've managed to get through the checkout process and it said $0 so the code worked, but now it's asking me for my credit card information. I'm wondering why I need to input this if my amount owing is $0?
                            • Avigayil M.
                              It is just the way the system is, it seems. It will not charge you anything.
                              • Ryan B.
                                Hey Donna, rest assured that you will not be charged (the total is $0) but a credit card is still required for home shipping (just a little quirk of our app). Shipping to a store will not require a credit card. Here are the exact terms and conditions from the email we sent out: Offer expires March 17, 2015 . Must be redeemed using promo code FREETELUSPOSTER at checkout using the BLACKS Smartphone App. One time use only. One redemption per account. Retail value is $9.99. Promotional code cannot be combined with any other offer or code at BLACKS. This code has no cash value. Free shipping is available to all BLACKS locations and to any address in Canada. Free shipping to an address will require the entry of credit card information for verification. No charges will be applied to credit card when promo code is used. BLACKS reserves the right to modify offer details and pricing or cancel the offer at any time without advance notice. Due to high volumes, please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery. BLACKS is a registered trademark of TELUS Corporation, used under license.
                              • Marilyn
                                Am I supposed to be able to put the promo code where it says promo code before you get to credit card info? Because it won't let me type anything in that box. I have called your help line and the advice I received is to delete the app and start again. Hopefully that works for I have created and lost 3 collages.
                                • Ryan B.
                                  Hey Marilyn, sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. We can't seem to replicate this behaviour, as we can easily type in the promo code on a variety of iOS and Android devices. Which device and which OS version do you have? We'll pass this on to our tech team to look into.
                                  • Marilyn
                                    I have an IPhone 5C OS 8.1 Still will not let me put the promo code in. Collage #4
                                    • Ryan B.
                                      Hey Marilyn, not sure what else to tell you at this point. We've tested this every which way we can think of and we can't replicate the issue you're experiencing. If you can type in the other fields (like name, email address) then there's no reason we can determine why you're not able to type in the Promo Code field. Perhaps an update to 8.2 might help?
                                • Nuwan
                                  First of all the post says she tried on her iPhone. So I also thought of trying this on ipad air, but it does not support OS 8.2 at the moment. So it closed the door for me with ipad. Then I tried with Android. First I read many one-star disappointing reviews on the google playstore for this app going along with this offer. Looking at many people being failed and frustrated, I wanted to give it a try but with minimal waste of time. Here is my strategy: 1. Do all cropping, color shifts, white balance ect at photoshop of lightroom - app is too slow to handle these and will crash. Developers has to fix this. 2. Export only 28 you need with 4x6 inch size 240 dpi (these are my settings, but you can use different that suits your photos, but keep it smaller or will crash at last step when uploading your photos from app) 4. Open the app and select folder and load your photos into it - did you see that hard to spot three horizontal lines (those are the menus... :) 3. There is no select all - so painfully tap 28 times to select. Hope you will be successful. @Blacks: better test your apps better than this. If you want hire me:)
                                  • Ryan B.
                                    Hey Nuwan, thanks for taking the time to try the app and provide your feedback. We appreciate it! Can you please elaborate on your concern regarding iOS 8.2? This OS is not a requirement to run our app (it runs fine on 8.2 as well as other 8.x versions). iPad Air fully supports iOS 8.2. 1. While our app supports basic cropping, features like colour shifts, white balance, etc., are not functions that are available with this product. Not sure how the app can be too slow at things it doesn't do? Can you please provide more detail? 2. We've tested the app with some extraordinarily large files without any issue — over 30MP and over 400MB. If you’re having to downsize images to 1.4MP (960x1440), then it sounds like your device has significant resource issues. Try launching our app after a fresh restart of your device and see if that helps.
                                  • Al
                                    Last night I was trying to make one. Anything went ok, uploaded the pic, used the promo code, put in credit card information. The app was then sending the data/pic to Blacks to complete the order, then it got stuck/frozen. I still had the loading screen on my phone this morning! I got an order confirmation in my email, but I called the center this morning, it did not get thru. I have to re-install the app and do all again....and not sure if the promo code would allow to be used again...?
                                    • Ryan B.
                                      Hi Al, sorry to hear you had a bit of trouble with the app. In a situation like this, there's no need to re-install as our app will resume any failed orders/uploads. Just close the app, start it up again, and you'll be prompted with a message asking you if you'd like to resume the aborted upload.
                                    • Sue
                                      Did it this morning - no prob at all - thanks for the great deal!
                                      • Marilyn
                                        I hope Telus goes back to sending Purdy's chocolates for gifts ;)
                                        • Brendan
                                          Do the pictures have to be a certain resolution? And how long will the entire process take (i.e. order to delivery?) Thanks for the great offer!
                                          • Ryan B.
                                            Hi Brendan, there is no minimum resolution absolutely required, but keep in mind low-resolution images may not reproduce well. Each image is printed at 3.37" x 3.37", so for the best quality you'd probably want a 1 megapixel image, around 1000 pixels on each side. Almost every device on the planet with a camera in it can do this. :) The normal turnaround time is about 7-10 days for this product. But due to high volumes, please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.
                                          • Sultan T.
                                            This app is frustrating if you'd like any control of the look of your collage (ie. all b&w pics in a cluster, etc). I find it impossible to figure out how to arrange them so they look the way I want. Also if you switch between a
                                            • Sultan T.
                                              ...switching between apps, you lose all work you have done. I hate that. So basically this "promo" is not free due to the man hours I have put in to figuring out how to use it properly.
                                              • Ryan B.
                                                Hi Sultan, it's easy to arrange your photos — they're displayed on the collage in the same order that they're selected. If you make a mistake, just tap a photo, then tap the "Images" button at the bottom of the screen to replace it with another one. Sorry to hear you lost your collage while switching away from the app. This is an indication of very limited resources on your phone and not a problem with the app. Some older devices especially have difficulty keeping apps in memory in the background, so when you switch away from a web browser for instance, and then come back later, the browser app refreshes the page you were on instead of showing everything as it was when you left. You can try shutting down all other apps on your phone, deleting data/apps to free up some space, restarting your device, and then running the BLACKS App. This will ensure the most resources are available for the app and that your device isn't bogged down by other things going on. Good luck and enjoy your free poster! :)