Beyond The Rack: Trump Suit Pants only $24 (Orig. $175)

Beyond The Rack: Trump Suit Pants only $24 (Orig. $175)


There is a deal on Beyond the Rack right now that is unbelievable for men. A Donald J. Trump Signature Collection suit sale on with amazing deals, and the best is a pair of 'James Pants in Navy' for only $24.00, originally $175.

I can't directly link to them, but if you sign into BtR or join via the link, then go to the Trump Sale you will find them in there. There are 2 days left in the sale. The current sizes they have left are:

  • 30x30
  • 30x32
  • 34x32
  • 36x32
  • 40x32 (plain navy)

The pants are made of 100% wool. Great quality. Here are some further specs:

  • Flat front pant
  • Two front pockets
  • Two button welt pockets at back
  • Zip up hook and bar closure with button safety
  • Navy slim stripe
  • Hemmed
  • Trump suits have a 6.5" drop (Drop is the difference between the jacket size and the pant)
  • Let out specs: 1.5" - 1.75 pant waist, 0.5 pant crotch

Excellent deal. Shipping from Beyond the Rack is around $11.95 so you might want to pick up a couple pairs or see what else you want. We just picked up my hubby 2 pairs of these (2 x $24), plus tuxedo (Alan) pants ($44) and a tuxedo (Hart) jacket ($79). Though BtR is known to ship very slow, my hubby should be all set for any up coming weddings and/or business meetings.

  • Total Cost: $171 (not including shipping + gst)
  • Total Savings: $849 ( " )

Impressive. :-)


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  • Rebecca
    Not only is BTR really slow to deliver the goods, they also cannot guarantee that you will be the item. I placed my first order about 5 weeks ago and got an email recently saying they've refunded me for one of the items because they won't be able to get it. Oh, and they charge you before shipping the items, which I dislike.
    • Avigayil
      Ya, if they do that more than once I generally point it out to them and they give me a $10 credit. I have had 3 items I have bought, not come. It is a risk I am generally willing to take for some of the deals they have. It is rather annoying they charge you when you place the order.. not when they ship.