Best Canvas Canada: Save $10 On Any Order

Best Canvas Canada: Save $10 On Any Order

Want to put that perfect picture on a wall? Get a canvas of it for $10 less at Best Canvas Canada.

Click here to get your picture on a canvas @ now

  • Coupon Code: FRIGIDEXCL10
  • Discount: $10 off
  • Expiry: 30th November 2013

I really dig BestCanvas. They are in a very crowded market, and it seems more and more companies are entering the space every day. Why would you pick one over another? Well, price is the obvious metric to judge them by. They all have somewhat similar quality from what I can gather, so price is the next logical thing to look at. They have a quality guarantee, a price guarantee and right now, they are having a huge sale. An 8" x 8" canvas is normally $24, but you can save $15. You get it for only $9! Now, I suspect that may be a marketing thing and it's always $9 but still, $9 is a great price. Shipping is a flat $12.90, so the $10 off pretty much takes care of that.

There is another reason I really dig BestCanvas. They are focused. They only do your photos on canvas. They don't have other peoples pictures on canvas. They don't have famous art on canvas. They don't have anything other than a few effects like black and while, sepia, four-in-one or an effect that looks like your picture is an oil painting. You can choose how your canvas is wrapped and a few other little standard options. Other than that, they don't do anything else and I think that is great. I've mentioned this in length before but it's the same as my GE theory. Why would you buy a cordless phone made by GE, a company who makes phones and jet engines, when you could buy one from Uniden who only makes communication devices? Why would you buy a photo canvas from a company who also sells the Mona Lisa wearing sunglasses printed on a canvas?

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