Best Buy Canada: Discounts For Recycling!

Best Buy Canada: Discounts For Recycling!

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Here is the complete list of possible discounts:

  • Trade in your tube TV or LCD TV & get $300 off the Panasonic 46" 1080p Plasma FD18 HDTV or get $50 off any 40" or larger Sony Flat-Panel HDTV.
  • Trade in your old computer or laptop & get $50 off when you buy a Toshiba Laptop.
  • Trade in your old VCR (or DVD player) & get $25 off this Samsung 1600 Blu-ray player or this Toshiba 7" Portable DVD Player.
  • Trade in your old camera or camcorder & get a new Canon and save $30 off <$298, $50 off $299-$599 and $100 off $599+.
  • Trade in your old cell phone & get $25 off the purchase of a new phone.
  • Trade in your old MP3 player & get $50 off a 16GB Zune MP3 player.
  • Trade in your old remotes for a rechargeable Harmony Remote & get $50 off the purchase of any rechargeable Harmony Remote.
  • Trade in your old AM/FM radio & get $60 off a Sportster 5 Sirius Radio.
  • Trade-in your old Digital Picture Frame & get (5" or bigger) and get $25 off any new Samsung Digital Picture Frame.
  • Trade in your old telephone & get $30 off a Panasonic multi-handset cordless phone.

All these deals are active between the 17th and the 23rd of April 2009.

If there was something on that list that you were thinking of buying anyway, then have a hunt around your house and see if there are some old electronics you can trade in. I think all of us have some old remotes and mp3 players lying round gathering dust!


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