Bentley Canada: 80 - 86% Off Backpacks - Now $7

Bentley Canada: 80 - 86% Off Backpacks - Now $7


Hello backpack deals! Backpack buying happens almost every August like a ritual. Stock up on some $7 backpacks now and get ahead of the game. Save bundles of $$$ at the same time

All of the backpacks through the links below are only $7. Their suggested retail price varies between $34.99 up to $49.99. Most are all Tracker brand but there is a CCM and a Hollywood Jeans backpack in there for good measure.

Bentley offers free shipping on orders of $49.99 or more. Under that shipping really depends on where you live but I highly recommend meeting that minimum as it is worth it for the shipping. So team up with some other parents and stock up on backpacks. $56 will buy you eight backpacks and get you free shipping. :D

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