Bath & Body Works Canada Yellow Sale

Bath & Body Works Canada Yellow Sale


I thought I would mention this "yellow sale" from Bath and Body Works Canada. If you purchase one of their yellow totes, you instantly get a 10% discount on your purchases.

The 10% discount will apply until the 5th of July 2010, so you will be able to make use of it for a little while. If you are really sneaky, you could even lend your yellow tote to friends, and you could take turns to go in and get the discount.

Please note: the sale is also happening online, but you have to pay shipping to Canada, as they ship from the US. Plus it is likely you'd have to pay customs etc, so shopping online there isn't a great option. For Canadians, it's a much better option to shop in-store for this deal.

So think about it - the tote costs $2.50, but then gets you 10% discount. In order for this deal to be worthwhile, it means you would have to spend more than $25 to start feeling the benefit of the 10% discount.


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