Barbie Farm Vet Doll & Playset $24.94 @

Barbie Farm Vet Doll & Playset $24.94 @

This is a Barbie Doll that I would have loved to own as a kid. I can see this one being under so many Christmas trees this year! The Barbie Farm Veterinarian Doll and Playset is currently on sale at for $24.94 down fro $39.

The Barbie Farm Vet Playset has everything your kids need to take care of all the farm animals. There are even seven adorable animal patients which include a calf, lamb, pony, baby goat, chicken and two chicks.

Barbie is ready to check on her animal patients with her cute veterinary outfit and stethoscope. Won't the kids just love this set?

I bet you will get the mom of the year award if your kids wake up to this one under the tree on December 25th!

Spend $35 or more to get free shipping from Amazon Canada.


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