St. Patrick's Day Sale: Ancestry DNA Kit for $99

St. Patrick's Day Sale: Ancestry DNA Kit for $99

Feeling lucky? This St. Patrick's Day, you can finally find out if you're Irish ... or German, Nigerian or just about anything else.

This weekend, Ancestry DNA genetic testing kits are on sale for just $99 each!

These DNA test kits usually sell for $129 each (including taxes and excluding shipping and handling), so you save $30 just like that.

The entire process is pretty simple. Once you order your kit, Ancestry will ship you everything you need to collect a saliva sample at home. You just need to mail it back, and they'll do the rest!

Their lab will process your DNA and send you the test results within roughly six to eight weeks. They can trace your ancestry to people who lived in about 500 different regions around the world and can help identify potential relatives. So what are you waiting for?


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