Amazon Canada:Save 82% on Kilowatt Knife/Stripper Now $12.10

Amazon Canada:Save 82% on Kilowatt Knife/Stripper Now $12.10

Amazon Canada has another great deal out right now for a limited time only.  Get this Kilowatt knife/stripper for just $12.10.

This knife was $$67.50 and is now $12.10.  That means you will save 82% off the regular price.  This knife is a handy little item to have for anyone that is an electrician, carpenter or someone that like to do lots of DIY projects or home renovations.

Here is a little more about this knife:

  • 3 Integrated Wire Stripping Devices For Wire
  • stripper bar for wire sizes of 12-24
  • 3.4-Inch Straight-Edge
  • Stainless-Steel Blade
  • adjustable spring-loaded UPT/wire stripper

This knife also has a unique handle on it that helps your hand and fingers grip tight to prevent any accidents.  It is a cool safety feature that I think a lot of tools should have.  It qualifies for the free super saver shipping when you spend $25 or more so make sure to check out other Amazon Canada deals if you are interested in the free shipping.

Thanks to Crafty501 on the hot deals forum for letting us know about this deal!

(Expiry: Limited time offer)


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