Amazon Canada: HBO First Seasons Up To 70% Off

Amazon Canada: HBO First Seasons Up To 70% Off


If I cut my cable off today, the only channel I'd truly miss would be HBO. I love HBO shows! Ever since their inception, their shows have been edgy, thought-provoking and unique. Right now you can introduce yourself to a new HBO show by getting its first season at Amazon for up to 70% off.

I've seen a few of the shows on this list, but there are some I'd really like to check out. My favourites that I've seen:

Girls- if you haven't watched this incredibly unique and enlightening show, you are so missing out. Totes! If only I could get Marnie killed off, then the show would be perfect. You don't want to miss Hannah's antics and her ability to be totally true to herself.

True Blood - Sookie and Eric and Bill and Jason, oh my! This cast is full of hot vampires and the people who love them. I've been left crying at the end of True Blood episodes, and that is saying quite a lot.

Six Feet Under - before Dexter became a serial killer, he worked in his family's mortuary. Ok, its not really Dexter, but the guy who played him and this show is utterly and completely amazing.

Shows I'd like to check out:

It is interesting how many of these great shows are just one word names. You have to see for yourself if you love them because nothing is given away.

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