Amazon Canada: ErgoBaby Designer Series Carrier Was $150 | Now $110 & Free Shipping

Amazon Canada: ErgoBaby Designer Series Carrier Was $150 | Now $110 & Free Shipping


Having a baby soon or need a shower gift? I've got a great deal for you from Amazon on the Ergobaby Designer Series Christy Turlington Burns carrier in Umba. Regularly $150, it is selling for $109.95 and you'll also get free shipping.

Having a carrier for your baby is probably more important than having a stroller. I have friends who swear by the Ergo carrier, and one of the best things about them is that they are gorgeous carriers. While I had a Baby Bjorn, it was kind of boring. It also didn't have the ergonomic features that the ErgoBaby ones have, and it probably would have helped my back!

Because it looks like Amazon screwed up on the description of this item and actually has the description of a frame, I went right to the source and got you some details from the ErgoBaby website. Don't worry, your carrier won't just hold a 5x7 photo.

This particular carrier is part of the Designer series, but it looks like it is the original style. The original is actually award winning and has padded shoulder straps and waistband. It is that waistband that the Baby Bjorn didn't have that I would have more than appreciated. Also, the padding looks a lot more deluxe than what I was used. It also has a hood, which keeps baby's head comfortable when they are small or are napping.

I also like that it distributes the weight to you between your shoulders and hips so not just one area takes the load. You can also wear it in different carry positions, even when you are pregnant! I read the Why Ergo on that site, and I think this could convince you as well.

As you can see on that site, the originals that aren't even in the designer series sell for a minimum of $115 and that is in U.S. dollars plus shipping. As for selling in Canada, I didn't find the designer series selling at many other stores, but at ByNature it sells without the designer collection for $140. The original also sells at Baby Style for $130. I did find the exact model at Tadpoles and Butterflies for $150.

If you are curious about this particular pattern, it is actually a great story. As you might know, Christy Turlington Burns is a former supermodel who started the Every Mother Counts initiative. The pattern was actually created by a mother in Togo using wooden blocks. What a great story your carrier also comes with!

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