Amazon Canada: Canon PowerShot S200 $180 (Save $140)

Amazon Canada: Canon PowerShot S200 $180 (Save $140)


Amazon Canada is selling the Canon PowerShot S200 Digital Camera in black for $179.99, originally $319.99.

I price compared this camera with some other Canadian companies to make sure you are getting the best deal. I found this camera at Future Shop Canada for $239.99, at Staples Canada for $249.97 and at Henry's Canada for $269.99. Even looking at the best of those three prices (Future Shop), you are still saving an extra $60 with Amazon Canada's deal.

This camera features a 10.1 MP camera lens, built-in Wi-Fi, 3.0" LCD touch screen panel, and the ability to take 720p HD video. The Wi-Fi allows you to share your pictures wirelessly: just click and upload them to any one of your favourite social networking websites through the Canon Image Gateway. This camera can also connect wirelessly to both Android and iOS devices, a huge step forward for computer-less people. The camera can also print your photos directly to a wireless PictBridge certified printer.

There is a great review of this camera on While I will not repeat the entire thing here, this is an excerpt I thought would be useful:

The camera has the same excellent large-pixel CCD sensor as other pre-S100 PowerShot cameras. Low light performance is exceptional. Don't be misled by the 10.1 megapixel count: a noise-free 10 megapixel image looks great compared to those taken with a camera with bigger numbers but subjectively inferior sharpness under low lighting.

I find this rather helpful because 10.1 MP count would usually turn me off as I would go for 16MP or above. However, the writer has a very good point and I would certainly reconsider the unit based on his feedback. While I love my DSLR, do not get me wrong, it is very cumbersome to carry around all the time. Many people would suggest I just use my iPhone camera but I tend to get frustrated with it. I took about ten pictures of a friend of mine yesterday: half of them were blurry, and the lighting on the three I took indoors was sub-par. Perhaps I am too accustomed to the great quality of a DSLR, but I will always need a better quality camera than my phone can provide.

If you are looking for a mid-ground camera, something that delivers brilliant pictures and still fits in your pocket, then check out this unit.

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