BabyBjorn Potty Chair Was $40 | Now $20 (FS @ $25) BabyBjorn Potty Chair Was $40 | Now $20 (FS @ $25)


Amazon Canada has discounted the BabyBjorn Potty Chair in green from $39.95 down to $19.99, which is the lowest price I have ever seen these popular potty chairs. Receive free shipping on $25 or more.

I hope you like green, because the other colours are more expensive. I actually checked out these chairs a week ago when several dropped down to $23.97, but we have seen them for slightly lower than that in the past. However, this new price of $19.99 on the green unit is the lowest I have ever seen. Thus, it is worth blogging.

Toys R Us was having a sale on the BabyBjorn chair this week, thus they only have the grey model left in stock at $23.97. The next cheapest chairs at Amazon Canada are $23.97 for the blue or for the grey units. Other coloured units are all $39.95 or higher. sells the green BabyBjorn chair for $39.99.

The positive reviews for this product are endless. One mother at Toys R Us said:

Very easy to use. Soft and comfortable for mom and baby. Can easily put it on and take it off without help. Use when I go to the grocery store or go hiking. Worth every penny to have a quality product

Another happy parent said:

I am using it to potty train my child. I love how easy it is to clean. It's a simple two piece seat! Just lift the bowl and spill and drop back in. I love the high back and the way the front is curved for my child to sit in a better potty position.

Other moms said how it works well with girls as well as with boys.

You can even see on Amazon Canada that this seat is well thought of by reviewers. There are only five and four star reviews... there are no three, two, or one star reviews on this potty! It is pretty rare that one product manages to impress everyone who uses it. However, parents are quite in luck with this potty-training tool.

These chairs are insanely popular and I expect this deal to sell out relatively quickly. The beauty with Amazon Canada is that you can still order when the product is temporarily out of stock. let us just hope they don't raise the price!

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  • Kristy R.
    We have both this chair and a tiny cheap-o Ikea potty. This chair wins out for comfort and sturdiness every time. This is the cheapest I have seen this potty chair.