Adorable Dog Squeaky Toys From $2 + Free Shipping @

Adorable Dog Squeaky Toys From $2 + Free Shipping @


Imagine your dog running across the field with a big pair of kissy lips on their face! If you want to bring humour to your everyday life by giving your dogs an adorable squeaky toy, then I have just the thing. There are a variety of different hilarious squeaky toys for dogs on sale at from just $1.82, and they all have free shipping too. There are 3 different adorable pet toys I found, so have your pick or take all three home. These would even make an adorable addition to your pooch's Halloween costume.

So the lowest price option here is the Vampire Smile Dog Toy, but I personally prefer the Big Lips Smile Dog Toy for $2.54. I have added all three to my shipping cart though, for a total of $6.19 you can own all three and not have to worry about any extra shipping charges. Here are the prices on the three dog toys:

  • Big Lips Smile Dog Toy is $2.54
  • Pig Nose Dog Toy is $1.83
  • Vampire Smile Dog Toy is $1.82

I am an animal lover, and I already get a lot of laughs from what my pets do on the daily. But I just can't resist purchasing these adorable squeaky toys. I have a bulldog and I think it would be so hilarious to see her running around with the pig nose. I am giggling just thinking about it. Both of my dogs are rather large so I am sure they will have these ripped apart in no time, but that's not too big of a deal considering I bought all three. A toy like this from your local pet store would cost you upwards of $10 or $15, so you can consider this quite a bargain. Both of these sellers are Top Rated sellers with good reviews. If you are not happy with your product or you don't receive it, you will get your money back which always makes me feel safer.

I have made a few purchases from recently and they all arrive pretty quickly considering they are coming from China or Hong Kong for the most part. This site almost seems like a revamped eBay. I always wonder how they can afford to ship all of these items for free, but I am not complaining. For the most part sellers from offer totally free shipping which is awesome considering they ship over seas for the most part.

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