90% Off - Blue Rodeo Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Album Only 99¢ @ Google Play

90% Off - Blue Rodeo Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Album Only 99¢ @ Google Play


We are back with another album of the week for just 99¢. This week you can purchase the entire Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Album from Blue Rodeo for just $0.99.

I know Blue Rodeo from my childhood. Their love ballad 'Try' was probably played to death on every radio station there was in my youth. I remember hearing it over the speakers on my local small-town mall. I am not as familiar with the rest of their stuff... but the Greatest Hits Vol. 1 is bound to bring together some of their best and most famous work.

Now, for a little price comparing. You are receiving 14 songs for the grand price of 99¢. That works out to just over 7¢ per song. When you consider that each song usually retails for $1.29 on Google Play and on iTunes Canada, then you get an idea as to how fantastic this deal is. You cannot even buy one song for $0.99 usually.

Now. To buy the physical album at Amazon Canada would cost you $20.33. The digital album on iTunes Canada is going for $9.99. You are saving 90% when you purchase this album as the album of the week.

I am not too fond of country music myself, but some of Blue Rodeo's songs are quite tolerable I must say. They are a fantastic Canadian Band that really made it big. As one reviewer said:

I dont care for country. But this album is a must have!! This band smokes the rest! Blue Rodeo is a good album to have with any collection. I have fond memories of my mother listening to this on her huge stereo all night long....

That sounds like my experience with this band. However, I am just not the audience for this album but I hope some of our Moosers will enjoy it. Of course, if you are not familiar with Blue Rodeo - now would be the time to get to know this Canadian music gem.

Do you know Blue Rodeo? If so, then what do you think of the band? I would love to hear your thoughts so drop us a line in the comments below.

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