31 Cents Per Cup! Nescafé Sweet & Creamy French Vanilla Or Original @ Amazon.ca

31 Cents Per Cup! Nescafé Sweet & Creamy French Vanilla Or Original @ Amazon.ca

With camping season coming up, or even just with summer holidays and travelling on the road, you will want to grab some of these instant packages of what I like to call, 'coffee creamy goodness with the soothing aroma and flavour of fresh coffee and vanilla beans.' You may call it whatever you want to! I typically love real coffee made in my Keurig, and I know I'm a bit picky about it sometimes. When my Aunt made us some coffee when we last visited her, I commented that the coffee tasted great. She laughed, saying she had just given me instant coffee from a sachet. I was genuinely surprised, because it doesn't taste like typical instant coffee. At ALL. This 'stuff' is good enough to drink every day. Especially on the days that a person feels too lazy to fix coffee the way they like it. (Syrups, creamers, etc.) I'm going to buy it so that I can make iced coffee quickly, too! I couldn't believe it was on sale for such a good price, when I looked it up on Amazon.ca.

You may also wish to purchase the regular flavor, Nescafé Sweet and Creamy Original, for the same price.

What's the scoop? Right now, you can 'cut' out a coupon for $14.40 on Amazon.ca, to use toward this product. Once you 'click' on the coupon to cut it, it will be applied in your shopping cart when you add the product into your cart and go to the checkout.

The coffee is selling for $47.94, and after your $14.40 savings, you will be paying $33.54. That's a lot of money for instant coffee that is pre-sweetened, and has everything you need in it but the hot water. Right? No, it's actually very inexpensive because they are giving you 108 cups! 6 packages of 18 in each! You are paying only 31 cents per cup!

Put one box in the camper, one in the kitchen, one at your friend's house. Give some to your mail carrier when they drop off yet another Amazon package to your doorstep. Pack some coffee sachets in your purse! It will be so easy to make coffee at work now when you just add hot water.

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Shipping is free on this order! For 31 cents a cup of coffee that you don't need to mix or measure anything to make a great cup of coffee sounds like a great deal to me.

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