20% off Beanie Boo Slippers $19.99 @ Showcase

20% off Beanie Boo Slippers $19.99 @ Showcase

Did you know Beanie Boo Slippers are a thing? I had no idea but it's true. Ty is making a slipper version, of their Beanie Boos and my kids are freaking out!

Even better news, the adorable slippers are on sale for $19.99 from $24.99 and some of the animals include:

If you have kids, I'm guessing you know all about Beanie Boos, including each ones name and birthday. Special thanks for that little bonus by the way. It's great fun, when the tags come off and we all forget the penguin's birthday. Anyway, the cute little Beanie Babies, from our own younger years, have been back, in a larger and fluffier version for some time.

My kids are absolutely obsessed with them and I've lost count of how many we have in this house. We have every version going and the girls still beg for more, every time they see one.

If your littles haven't discovered the slippers yet, just imagine their shock and how cool you're going to be, if you order a pair and keep it a surprise? Easter, March Break....a "reward" the next time you need leverage...No matter how you hand them over, your kids are going to go nuts!

There's Free Shipping at Showcase for orders of $50 or more. Since we already know the originals Beanie Boos are well loved, you could always add one to your card at $5.99, if you're just shy on the $50 minimum.


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  • Sarah S.

    I really hate when you share things that are sold out online and have been for a while. Why bother?

    • Tanya L.

      I could see Chloe all over this!!

      • Jaime B.

        My daughter would love them

        • Sara B.

          omg!!! I'm gonna buy ur girls some!! What size are their feet!?!?!