150 Lindor Truffles For Only $49.99 @ Lindt Canada

150 Lindor Truffles For Only $49.99 @ Lindt Canada

You had me at chocolate. For a limited time, you can head into your local Lindt store and get 150 Lindor Truffles for only $49.99! Awooga, this deal is super awesome and I can't wait to enjoy it myself. The catch is that this offer is available in stores only. Luckily - there appears to be quite a number of Lindt stores in Canada.

Let's get real here. These tiny chocolates are dangerously delicious. Can you imagine having 150 of them?! I can! I don't know how well I will share, but I do know that spending $49.99 on these delicious treats won't even need a second thought.

There are so many flavours too - so you can really go to town and get a variety. My favourite has to be the white chocolate (in the blue wrapper), but I have always been a sucker for hazelnut too. What is your favourite?

This offer expires on May 31st.


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