NewEgg Canada ShellShocker: Motorola Cellphone For $42.99!

Every day, NewEgg Canada have a "shellshocker" deal - one heavily discounted product on offer, while supplies last. Today, they are offering the MOTOROLA V195 Blue Unlocked Cell Phone for only $42.99, with free shipping!

I thought it was a pretty decent price for a little extra phone. Perhaps if you wanted to buy a cheap cellphone for your kid or something, it would be ideal. The cellphone deal  does have a limit of 10 per customer, so you can only buy 1 for each of your 10 children!

If you want to read a review of the handset, here's one on Cnet. They say this - Despite varying call quality, the Motorola V195 is a solid choice as a basic cell phone.

What do you think?

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