Memory Express: Get a $50 Gift Card when You Buy Select Asus PCs


Pick up a great Asus PC and get a $50 gift card from Memory Express!

It depends where you live but it's starting to get close to being too late for buying Christmas gifts online unless you pay more for shipping. Regardless, this is a great deal. You pick up one of  their all-in-one PCs. They range from $1069.99 to $1949.99 and some of them are touch enabled. Of the five, I like the Asus Transformer P1801-B110K All-in-One. It's $1499.99 (was $1549.99, save $50 + get a $50 gift card) and it's pretty innovative. It's also kind of wacky. It's an 18" touch screen Windows 8 computer and an Android tablet. Like I said, wacky!

This would actually be a great gift for someone going back to university. Dorms are cramped as is so an all-in-one like this would be a great space saver and it could act as computer, TV and tablet.

As usual with these deals there is always the temptation to give yourself the gift card or you could give it to the person you are buying the computer for. Of course if are buying the computer for yourself, you can do both.

Standard shipping is $4.99 but you might want to go with the express shipping option.

(Expires: Unknown)

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