JVC Earbuds @ The Source: Only $19.99 (Half Price) & Free Shipping

I spotted this deal on the JVC HA-FR201 Xtreme Xplosives earphones (with mic and remote) from The Source. I believe these earphones are usually $40 or so, but you can get them for only $19.99 right now, plus you can get free shipping to your door if you use The Source promo code TS499.

You've got a choice in colours too, not just plain old black! You can choose from the purple, red, lime green, or just stick with boring black. :p I would personally go with the red ones - my fave colour!

I posted a similar deal for these JVC headphones from Futureshop, back in June - they were also half price like this, but didn't have the free shipping that you can get from The Source right now .

In googling for reviews of the JVC HA-FR201 earphones, there are quite a few video reviews on Youtube if you want to watch those.

(Expires 11th July 2012)

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