Amazon Canada: Up To 70% Off Patriot Memory - USB, SD & RAM

Store your stuff with Amazon Canada and Patriot and do it for up to 70% off.

Memory, be it USB or SD or even RAM, is something that we all need sooner or later. You're going on a trip and you don't want to bring your laptop? Toss some movies onto a couple of SD cards and just bring a tablet. Need to give someone a file for school but your email isn't working? Put it on a USB key and bring it to them. I just like to have SD and USB memory hanging around in case I need them.

These prices are all pretty good but keep in mind that some of them are discounted off the MSRP, so the original price may not be the price it was sold at before the sale. Regardless of that though, a lot of these prices are really good so make sure you take a look and take advantage of these deals!

(Expires: 4th March 2013)

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