Tshirtmonster Coupon Code: Extra 15% Discount!

I emailed Tshirtmonster to see if they could give out an exclusive coupon code for the Bargainmoosers. They promptly replied with the info below! Tee

Click here to use the Tshirtmonster coupon code online

  • Coupon Code: BargainMoose
  • Discount: 15% off
  • Expiry: NEVER

Tshirtmonster.ca has some great little unique designs, and their prices aren't too bad either. The "I'm on the eh team" tee (pictured right) made me chuckle.

Plus, if you're really creative, you can even design your own t-shirts to sell on Tshirtmonster! They have a design section, you can upload your ideas, and make them into tees. You can then decide how much of a mark-up to add if people buy your creation, and you make a little profit! If there are any budding artists or graphic designers out there, could be a good idea to try and make a few extra dollars.



  • Maggie
    It's not working.
  • Anna
    Apologies Maggie, it appears to have been case sensitive. Give it a try now :)
  • Caza C.
    Cool! Thanks Anna. I love your site and especially the name. It's especially comical when a Bargain Moose is posting about a T-Shirt Monster. Maybe someone should make a t-shirt at the aforementioned site and draw a monster riding a moose. I like that "eh Team" design as well :)
  • Avigayil
    This is expired now.
    • Anna
      Still works :)

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