Target Canada: Up to 30% Off Store Wide


As many of you know from Brooke's post on Tuesday, Target Canada started their Canada wide clearance sale today (in store). I just came back from my local Target store with a couple small purchases and wanted to update you on what we know. Currently, Target Canada is offering up to 30% off the last marked ticket price.

Each section will have clearly marked tags that say what percentage discount you can expect off the last ticket price. Here are just a few I remember:

  • 20% off movies
  • 10% off PS4
  • 10% off Bose
  • 10% off Apple TV
  • 20% off Monster High
  • ... and more!

I did not see many items that qualified for the extra 30% discount - and this is a common complaint regarding the sale so far. However, this is the optimal time to shop for best selection. As the discount increases, as it will until Target leaves Canada, the selection will decrease.

Now, the beauty of the discount so far is combining it with sales and clearance items. The extra up to 30% discount comes off the last ticketed price, and that includes all clearance items. For example, I purchased a Monster High doll that was $29.99 regular price. The doll was on clearance, marked at $20.99. Interestingly enough, when I scanned it, it scanned in at $14.99, and with the additional discount came down to only $11.99. While you might not be impressed with an extra 10% or 20% off, combining that discount with clearance items can be quite profitable.

In addition, it also pays to scan. Target stores have scanners scattered around the store where you can scan the barcode of the product yourself. I probably would not have bought the doll I did had it only been an extra 20% off the $20.99 price. However, I scanned the doll and found out that it was actually cheaper than the sticker price. That highly influenced my decision to purchase the doll. If you are purchasing anything on clearance, scan the item to make sure the price is accurate.

I also wanted to mention that this sale is very good for items that never go on sale. Finding a sale on Bose sound systems is rare, so 10% off this prized brand is good. As the PS4 and Xbox One are so new, 10% off those huge gaming consoles is a very good deal as well.

Happy deal hunting!

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  • Stephen
    I'm confused, they gave you an extra % off at the cash? As you entioned the doll was 14.99 then had an additional discount. I was in a store today and the price at the scnner was already the discounted price.
  • Sue
    There was 30% signs at our store, for sure. Clearance racks are no longer marked so you have to know where to hunt because it is off the last ticketed price so score bigger on clearance. Having said that, I went right to binders that I saw for 2.49 clearanced in stationary just a few days ago - hesitated, but wish I bought them then, since the clearance tag was taken off the shelf and they were back up to 4.99 - sneaky. And, I don't think you got extra off at the cash, did you? Everything I was scanning (clearance and otherwise) was showing the liquidation discount already taken off.
  • Avigayil M.
    The scanner I was using showed the 'price' and then the discount price. The clearance item I picked was scanning in at a lower clearance price than it was marked. That is why I suggest scanning, several clearance items I looked at scanned at different prices (before extra discount) than marked.
  • Rachelle
    I was told it was 10 - 30% off the regular price (no sales or clearance items anymore). One guy in the store was super mad, something about a TV being on sale (50% off) the week before but was now full price -10%
  • Rachelle
    OH, and I was not allowed to use coupons

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