Surprise Weekend Contest! Win $100 Worth of Kid’s Clothing From Please Mum Canada


*** Contest now closed, winner was Mooser Corry! ***

I know that many of the Moosers have families; young children, maybe even lots of nieces and nephews, perhaps grand-kids too. I’ve got some account credit knocking round on the Please Mum kid’s clothing store, and I wondered if one of you would like $100 to spend there? $100 goes quite a long way on sale items at Please Mum, and I am sure someone would be interested in spending that amount on all the aforementioned family members!

I’ve bought a lot of items for my little daughter on Please Mum. The prices are really super, and the quality of the clothing is great too. She’s got this gorgeous Canadian deepwinter parka (currently $56) and she is always getting compliments on it when we go to nursery or various school events. It’s super comfy and cosy. The matching mitts are handy too ($14).

How to enter this Please Mum contest:

Just make sure you are subscribed to the Bargainmoose daily email newsletter.

You’ll get a daily email with a roundup of all the blog posts from the previous 24 hours on the site, as well as a curated weekly roundup every Monday. Deals galore! Everyone already on the mailing list will be automatically entered into this contest. But if you want a bonus contest entry, leave a comment below telling us on who you would spend the $100 prize.

Rules: Canadian entrants only, one entry per household, ends 31st March 2014, contest subject to change at admin’s discretion!


  • Lenny
    So awesome!!!
  • Lenny
    I'm just about to buy some clothes for a friend of mines daughter whos a young single mom...I hope she wins it!
  • shiho
    We have a newborn baby and we would spend to buy some cool spring clothes for him and his brother who is 4 years old!
  • Rachel B.
    I would spend the prize on my son who won't stop growing and busting out of his clothes!
  • Elaine
    Some new spring/summer clothes for my daughter! She's growing way too fast
  • Stephanie
    I'd spend the money on my twin boys!
  • Leslie
    Rain Gear. I see they have some nice splash pants and jackets. Manitoba is going to get very wet very soon and we need to be prepared at daycare!!!!
  • sheila
    I would use the $100 on my daughter and niece.
  • Mei
    I'd use it on sale items for my son and for my upcoming bean!
  • Jill
    I would buy Spring clothes for my 2 year old and hope that maybe Spring would arrive sooner than later!
  • Melissa
    Nieces and nephews. Have to keep them in fashion :)
  • jo
    I'm expecting in Sept and would love to buy some cute stuff for the new baby!
  • Donna
    My beautiful granddaughter would be the recipient of the Please Mum's clothing.
  • ayemoh
    I would spend it on my daughter.
  • Amanda
    I have a friend who is just about to have a baby and I really want her to get some quality new clothes rather than the second-hand, kind-of-okay clothes she's been purchasing so far. Please Mum stuff is excellent and she would love it!
  • ajohnston10
    I would buy summer clothing for my daughter since I just realized we have none!
  • Brittany
    My friend is about to have a baby. She's overwhelmed with all the things she'll need since money is tight for her right now. This would go a long way to helping her out with baby clothes!!
  • Lynda
    I know of a family that could really use this prize. They are going through some hardships now so I'd like to help them out. I am so blessed that our children are able to provide for our 7 grandchildren .
  • Tannis
    love---LOVE Please Mum!! My two girls are in need new clothes for the next season! :)
  • Maegan M.
    I would spend the gift card on my kids! They could really use some new summer clothes!
  • sandra
    Winter may still be here but my boys are growing like weeds. We are ready for the spring thaw and flooding as there pants are all to short!!! I haven't even thought about spring coats. This would be great to get me started on dressing my boys for spring.
  • Evelyn
    I would give it to my son and daughter-in-law who are expecting twin boys next month.
  • Sarah
    I would hopefully grab some on sale winter sweaters as my son has outgrown most of his this long winter. Then I'd stock up for the spring on both kids, maybe splurging on some nice Easter outfits.
  • tannis
    Its so easy to spend $$ on cute clothes when shopping for my two young girls. But mostly I would pick up some new threads for the youngest as she gets all the handme downs from the older sister.
  • Cheryl I.
    My 2 granddaughters
  • Wai
    I always shop at Please Mum. It's time to get some new clothes for the next season!
  • Lucie G.
    I'm going to be a grand-Ma for the third time this week. This prize will come in handy.
  • Helen
    Clothes for my son...he is growing fast!
  • Rea
    I would but clothes for my 2 princesses who love to splash in the puddles but like to stay dry ;)
  • April P.
    My son needs new summer clothes! He's growing faster than a weed! He's 3 and already 4 feet tall! Lol
  • janicour
    My Grandson's birthday is mid April....
  • Rae
    Love Please Mum clothing for my son!
  • Theresa
    I would have to say I need to buy some clothes for my daughter. After cleaning out her closet this morning, her closet is pretty bare from her many growth spurts!!! Would so appreciate this!!
  • Nicole
    I'd spend it on my 3 year old daughter and 1 year old niece!
  • Kimberly d.
    My daughters! Please mum has great stuff for them!
  • Robyn
    I have a growing 7 yr old I would love to replenish some thing for - her sister 5 has a mutltitude of hand me downs, but it's hard to keep up to the first one!
  • ssloan
    My wonderful niece and nephew!
  • Trisha Y.
    I would spend this on my 4yr old, she's always living in her sisters hand me downs and it would be nice for her to have something new. ;)
  • Agatha
    Thanks Bargain Moose for this contest! I've got 3 kids who can always use some new clothes! And Please Mum has some really nice stuff.
  • Wen
    My daughter is a shopaholic-in-training
  • Christine
    This would be wonderful to spend on my grandchildren. They too are growing so fast and what fit last month does not fit today! Great contest.
  • Leslie
    I would definately use this for all my love bugs, please mom clothing is great fashion and top quality! Their clothing easily lasts well through my 4 kids and then we still pass it on, that's obvious quality that's hard to beat!
  • peepsi16
    My little people need some spring outterwear, would def use that money for outterwear! :)
  • Anita
    with spring coming, my kids need splash pants and other types of spring wear :)
  • darci
    My boys are bigger but I have 4 nieces and 1 nephew who would be able to put this to great use!
  • Leisau C.
    My son is growing like a weed. Time to get some new clothes!
  • Tanya
    I am a full time student and mom of two. This would mean a lot.
  • M A.
    I have four grandchildren under 7 who desperately need new clothes. Thanks for the great site!
  • Maureen
    Socks and underwear. We always need more of those. Always losing them!
  • Kristina
    I would spend it on my 6.5 month old daughter!
  • Johanna
    Raincoat and maybe boots for the little one!
  • Kim
    This first time grandma would spend her $100 on baby clothers. Thank you.
  • Kim
    This first time Grandma would spend winnings on baby clothes!
  • Katie
    My 3wonderful kids would benefit from this.
  • Cyrene
    Would spend it on my boy and girl.
  • Amber
    would spend it on pants for my son who wears thru knees everyother day!! lol
  • Corry L.
    I would spend it on my 3 year old son who finally grew out of all his size 2 clothes!
  • Jennyfer L.
    I would spend it on my two kids: 6 and 4 who grow up way TOO fast! Just saw this from my email.
  • Sherri
    My son always needs clothes - typical boy wears out his pants faster than I can buy them lol
  • SArah
    Rain gear -boots and coats :)
  • Andres
    My one year old god-daughter would love to receive some new clothes! :D
  • Aimee
    I would buy a new spring outfit for my daughter.
  • Jodie
    Just found out we are expecting! :) This would be a great start!
  • Emily
    Love Please Mum quality! Just pulled out a hand-me-down Please Mum shirt for my son which his 3 older brothers wore and it still looks almost brand new! Thankfully, since he still has 2 younger brothers! Unfortunately not all clothes wear as well as Please Mum, so we can always use more clothes for these boys!
  • Wendy
    My son could use some new jeans.
  • Lisa
    With Spring here new rain boots are a must!
  • Paulette C.
    I would spend it on my 2 grand-daughters who live way up north in the Northwest Territories. They don't get to go shopping because there are no stores there. Imagine how excited they would be to receive a package in the mail full of new clothes!!
  • Judy
    I would buy clothes for my 2.5 and 6.5 year old boys - YAHOO.
  • Amy
    I'd spend it on my son who needs some new things for the spring and summer. Thanks!
  • Sunita B.
    I have four kids, so any or all of them!
  • Margaret H.
    with l grandchildren bdays come up soon I would use it to add a special gift to their bday gifts
  • Dan K.
    I love the boys' clothes on this site and would definitely get some for my 4 year old.
  • Karen S.
    I would plan a Grandma and Cally day. We would have a lunch date and then right to the Please Mum store in the Corwall Centre in Regina. Cally loves to find clothes ...then go into the fitting room....and then do the big reveal. It is ssoooooooooocute. Our grandaughter plays sports and can be very into it....but give her a cute outfil and she is the perfect girly girl. Thank you for offering this amazing contet. Love Love receiving your daily email newsletter. I have use so many of your suggestions.
  • Ruby H.
    I'd spend it on my cutey-patootie niece!!
  • Nerissa
    I would spend it on my 3 little ones (newborn, 3yr old and 5 yr old). Love Please Mum clothes :)
  • Brandy
    I would definitely buy some baby shower gifts.
  • Dayle
    I'd buy wet pants, rubber boots, and rain jackets for my monkeys!
  • Blondish
    I would use it to by my daughter some new summer clothes, just in case we do actually get summer this year ; P
  • Jennifer
    I'd buy rain coats and rain boots for my kids!
  • Crystal Q.
    I'd spend it on my son and daughter. :)
  • Kim C.
    My twins are turning 6 so they would be the lucky recipients
  • kim
    My four kids
  • Lana
    Some new summer clothes
  • Grace
    I would spend it on my niece and nephew, one year old twins.
  • Mike G.
    I'd buy my daughter a new coat!

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