Old Navy Canada: $1 Tees on Canada Day!!

Here’s a budget deal for you Canadian cheapskates! Old Navy Canada are selling Canada Day t-shirts for a million dollars. No, wait, I got that wrong. I meant ONE DOLLAR. Yes, that’s right, $1. This event is taking place on Tuesday the 30th of June 2009 only.

Now, even if the t-shirts are really crappy, for a dollar you cannot complain! They could be good as work clothes, for wearing when doing odd-jobs round the house, you could even use them to wash your car!

BUT be prepared to face huge queues of bargain-hunters, as this sale has been advertised on the radio.

And for those of you who have been following the action on the Old Navy Weekly coupon hunting website, there haven’t been any new coupons this week! As Nik Nik noticed on last weeks Old Navy coupon post, the coupons on their website don’t expire until the 2nd of July, which is this Thursday. They also mentioned this on the M80 PR blog.

Now, for a website that is called “Old Navy WEEKLY” not to update once a week just doesn’t make sense to me! Bring back the weekly coupons!

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