Coupon Code: Flash Sale, 48% Off Everything!


Over on, AKA the Uncle Sam’s Outfitters website, they’ve announced a flash sale which is happening this weekend only. In this sale, they’re offering a 48% discount on EVERYTHING on site, for 48 hours only. Here are all the details for you:

Click here to use the Uncle Sam’s coupon code online now

  • Coupon Code: FLASH48
  • Discount: 48% off
  • Expires: 8th June 2014

The last time we blogged about this particular store, it was only a 25% discount so I was surprised and delighted to see an even higher discount percentage to write about.

Don’t let the name of this store put you off – it’s got more than just basic army and navy items. Uncle Sam’s does sell a lot of this type of merchandise, but there’s quite a varied range of stock and you can find everything from camping equipment to clothing.

I hit up the “deals” section first to see if there were any good bargains to be had. This Medium Canvas Bag Black is priced at $43.95 in the sale section and when you add the coupon code, it drops to only $22.85. OK it’s not the most out-going item in the world, but it’s perfect if you need a basic black satchel. Still in the bags arena, this Italian Camo Backpack is a little more colourful and it’s priced at $98.95, dropping to only $51.45 when the coupon code is applied.

There are some pretty cute items on too… such as this kid’s top gun costume for $88.27, or $45.90 when you add the coupon.

There is a good range of winter hats too… I know it’s warm right now, but think ahead for next winter. You could order a really good hat for half price now.

Canadian Shipping Costs

As for Canadian shipping, here’s what they say: first item for $14.50, second item for $0.99. So… that first item is a kicker, but it’s good that additional items are a much lower cost to ship. And the 48% coupon code is such a high discount amount that it really offsets that shipping amount. The website is a bit strange in the fact that it’s a Dot CA, but they don’t state anything about where the orders are shipped from. They do state that “Customers are responsible for brokerage fees on orders over 10 lb shipping internationally” but they don’t really explain if Canadian orders are international or not. Please let us know in the comments below if you’ve ordered from before and how it went for you.


  • miss m.
    Ive ordered from them once. Shipping is costly and they are out of BC. I didn't pay any duties or brokerage but it did take a while to get my order so maybe they do get their stock internationally. I waited over a month to get my order and when I called about it they told me it was because one item was on back order so they held back the rest of my order. You would think they would just mail it when they have the bulk of it like most places esp with such a high shipping charge And that isnt even priority ship. Just regular Canada Post.
  • spamgirl
    They ship from the US.
  • Anna W.
    Thanks for the comments guys. Spamgirl - I wish they would make that known on site!!

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