Chapters Indigo Canada: Get 3 hardcover fiction books for $10

Chapters Indigo Canada has a super deal on hardcover fiction books.

Reading fiction is one way to reduce stress as we leave our own lives, at least in our minds, and enter a vision of words. Stories pour forth from the pages created in someone else's imagination, as we step into another time or place.  Chapters Indigo Canada is selling 3 hardcover books for $10. Just pick the book you want, click on it and it automatically sets it to hardcover.

The Last Secret of the Temple, is a murder mystery taking place on the west bank of the Nile. The Jewel of Medina:A Novel, is set during the 7th century, in exotic Arabia. Both these books will take me to exotic foreign lands. Horns, is dark fantasy and horror, which I will most likely never read. I couldn't pass up the 3 for $10 deal though, so a friend who enjoys visiting the dark side will benefit too.

(Expiry: Deal may end without notice)

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