PC Financial: 2.5% Interest Rate & Earn Up to $150 in PC Points


Banking is getting more competitive it seems, as Tangerine and PC Financial appear to be going at it pretty good over the last six months. Right now, PC Financial is offering a 2.5% interest rate on all new deposits into your bank account. In addition, you have the chance to earn up to $150 in PC points.


Let us start with the easiest promotion. Right now, you will receive 2.5% interest on all new deposits to both your Interest Plus savings account and your No Fee bank account. This is a slightly better deal than Tangerine is offering as Tangerine is only offering the bonus interest on savings accounts. The No Fee bank account at PC Financial is the equivalent of a chequing account. This bonus interest will end the 31st March 2015.

Earn $150 in PC Points

This next promotion is a bit more difficult. There are three stages so you can earn part of the $150 or all of it depending on how many of the three steps you can or wish to complete.

Earn $75 - Sign up to directly deposit your payroll or pension into your PC Financial no fee bank account. Then, make your first direct deposit by the 30th April 2015. Just for directly depositing your funds into your PC account, you will receive $75 worth of points.

Earn $50 - Do you need a new credit card? Then sign up for a new PC Financial MasterCard by the 28th of February. You will also need to make a few qualifying purchases - all the details are in the fine print. For doing this, you will receive $50 worth of points.

Earn $25 - For those of you who do not have a no fee PC account, open your first one by the 28th of February. Then, complete an online bill payment from your account by the 30th of April. You will earn $25 worth of PC points for this.

Together, these three promotions will give you $150 worth of PC Points. When i used to be with PC, I found the PC Points fantastic for redeeming against groceries. Groceries are a necessity and I shopped at Superstore anyway. It was nice to be on a program that allowed me to redeem points on things I needed - not just wanted.

Please read all the fine print so you fulfill all the requirements by the specific dates to receive your bonuses.

(Expiry: varies as shown above).

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