December 13

DIY Frozen Christmas Ornaments!

Posted by on December 13, 2014 at 12:00 PM

DIY Frozen Christmas Ornaments!

I’m a fan of Pinterest; the site that can make you both horribly excited about crafting and feel horribly inadequate at the same time when your projects FAIL. As I write this blog post, I’ve got some cakes in the oven in an attempt to make a rainbow cake, which has been splattered all over Pinterest for the last while.

While searching for some Christmas crafts, I spotted these DIY Frozen ornaments made by Nancy over on TwoSistersCrafting. She was on a mission to find some Frozen baubles at the store, but couldn’t find any. Nancy made her own from various empty baubles and craft supplies. They look really fabulous, as you can see in the pictures above and below.

Frozen is all the rage at the moment, it’s so popular! Just in case you missed it yesterday, I posted about this Disney Frozen MagiClip Flip ‘N Switch Castle and Anna Doll for $16 on The toy is still available, if you want to wrap it and put it under your Christmas Tree which is decorated in home-made Frozen baubles!

DIY Frozen Christmas Ornaments!

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October 23

6 Homemade Halloween Decorations that are Practically Free

Posted by on October 23, 2014 at 8:00 PM

6 Homemade Halloween Decorations that are Practically Free

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays to celebrate, partly because it is a lot of fun to decorate my house inside and out.  I seem to buy new decorations every single year and my husband has finally put his foot down this year and gave me a budget.  Being the crafty, savings-type person I am, I decided instead of buying new things this year, I am going to make the decorations myself.  Not only will this save us money, but my kids can join in the fun and make some scary and spooky decorations as well.

I hit up some great websites to see if I could find some DIY decorations and was shocked at how many awesome ideas are out there.  Here are a few of the great inexpensive Halloween decoration I found online, that you can make yourself. Some of them are creepy, some of them are kid friendly but all of them are perfect for this holiday.

1. Mummy Doors

6 Homemade Halloween Decorations that are Practically Free

This idea from Keeping It Simple is such a fun idea for the whole family to do.  Instead of buying the supplies like they suggest, I suggest you use toilet paper and make your own mummy eyes out of cardboard.

2. Milk Jug Ghosts

6 Homemade Halloween Decorations that are Practically Free

I have a family of four so we go through a lot of milk jugs and usually just recycle them.  This is a great way to recycle them in a different way. The easy directions are on Eighteen25 so you can make your own.

3. Cardboard Cutouts

6 Homemade Halloween Decorations that are Practically Free

This is definitely a creepy decoration but I love it!  Just make some cardboard cutouts in the shape of people, paint them black and cut out the eyes. I found this at Brastwurst Tumblr and it would be perfect for a party.

4. Spider

6 Homemade Halloween Decorations that are Practically Free

With this DIY craft, you can use some items around the house to create a huge spider for the inside or the outside of your house. You can make it fun or scary.  All of the directions for this spider are posted on Listotic.

5. Glowing Eyes

6 Homemade Halloween Decorations that are Practically Free

This has to be the cheapest and easiest craft idea.  I can’t believe I have never thought of this before. Just take a toilet paper roll and cut out different eyes and stick a dollar store glow stick in it to hang outside. These perfect decorations are from Her Campus.

6. Frankenstein Cans

6 Homemade Halloween Decorations that are Practically Free

This is another fun craft to do with your recycling at home. Paint some cans green and black and add some wine corks and googly eyes and you will have your very own Frankensteins for Halloween. You can find this idea at Brew My Tea.

What homemade Halloween decorations have you made in the past Moosers?

Happy Halloween!

Photo credit: Liz West

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October 2

6 Inexpensive Storage Ideas for Toys

Posted by on October 2, 2014 at 8:00 PM

6 Inexpensive Storage Ideas for Toys

I have two kids so we have about a million toys laying around the house.  I can’t tell you how many times I have tripped over toys, or asked my kids to pick up the toys in their room.  It seems we never have the space for all of these toys (or the storage).  I went searching for some cool storage ideas for kids toys and came across some pretty unique ideas that I would have never thought of myself.  Here are six of them that I thought I would share with your that are not only unique, but they are inexpensive as well to do.

1.Reuse Containers

6 Inexpensive Storage Ideas for Toys

This idea is absolutely free and great for storing small toys.  Just take an old container, whether it be a cat litter box or a peanut butter jar and wash it out, and decorate it.  This idea from Top Inspired is so easy, your kids can actually do it as a craft themselves.

2. Rolling Drawers

6 Inexpensive Storage Ideas for Toys

This idea from Storage Geek is good for any kids toys, but they feature Lego storage specifically. I like the idea of having small toys like Lego in one big container out of the way under my boys beds. You can just use an old drawer and add some wheels to it to make it easy for the kids to roll under the bed. The complete instructions are posted and easy to follow.

3. Animal Swing

6 Inexpensive Storage Ideas for Toys

If you are crafty, you can make your kids this stuffed animal swing to hang on their wall and get their stuffies off the floor. The directions can be found on It’s Always Autumn but it looks fairly simple and inexpensive to make.

4. Hanging Baskets

6 Inexpensive Storage Ideas for Toys

I love the idea of taking an old fruit basket that you don’t use anymore and hanging it in the bathroom for bath toy storage. I found the idea on Indulgy.

5. Hanging Shoe Organizer

6 Inexpensive Storage Ideas for Toys

This idea from Organize Your Stuff Now doesn’t require you to do anything except use an old shoe organizer.  You can hang it on the back of their closet or bedroom door for figurine storage or barbie doll storage.  The clear ones would be the best so you can see what is in each compartment but any will work.

6. Wooden Cage

6 Inexpensive Storage Ideas for Toys

This last idea from Lumber Jocks is one for someone who know how to work with wood.  All you need is some wood, nails and some bungee cords to make this awesome wooden zoo cage for your kids room.

What are some things you have created to store your children’s toys at home?

Photo credit: Chris Devers

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September 25

6 Imaginative DIY Drawer Ideas

Posted by on September 25, 2014 at 8:00 PM

6 Imaginative DIY Drawer Ideas

If you ask anyone that has kids what the one thing you need in your home is, I bet they would say storage.  I know I would.  There are tons of stores that sell great products for storage but it can get quite pricey.  I have a bunch of old dresser drawers in the garage so I decided to look online at some ideas on how to change them into something for storage and I found some great ideas. Not only are these ideas practically free because I already have the drawers, they will get junk out of my garage as well!

1. Jewelry Holder

6 Imaginative DIY Drawer Ideas

I found this idea from Living Home and just fell in love with it.  Add some extra knobs onto a drawer and make it into a hanging jewelry holder. This is so simple to do and is practically free.

2. Ottoman

6 Imaginative DIY Drawer Ideas

Now this idea is a bit different because it is not storage.  It will save you a lot of money though.  Add some batting and some paint and some fabric and you will have an inexpensive ottoman for your living room.  The instructions can be found at Beyond The Picket Fence.

3. Shadow Box Storage

6 Imaginative DIY Drawer Ideas

I would have never though to hang the drawers on my wall and use them as shadow boxes!  This would work best if you had a few of them.  You can either paint them or add wallpaper to freshen up the look like they did on This Old House.

4. Toy Chest

6 Imaginative DIY Drawer Ideas

This idea from Home Talk is pretty cute for any child’s bedroom. Just add some legs to a large drawer and you have an instant toy chest!  They can store stuffed animals, figurines, Lego and many more items.  It looks great and keeps the toys off the floor.

5. Plant Stand

6 Imaginative DIY Drawer Ideas

This is such a cute idea from My Love 2 Create for some outside storage. The directions on how to do it are posted on the blog for you to follow.

6.Rolling Storage

6 Imaginative DIY Drawer Ideas

What a fabulous idea to just add some wheels to your drawers and use them for storage under beds.  You could put toys, books, clothing, bedding and anything you want in them. I found this idea at The Pink Porch.

What have you done with your old dresser drawers Moosers?

Photo credit: mistersnappy

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September 18

6 Ideas to Repurpose Sweaters

Posted by on September 18, 2014 at 8:00 PM

6 Ideas to Repurpose Sweaters

I have already started going through my fall and winter clothing with the cooler weather fast approaching and I have noticed something.  I have way too many sweaters that I never wear or are outdated or don’t fit anymore.  Sometimes I donate old clothing, sometimes I give it away to friends and family, but this time I wanted to see if I could tap into my creative side and do something with these sweaters.  I could not believe the fun ideas I came across for old sweaters.

I actually came across hundreds of ideas as to what to do with old sweaters so I picked out the top six that I found the most useful and the easiest to do.  Not everyone is the craftiest person and these six ideas are something anyone and everyone can do.

1. Make Mittens

6 Ideas to Repurpose Sweaters

This idea is most likely the easiest one I have found.  All you have to do is trace your hands onto your sweater and cut out the mitten shapes then sew it together. How simple is that!  This idea can be found at PinLaVie.

2. Make Leg Warmers

6 Ideas to Repurpose Sweaters

This legwarmer (or faux leg warmer) can be found over at Listotic.  You can make either a full legwarmer or just a faux one to go under a cute pair of boots.  These leg warmers tend to cost a lot in stores so making one yourself is a great option.

3. Make Christmas Stockings

6 Ideas to Repurpose Sweaters

I am a huge Christmas nut so this crafty idea is right up my alley.  You can take any old sweater and make it into a beautiful stocking to hang on the chimney. This idea can be found on Extraordinary Day.

4. Make a Quilt

6 Ideas to Repurpose Sweaters

This is one of the harder re-purpose ideas to do but not impossible for the non crafty person.  With this idea, you can take a few different sweaters and make a giant quilt.  You can use your kids baby sweaters for a personal touch and more of a memory quilt which is a great idea as well. Check out Newly Mynted for the design.

5. Make a Pillow

6 Ideas to Repurpose Sweaters

Making a pillow is much the same idea as the quilt but a lot easier and less sweaters.  This particular style of pillow can be found displayed on Infarrantly Creative but there are a ton of different designs if you want to check out Pinterest.

6. Make a Purse or a Bag

6 Ideas to Repurpose Sweaters

What woman doesn’t love purses and bags, especially when they are free!  This is such a great idea to take an old sweater and fashion it into a great bag.  One design you can use can be found on the blog Duwop Designs.

What do you do with your old sweaters Moosers?

(Main image credit to TheUglySweaterShop)

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September 4

6 Ways to Repurpose Doors

Posted by on September 4, 2014 at 8:00 PM

6 Ways to Repurpose Doors

I love the idea of taking something that is old or broken and making it into something beautiful and useful again.  Something that a lot of people have replaced on their homes are doors.  Inside doors, outside doors, small and large doors and you never know what to do their the old junkie ones.  Instead of taking them to the dump (and actually paying to get rid of them) you can turn them into something awesome and useful.  We have six different ways you can take an old door and make it very useful again.  All of these ideas are inexpensive and fairly easy for the DIY Moosers.

1. Headboard

6 Ways to Repurpose Doors

This awesome idea is from and you can find the instructions there.  This picture features two old doors side by side but you can also put on door horizontally as well.

2. Table

6 Ways to Repurpose Doors

The picture above is of a coffee table but you could really make any type of table with a door. I love the idea of a kitchen table made from an old farm house door personally.  These table ideas can be found on

3. Front Porch Swing

6 Ways to Repurpose Doors

I love this idea found on All you would need is some extra wood, some chains from your local hardware store and you could paint it anyhow you would like to match your house.  It also looks like they just used an old seat cushion from an outdoor recliner which is perfect!

4. Mudroom Picture Display

6 Ways to Repurpose Doors

I absolutely love this idea.  You don’t have to display your picture only in the mudroom or hallway like this but I do like the idea of adding hooks for some organization and storage.  This idea can be found on

5. Bookshelf

6 Ways to Repurpose Doors

This is a great idea from You can cut our the squares on the door and add some wood to it to make bookshelves.  It is very rustic and a great way to reuse an old door.

6.Garden Archway

6 Ways to Repurpose Doors

This idea from is a pretty simple way of reusing a couple of old doors.  Throw some paint on them, add some trim and you have a beautiful garden archway. You could also use it for an outdoor wedding and then put it in your garden afterwards.

Have any of you Moosers tried some of these ideas?  Do you have any others you would like to share with us?

(Top image credit to Darko Kec)

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August 21

6 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Bookshelves

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 8:00 PM

6 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Bookshelves

When we first moved into our house, we bought a bunch of book shelves for one of the walls in our basement for storage because it was all we could afford at the time.  Now that we have lived here a few years and have decorated the way we want, we are left with these book shelves that I just don’t need anymore.  I though about selling them second hand but to be honest, they were pretty cheap to begin with and I wouldn’t really get anything for them.  I am a crafty person so I decided I would use them in other ways around the house.

I was searching online for inexpensive ways to up-cycle these bookshelves and came across some really inventive and fun ways to turn them into something more useful.

1. Child’s Sandbox

6 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Bookshelves

This idea came from the blog I have a 3 year old and a four year old, so this idea was perfect for us.  All you have to do is turn it on it’s back, give it a quick coat of bright paint and fill it with sand.  You may want to weather coat it so that it last longer and last in the rain, snow and other outside conditions.  I love this idea!

2. Planter Garden

6 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Bookshelves

I was looking on and found this idea. This idea I have already done myself and it turned out great!  It made perfectly lined rows for my herb garden.  Just like the sandbox idea, you will want to weather proof this garden bed to make sure it lasts through watering and rain. I have gotten so many compliments already.  I also did this with an old filing cabinet, as well the exact same way.

3. Desk

6 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Bookshelves

Over at, they had a great idea for a bookshelf to be turned into an office desk. They have all of the instructions to carry out this simple up-cycle project for your office or even for your kids bedroom.

4. Bench

6 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Bookshelves

If you have a tall skinny bookshelf, you will want to think about this refurbished project.  Flip it on it’s side and add some paint, fabric and some stuffing to the top of it for an awesome bench! You can find this idea over at

5. Mud Room Organization

6 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Bookshelves

I love the idea of taking an old book shelf, and making it into an organizer for a mudroom or hallway.  This is perfect if you have a cluttered entryway or you don’t have storage space.This idea came from and I bet is very popular.

6. Mini bar

6 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Bookshelves

How can you not just fall in love with this idea!  Turn a smaller bookshelf into a great mini bar for entertaining.  It is so simple and easy and all of the details for it are posted up on the website for you to follow.

Do you have some other repurposed uses for an old bookshelf?

(Image credit to Sharon Drummond)

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August 15

Upcycle Your Cans 6 Different Ways

Posted by on August 15, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Upcycle Your Cans 6 Different Ways

I have a family of four and we seem to go through a lot of canned items.  We have soup cans, pasta sauce cans, paint cans, bean and chickpea cans and many more cans that I just don’t know what to do with. Yes, you can recycle them, but when I was washing them to recycle them one day, I realized they don’t look half bad once the label is off and they are clean. They are the perfect size for many things around the house. I headed to my go-to place for DIY ideas and found some great uses for all of my empty cans on Pinterest.

1. DIY Keepsake Can

Upcycle Your Cans 6 Different Ways

I love this idea that deliciously organized had for adding your family pictures to the soup cans and using them as a type of keepsake can. They look beautiful and you could do this with any size of can depending on the items you would like to add.  You could even do it for your kids with a picture of their favourite cartoon character or super hero.

2. DIY Lanterns

Upcycle Your Cans 6 Different Ways

You will see a step by step layout of how to make these awesome lanterns from any type of can you may have laying around at home on the blog Grow Creative. My sister used this idea and had these for her wedding to light the gardens and pathways at night. It was beautiful. Afterward, she used them outside at her house and gave a bunch of them away as well.  They were free and pretty decorations for her wedding.

3. DIY Flower Vases

Upcycle Your Cans 6 Different Ways

This is such a simple and easy craft to do to upcycle your cans.  Take any can, and take either ribbon or rope and just hot glue it wrapped around. You can add a plastic insert or bag if you want to use real flowers and don’t want the can to rust inside from the water. This idea from ordinary things made extraordinary can be used in any home. I think they look very pretty and you can change up the idea according to your personal taste.

4. DIY Bird Feeder

Upcycle Your Cans 6 Different Ways

I can’t wait to do this craft from plum adorable with my kids next week. All it requires is some paint, ribbon and a wooden stick.  Just have your kids paint a soup can, glue gun some ribbon around it and add a stick on the inside for the birds to stand on.  You can hang them from your fence in the back yard or a tree and put some seeds in it.  This is such a pretty and easy craft to do with kids for the back yard.

5. DIY Cookie Cutters or Cake Pans

Upcycle Your Cans 6 Different Ways

This DIY idea from is a little harder than the others mentioned but still fairly easy. They give you a step by step plan on how to take any can and turn it into a cookie cutter or baking pan template.  This would be great to use for birthday parties!

6. DIY Makeup Containers

Upcycle Your Cans 6 Different Ways

I found this idea on Pinterest that someone must have posted themselves, because there is no link to a website.  It looks very simple to do though.  Much like the keepsake can, you can decorate any can how you would like and use it to hold your makeup brushes and supplies. I like this idea because it will keep the quality of the brush intact, instead of laying them down.

Do you have some other great uses for cans around your house?  Which ones do you want to try out?

(banner photo credit to Darlus Norvllas)

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October 28

How to Make Your Own Cold Weather Clothing for Cheap

Posted by on October 28, 2013 at 8:00 PM

How to Make Your Own Cold Weather Clothing for Cheap

Since the temperature has dropped exponentially in the past week here in Toronto, and I’m a born Vancouverite not used to things like wind chill or snow, scarves, mittens, and every other type of clothing that can keep me warm has been all I can think of! Since I don’t own that much winter gear, and I don’t really want to spend hundreds of dollars on anything since I’m not sure how long I’ll be living here, I’ve decided to look into ways I can make my own cold weather clothing. Since I also have no clue how to knit and can hardly sew to save my life, I’ve done a bit of digging to find a number of DIY ideas that are easy to make and won’t cost more than a $10 old sweater from the Salvation Army. Here are some of the pieces of clothing I’m hoping to make myself to keep warm this fall and winter.

Handmade Scarf

Luckily you don’t need to know how to knit to make your very own, one-of-a-kind scarf. Caitlin of The Coletterie shows you step-by-step how to make a winter warmer cowl that will keep you warm and add a bit of chic to your wardrobe. All you need is a bit of fabric, some pins, a needle and thread, and a pair of scissors to make your own version at home. If you’re more of a casual scarf kind of person, then this easy-to-make jersey scarf tutorial found on Craft Loving’s blog might be more up your alley.

How to Make Your Own Cold Weather Clothing for Cheap

Handmade Mittens

Do you have a box of old sweaters or sweatshirts taking up room in your attic? Why not upcycle them into a pair of mittens to keep you warm outside? A Beautiful Mess shows you exactly how to convert your old sweater into a pair of almost-new mittens, and A Song of Sixpence explains how your old sweatshirt can easily turn into some cozy hand warmers.

How to Make Your Own Cold Weather Clothing for Cheap

Handmade Poncho

You know when it’s so cold outside you just want to wrap yourself in a good blanket? Well, Say Yes to Hoboken can help by showing you how to turn your wool blanket into a fashion-forward poncho. If you can’t bear the thought of cutting up one of your favourite blankets, just grab some fleece fabric and a pair of scissors to DIY your own fleece poncho as demonstrated by Mackenzie on We Heart This’ blog.

How to Make Your Own Cold Weather Clothing for Cheap

Handmade Leg Warmers

Going back to upcycling your old sweaters and sweatshirts, Fireflies and Jellybeans shows you how to transform a sweater into a pair of enviable leg warmers. Ashley over at The City Birds Nest similarly goes into detail describing how you can turn your old sweatshirt into a pair of leg warmers to add a pop of colour and warmth to your boots.

How to Make Your Own Cold Weather Clothing for Cheap

Handmade Earmuffs

Earmuffs aren’t as easy to DIY as a poncho or scarf, however on Squeezing It All In’s blog, Heather shows you how you can take an old pair of earmuffs from the thrift store and update them for $3 in only 30 minutes. Otherwise, you can follow Delia of Delia Creates’ instructions on how to make some fashionable ear warmers.

How to Make Your Own Cold Weather Clothing for Cheap

Bargainmoosers, what article of cold weather clothing can you not live without? Have you ever made your own fall or winter gear before?

(Image credit: storebukkebruse)

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September 23

How to Make Canvas Wall Art from Old T-Shirts

Posted by on September 23, 2013 at 8:00 PM

How to Make Canvas Wall Art from Old T Shirts

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a stack of clothes in your wardrobe that are just a little bit too snug. Most specifically, I have a LOT of old t-shirts which are just a bit tight in the belly, having been purchased and worn before I gestated two children. Now, I don’t like to throw these tees out or donate them, because I still really like the designs – that’s why I bought them in the first place.

Most of my tees are from Threadless, they’re colourful, interesting and fun. Instead of getting rid of them, I decided to make them into wall art, to decorate some of the areas of my home that were lacking in colour. I mounted the tees on canvasses, using nothing more than a simple pair of scissors and a staplegun. Some of the finished result is in the image above – and I am really pleased with them. It’s a unique display that no-one else in the world has, they’re all images I love, and it really brightens up the room.

In the following text, I will give you a rough tutorial on how to mount your old t-shirts on to canvas, to display on your walls.

What you will need:

  • Old tees
  • Canvasses
  • Staplegun
  • Sharp scissors
  • Iron (optional)

The canvas size you choose depends on what size of clothing you’re mounting, I went for 30cm x 30cm which suited my needs perfectly. If you’re making a display of multiple tees on the wall, it also looks fantastic to intersperse it with a few rectangular canvasses too.

I’d recommend washing your old t-shirts before you start this canvas making process – don’t use stinky sweaty ones!

Step 1: Cut the tee

How to Make Canvas Wall Art from Old T Shirts

When I put the scissors to the first tee, I was a bit nervous! I had only googled for a basic guide and I knew that a lot would be learned by trial and error as I made the canvasses. I chose a t-shirt I didn’t care too much about, in case I made mistakes.

What you need to do – using your sharp scissors, cut up the side seams of your chosen t-shirt, so that you’ve just got the front panel to work with. There’s less material and it makes things easier to manage.

Step 2: Iron the t-shirt

How to Make Canvas Wall Art from Old T Shirts

This is an optional step, but I’d recommend ironing the t-shirt before you make your canvasses. It will take out all the creases and give a better finished product. If the decal on your t-shirt is heat sensitive, make sure you only iron the back side of the material.

Step 3: Place your canvas

How to Make Canvas Wall Art from Old T Shirts

With the t-shirt face down, place your blank canvas over the area you’d like to show on the front of the piece of wall art. Use the neck line to try and center the canvas, if you like.

Fold over the bottom edge of the fabric along the bottom of the canvas. You can then pivot the canvas on its top edge and lift it up to check the placement of the decal. Remember, this isn’t an exact science… you can get out the ruler and chalk if you wish, but I just did my measurements by eye.

Step 4: Start stapling the edges

How to Make Canvas Wall Art from Old T Shirts

When you’re happy with the placement, put a few staples across the bottom edge of the canvas, securing the fabric in place. Pulling the fabric quite tight at the top edge, staple that down too.  Tip: don’t pull the material too tight, as it could cause striations and an uneven pattern on the front of the wall art.

Step 5: Trim and staple the corners

How to Make Canvas Wall Art from Old T Shirts

At this stage (after having down two sides), I found it beneficial to staple the 4 corners. It’s good to trim off any excess material that is getting in the way, and then carry on with the stapling. There can be quite a bunch of material at the corners as you try and get it neat and tidy, so I found that trimming helped a lot. Fold it as neatly as you can, then staple. I found it similar to gift wrapping, in the way that I had to bend and fold the material.

Step 6: Staple the final sides

How to Make Canvas Wall Art from Old T Shirts

You’re left with the last 2 sides now… just fold the material, tuck it in and staple to your heart’s content. Remember, you can unpick your staples at any time if you’re not happy with the t-shirt placement. Just re-align and re-staple!

Step 7: Tidy the back

How to Make Canvas Wall Art from Old T Shirts

Lastly, trim off any excess material you don’t need. I didn’t do anything special on the back of my canvasses as they’re not going to be seen. I was able to tuck some of the loose edges in behind the canvas frame, but not all frames might allow you to do this. You could also finish off your mounted wall art by stapling a piece of thick card over the back, to hide the untidy trimmings, but I was happy enough with mine as they were.

Below, you can see the final image of the canvas in the above tutorial.

Final cost

How to Make Canvas Wall Art from Old T Shirts

All the t-shirts in the image above were bought in various sales over the years at Threadless, each costing only $10 or thereabouts. I purchased a job lot of blank canvasses on eBay so it worked out that the canvasses were about $4.50 each, including shipping. Therefore, each piece of unique wall art cost me less than $15. For you, you could also take a look for canvasses in dollar stores or at yard sales. Even if they’ve already got a print on them, you’ve covering them up – you really only need the basic shape and frame to work with.

Of course, if you don’t have a staplegun, you’ll have to invest in one of those. I wouldn’t take that into account on the above costings, as that’s something you’d buy and have for use on future projects.

What do you think?

Well, what do you think of the idea of wall mounting your old t-shirts and making it into art pieces for your walls? If you give it a try yourself, please take a picture and show us in the comments below!

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November 19

Rona Canada 15% Discount

Posted by on November 19, 2010 at 5:00 PM

Rona Canada 15% Discount

On Saturday the 20th of November 2010 only, Rona stores are having a special promotion, offering you a 15% discount on one product of your choice!

The small print has some info that you might be interested in:

Consumers will save 15% on one product of their choice per transaction, per person, per day. Limit of 15 units of the same product (same product code). Discount applies Saturday, November 20, 2010, on all in-stock merchandise available in store only. Special orders, the purchase of RONA gift cards, layaways and services offered in store, such as installation, delivery, rentals, cut shop services, etc., are not eligible for this promotion.

So for example, if you plan on buying something like flooring or tiles, you’d only be able to buy 15 of any 1 item. If you need more than that, I suggest bringing in some family members with you, and each of you could use up your quota of 15 items.

My friend is doing major renos on his house at the minute, so he’s going to be very glad of this offer!

And on a final note, there are a few printable coupons for Rona here. They’re all for specific products, not for generic discounts. They all end on the 23rd November 2010.

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July 31

Boss Tools Canada: No Tax Weekend

Posted by on July 31, 2010 at 1:00 PM

Boss Tools Canada: No Tax Weekend

This weekend at Boss Tools Canada, they’re having a “no tax” sale event! All the tools on their website are tax free.

If there was a special tool you needed in the home, now might be a good time for a browse of Boss Tools. Shipping is free on a $149 spend, so you might be tempted to get a few things and bulk up your order to that level.

For a while in my house, there wasn’t a hammer to be found. Any time I was doing a bit of DIY or building some flat pack furniture, I had to hammer bits in with the heel of a shoe, or the nearest heavy blunt object. Since then, we bought a hammer, we were given a hammer, etc, and now we seem to be breeding hammers! There are about 5 in the garage now!

While browsing this site, I also noticed that they have some “tool talk articles.” It’s a series of DIY articles about your tools, from maintenance to purchasing tips.

(Ends 2nd August 2010)

Boss Tools Canada: No Tax Weekend

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April 3

Boss Tools Canada Discount Weekend

Posted by on April 3, 2010 at 3:00 PM

Boss Tools Canada Discount Weekend

For 3 days only this weekend, Boss Tools Canad is having a “when it’s gone, it’s gone” sale. They have hand-picked 450 specific products from their warehouse, and discounted them by between 30% and 80%.

So If you or your other half desperately need some new power tools, then it could be good to have a browse of Boss Tools online. I really don’t know much about this kind of thing at all… but I have glanced at a few of the deals to see what is on offer. Some examples:

Just note that shipping costs extra from Boss Tools Canada, and depends on how much you are spending.

I am not telling my other half about this sale… as we’d only end up with another 5 sets of screwdrivers in the house. We really don’t need any more screwdrivers.

(Sale ends Monday 5th April 2010)

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March 26

Folding Worktable with Clamps $20 @ XS Cargo

Posted by on March 26, 2010 at 4:00 PM

Folding Worktable with Clamps $20 @ XS Cargo

XS Cargo has a sweet price on this little Folding Worktable with Clamps, priced at only $19.99 right now!

Sadly you cannot order this item online, but you would have to nip in to your local XS Cargo store to collect it. There is an online stock checker, so you could use that to make sure you don’t have a wasted trip.

I thought that if you or your other half do quite a bit of DIY, then this could be a handy little addition to the tool kit. As it’s foldable, you could store it away in the garage perhaps, and whip it out when needed. Here’s a quick specification:

  • Two independent vice clamps open to a 9.25″ inside capacity
  • Leg braces have convenient built-in tool storage slots
  • 24″ ruler with protractor and grid printed on top surface for easy reference
  • Four clamp stops with 24 table peg holes to secure most any sized work piece
  • Stands 31″ tall with a 23.8″ x 14.4″ table size
  • 120 Kg / 250 lb. weight capacity
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January 14

Rona Coupons: Print & Save!

Posted by on January 14, 2010 at 3:00 PM

Rona Coupons: Print & Save!

Here are a few Rona coupons which you can print out and use at your local store.

The coupons aren’t for a generic discount on everything, but are tailored to specific products in-store. Here are the possible discounts:

  • Save $20 on “GoPrime” Interior Latex
  • Save $8 on “Rustic” Slate Tiles
  • Save $50 on 10″ Compound Mitre Saw
  • Save $7 on a Tool Bag
  • Save $50 on a “Allure 2″ Range Hood
  • Save $30 on a “Marjo” Neo-Angle Corner Shower
  • Save $15 on the “Mini Tower” Air Purifier
  • Save $20 on the Halogen Swivelling Recessed Fixture
  • Save $4 on the Oscillating Heater Fan
  • Save $30 on the Mini Scaffold
  • Save $10 on the 4.8-V Cordless Screwdriver
  • Save $5 on the Sleigh Shovel

If there was something in that list you were planning on buying, then the coupons might be useful to you.

Thanks for emailing me this deal Alanna!

(Ends 19th January 2010)

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