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December 19

Amazon Canada: The Flintstones Complete Series Only $41

Posted by on December 19, 2014 at 11:59 AM

Amazon Canada: The Flintstones Complete Series Only $41

The Flintstones: The Complete Series is on sale for just $40.99 with free shipping right now, down from the retail price of $120 at Amazon Canada.

Here is a price-comparing composite to show you what other retailers are selling The Flintstones Collection for:

  • $84 @ Chapters Indigo Canada
  • $74.99 @ HMV Canada (in-store only)

Future Shop and Best Buy do not sell the collection; rather they have individual seasons for $39.99. Walmart also has individual seasons for $39.46. I checked out the individual seasons on Amazon – and most of them are on sale for just $14.99 each. However, this collection is still a far better deal as there are six seasons. If you paid the individual price per season, it would cost you $89.94 in total.

This box set is all kinds of awesome. You get 24 disks of fantastic and memorable cartoons. While The Flintstones is a classic cartoon that ran before my time, I have watched a ton of reruns on Teletoon Retro. It is one of my favourite older cartoons to watch, along with Scooby-Doo and The Jetsons. I especially like when they have kids and Fred is always loosing Pebble. That time he took her to a boxing match was just priceless.

I did a little research and you get 166 episodes with all six seasons. That is an incredible amount of cartoon watching time for just $41. Reviewers are very happy with the box set and leave pleased comments like this one:

Absolutely great product! My only complaint (and it’s very minor) is that it is very hard to pull the CD’s from their covers and the last thing that I want to do is rip the booklet that they came it. The overall quality of the CD’s are fabulous; clear and crisp on the TV. I would definitely buy this again!

Another benefit to getting the box set over individual seasons (besides price) is the cool box that the collection comes in. At first, I thought it was a Flintstone-esque transistor radio, but I actually think it is a stone-age television after getting a better look at it. What do you think?

Either was this is a fantastic series at a great price. You will not find this cheaper anywhere else. As the box set costs over $25, you will receive free shipping. Amazon Canada is still saying it will “Arrive before Christmas” if you order now.

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December 18

Amazon Canada: 50% Off Frozen Toys *HOT*

Posted by on December 18, 2014 at 5:50 PM

Amazon Canada: 50% Off Frozen Toys *HOT*

Amazon Canada has discounted several different Frozen themed toys at 50% off the original price.

This is a great sale and the prices are incredibly hot.

This Disney Frozen Magiclip Small Doll Anna Giftset was $43.18 and is now $22.99. Most the small doll gift sets seem to retail around $45 to $49 at other retailers, so this is a fantastic deal.

While I blogged about this Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna of Arendelle Doll before, it has now taken another price dive down to just $12.49. Even on rollback at Walmart, the dolls are $14.94 so Amazon’s deal is certainly better.

This incredibly beautiful Disney Frozen Swirling Snow Sleigh is now $14.49, down from $34.99. The toy is actually 59% off, which is higher than all the others are. This toy will fit the mini dolls that you get with the small doll gift sets. The sleigh itself includes one Anna doll.

Missing out on an Olaf doll? This Disney Frozen Olaf Doll is now $9.99, originally $19.99. It is a great little toy to add to your gift with the dolls.

This Disney Frozen Ice Skating Anna is just $17.40, down from $34.99 at Amazon right now. Toys R Us has the same doll for just $37.97 and Walmart Canada has the same toy for just $34.99.

We blogged about the Disney Frozen MagiClip Flip ‘N Switch Castle and Anna Doll a little bit ago but it has gone through another price drop to just $12.49, from $24.99 retail.

Last but not least, this Disney Frozen Colour Change Anna Fashion Doll is just $14.99, originally $29.99. The doll costs $26.94 at Walmart Canada so this price is really to die for right now.

Unfortunately, most of these items are all Anna themed – so rather limited for anyone who is more of an Elsa fan. I do like the deal on Olaf though as it is a bit different from everything else.

All of these are incredible deals on Frozen toys. I know it is very late to be ordering toys for Christmas, but with an Amazon Prime membership, “you can shop until Dec.22 and enjoy unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping” so you will get your toys in time for the holidays. I have detailed before how you can get a free Student Prime or Family Prime trial.

Without an Amazon Prime membership, receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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December 18

Petsmart Canada: 50% Off Dog Beds

Posted by on December 18, 2014 at 3:32 PM

Petsmart Canada: 50% Off Dog Beds

Petsmart Canada is offering 50% off a selection dog beds just in time for you to stick something comfy under the tree for your pooch. As per usual with Petsmart, you order online and pick-up in store.

There is a plethora of beds on sale and the prices cannot be beat! For anyone on a tight budget, these first few deals are for you. The Grreat Choice Pet Holiday Dog Bed was $21.99 and is now $10.99. For small to medium pets, this bed comes in assorted colours. The Grreat Choice Cuddler Dog Bed is just like the above bed but not in Christmas colours. Originally $21.99, this bed is also on sale for $10.99.

For medium-size dogs, there are quite a few good options. The Grreat Choice Corduroy Dog Bed is 33″ x 45″ in size and makes a comfortable pillow for your pet to sleep on. Originally $43.99, the bed is now on sale for $21.99. Kong also makes fantastic dog beds and you can choose from two different styles. Both the Kong Bed (1) and the Kong Bed (2) were $65.99 and are now on sale for $32.99. They can handle medium dogs up to about 80 lbs.

If your pet is a pampered prince or just needs a little extra comfort, then this Martha Stewart Pets Beautyrest Napper Dog Bed will be a big hit. These beds usually cost a small fortune but you can buy this one for just $38.49, originally $76.99.

These beds are good for more than just dogs – large cats can also enjoy the comfort of a dog bed. The smaller ones from Grreat Choice work well for large tomcats. We have two big boy cats that weigh in around 18 lbs each. Rather than pay twice the price for a large enough cat bed, we scored two dog beds for $10 each. The cats do not mind and they actually fit in the beds.

I know it can be inconvenient to have to go pick-up your order from Petsmart, but I am still very excited about this deal. It is nice to find such amazing deals online and be able to secure your savings without having to take a trip to Petsmart just in hope they still have some in stock. Too often, I have gone to buy something and it is OOS by time I get there. This way, it is waiting for me to arrive!

These are clearance beds so I am not sure when the promotion ends. The 30% off bed sale ends tonight, so it could end at the same time.

Image credit: Avigayil Morris

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December 18

Nuvango Coupon Code: 20% Off Gift Cards

Posted by on December 18, 2014 at 3:06 PM

Nuvango Coupon Code: 20% Off Gift Cards

We are hitting and passing most of the shipping dates for Christmas so now is the time to look towards gift cards for any presents you are missing. Nuvango (formerly Gelaskins) is offering 20% off all gift cards before Christmas.

Click here to order a Nuvango gift card now

  • Coupon Code: 20CARDS
  • Discount: 20% off gift cards
  • Expiry: 24th December 2014

I like this promotion because it is a rarity amongst businesses: not many companies offer discounts on their gift certificates. In fact, when coupons show up for websites the fine print makes sure to exclude gift certificates.

You can order your gift card in whatever denomination you like. Celebrate December 25th by sending your loved one a $25 gift card. Here is some of the savings you can expect from popular denominations of gift cards:

  • $25 gift card for $20
  • $50 gift card for $40
  • $75 gift card for $60
  • $100 gift card for $80

Now, you can also buy these for yourself. If you are planing a Nuvango purchase in the future, why not save money up front with 20% off a gift card? Then you can combine the gift card savings with a sale, when one comes along, and you have just scored yourself an incredible deal my friend.

I really enjoy the art at Nuvango and have one of their hard cases on my cell phone and one of the screen covers they sell on the screen as well. While I see nightmare pictures of iPhone screens shattered beyond recognition, my phone is cozy and kept in one piece by Nuvango. I love my cover and haven’t really thought of another in some time. However, Brian Viveros‘ work is just so bad-ass that I am dying to get a case from one of his art pieces for my real bad girl days. War Child is one of my favourite of his pieces.

For something a bit more exciting and boundary-pushing, I would enjoy carrying around Tiger Girl (warning: nudity) by Javier G. Pacheco. The combination of the glowing-eyed tiger head and the milky-white ‘fragile’ nude female figure is just mesmerizing. I love the juxtaposition and i think we can all create our own stories as to what the image means.

All prices are in US dollars. The gift card will be delivered via free email delivery – straight to your inbox. Then you can print it off and gift it as appropriate.

For this and any future Nuvango coupon codes, visit our forum.

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December 18

Home Depot: Himalayan Salt Lamp $20 & Free Shipping

Posted by on December 18, 2014 at 2:09 PM

Home Depot: Himalayan Salt Lamp $20 & Free Shipping

Purchase a Himalayan Ionic Natural Salt Lamp (11-15 lbs) for only $19.99 plus free shipping. This lamp originally cost $27.50 at Home Depot.

While this may not seem like a large discount on the lamp, this is a very good deal for several reasons. First, the lamp retails for much higher elsewhere. I found the exact same lamp for $34.28 at Amazon Canada. I also found other Himalayan Salt Lamps of the same size (11 – 15 lbs) at places like for $34.49. The average price for an 11 to 15 lb (5 to 6.8 kg) seems to be the mid-$35 range, so scoring a lamp for only $20 is sweet. The free shipping is also very nice as this lamp weighs quite a bit.

Now, what is a Himalayan Salt Lamp all about anyway? Activated Himalayan salt is believed to aid in the reduction of electromagnetic pollution (like from electronics), by the release of negative ions. This is supposed to have numerous health benefits including relaxation, improved focus, and more. The question always comes down to – is this all hype or is it truly healthy? According to numerous experts – it is mostly just hype. As one article puts it:

Suggesting that a Himalayan Salt Lamp can generate enough negative ions to benefit your health is like suggesting that a farmer could water thirty acres of farmland with a hand-held spray bottle.

You get the point. However, the salt lamp has other benefits. The lamp creates a warm glow that can be very relaxing and help you reduce stress. Stress is like a toxin to your body so anything that reduces stress is very good for your body and your mind. The lamp is also soothing, sets the mood, is comforting, and can be downright enjoyable. As this reviewer says:

The warm golden glow of that light shining through the salt crystal is amazingly comforting. To me, it looks like the sun at sunset. I use it for a night light. The adjustable brightness control is ideal for the nights when I prefer a darker bedroom. Though, It would be beautiful and soothing in any room.

The Himalayan Salt Lamp also works through a placebo effect. That is when people believe that something works and thus they exhibit symptoms of improvement that align with their belief of how the thing should be helping them. It is cool how strong the power of belief is – it can heal your body and help you on the path to wellness.

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December 18

Canadian Freebie: 3 Free Tea Bags @ Twinings Canada (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 18, 2014 at 1:27 PM

Canadian Freebie: 3 Free Tea Bags @ Twinings Canada (EXPIRED)

Hop on over to Twinings Canada to request three free sample bags of tea!

I just love this freebie because it is free tea! I drink a pot of tea almost every day so this freebie gives me three days of wonderful tea to try. I do not having much experience with the Twinings brand, so this is a welcome addition to my tea collection. One of my favourite things about this deal is the choices: you get to choose which bags you will receive. Many samples are random selection so this is very nice.

Did I mention choice? Oh yes, you get to choose from 30 different teas from four different categories:

  • Black Teas
  • Chais
  • Herbal Infusions
  • Green Teas

I am a huge fan of chai tea so my first choice would probably be the Chai French Vanilla, thought the Chai Spiced Apple sounds so delicious as well. I might just have to get both of those and then only choose one other tea bag from the other categories. I really like chai tea in the winter because it is such a warm and flavourful tea full of spices. It is great for cold winter days and nights.

Here are some of the other amazing flavours that peak my interest:

  • Lady Grey
  • Pure peppermint
  • Goodnight Blend
  • Green Earl Grey

I usually hate green tea but I recently learned some secrets for brewing the leaf. First, you let the water sit after boiling for about five minutes. If you pour boiling water directly on green tea leaves, you are liable to burn the leaf, which produces a bitter taste in your tea. In addition, you want to be careful not to let the tea over steep. I usually leave my tea in the water until I am finished my tea, but green tea you should only leave in for 3 – 5 minutes (or however long the box says) and then take it out of the water.

I am so pleased with this freebie and I hope you are as well. Leave a comment below to let me know which three bags you chose! Samples will arrive in four to six weeks.

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December 17

Canadian Tire Pre-Boxing Day Deals Starting Soon – Flyer Here Now (19-24 Dec)

Posted by on December 17, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Canadian Tire Pre Boxing Day Deals Starting Soon   Flyer Here Now (19 24 Dec)

Canadian Tire has released their Pre-Boxing Day flyer. The deals in the flyer start Friday, December 19th and run through Wednesday, December 24th.

As per usual, all Canadian Tire deals are in store only. The Canadian Tire Flyer is extensive with 35 pages of incredible deals. We cannot cover all those deals for you, but here are a few that I picked out that look extra promising.

For Friday, December 19th only, receive a $50 promo card when you spend $200 or more at Canadian Tire. This promo card will then be valid from December 20th through 26th. That means you can use it on other deals in this flyer or on Boxing Day itself.

A Mastercraft 100-piece screwdriver set with soft textured grip will soon be on sale for just $25.99, which is 80% off the original price of $129.99. This would make a fantastic gift for the handy person in your house. A 62-Piece Airtool set might make a great gift as well at only $79.99 (was $279.99). The set comes with an impact wrench, ratchet, air hammer, and plenty of accessories.

The three-piece Cambridge 3-piece Luggage Set for only $29.99 is one of my favourite deals in the entire flyer. The set retails for $99.99, so you are saving 70% on a 23″ upright, 20″ duffle bag, and 14″ tote bag.

My husband is addicted to Anchor Glassware for storing leftovers and taking food to work. An eight-piece nestled set (4 bowls, 4 lids) will be just $6.99, originally $24.99 during this sale. We own several of these sets so I know this is an amazing price and they are very good quality. I just told my husband and he was all like “we are buying”!

For the man who does not have enough tools, this Stanley Fatmax 229-piece black socket set will fill him with glee. Originally $399.99, the set will be on sale for just $109.99.

I am not sure about you, but I have always wanted a Butane Torch. Different people might want this for different reasons: it can be used for soldering but it can also be used in the kitchen as well. I want it to make my favourite desert: Crème Brulee. Originally $39.99, the torch will cost just $9.99 come Friday.

Your mind might be blown, as there are so many other deals in this flyer. Get up to 75% off cookware, up to 70% off knives, and much more!

To see the rest of the Canadian Tire flyer, click here to view it on our forum.

(Expiry: 24th December 2014)

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December 17

Walmart: Disney Sound Soothers Were $50 | Now $19.97

Posted by on December 17, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Walmart: Disney Sound Soothers Were $50 | Now $19.97

Walmart Canada is selling Disney Sound Soothers by Cloud B for just $19.97 with free shipping, originally $47.97 to $49.97.

Sound soothers are plush toys with a removable sound box in them that runs on batteries. Two AA batteries are included with each toy. Each toy plays three different melodies that will sooth your child and send them off to sleep. You have a choice of three Sound Soother characters:

I just adore the baby Dumbo as I elephants are one of my favourite animals. I only own like five elephant plushies already so this Dumbo would feel right at home. Each sound soother p appears to play

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Spring Showers
  • Gentle Breeze

Walmart is not the only company that has put these on sale. Amazon Canada also has them for the same price, but one was out of stock and they had less than 10 in stock for the others [1 of Pooh, 6 of Dumbo, Simba OOS] so I am blogging this from Walmart instead. In addition, with Walmart you receive free shipping no minimum whereas at Amazon one toy would not qualify for free shipping. This is a significant price drop no matter where you buy the toys, so it was worth blogging.

While there are no reviews on Walmart, reviews on other websites are super positive. This mother said:

my daughter is only 4 months so she doesn’t play with it much yet. But it does put her right to sleep at night especially the last song I am not sure what it is but she goes right to sleep with that song on.

There are many more reviews like that from satisfied parents.

Now, the sound soothers are the best deal but you can also purchase the Star Soothers on sale from $52.97 – $64.97 marked down to only $24.97. Choose from Dumbo The Elephant Stars, Winnie The Pooh Baby Star, or Simba Baby Star Soothers. The best deal is on Dumbo as that set was originally $64.97 and is now $24.97 whereas the other ones were originally $52.97. As the name suggests, starry soothers transform your child’s room into a starry night sky. You can change colours to suit your child’s preference. I think these would make fantastic gifts!

These toys are all on clearance so quantities are limited and they may sell out at any time.

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December 17

Free Express Shipping @ Roots Canada – In Time for Christmas! ($17 Value)

Posted by on December 17, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Free Express Shipping @ Roots Canada   In Time for Christmas! ($17 Value)

Roots Canada is now offering free express shipping on all orders so that you can get your items in time for Christmas. No minimum is necessary, so hop on that last-minute shopping train and place your order!

I am not a procrastinator, but I know so many people who are. Some are not so bad. they shop the week before Christmas. The bad ones are out on Christmas morning trying to find a 711 or Mac store open. :p Well, if you still have some Christmas shopping to do, consider Roots Canada your online destination for neglected gifts due to your procrastination.

In the women’s section, I ran across the Algonquin Down Jacket that looks so cozy and warm! Originally $98, it is on sale for $79.99. The jacket has a 90/10 duck down fill and hits about hip length for extra warmth. It seems to be a popular product as only sizes XS and medium are still available.

In the toddler section, these Original Sweat pants are available in cherry pink or ocean depths. Originally $28, they are on sale for $19.88 and come with free express shipping of course. Most sizes are still in stock, from 2T to 5T. These are great for rambunctious little ones to run around in as sweats are very durable and can handle all sorts of spills, wipeouts, and dirt.

Personally, I love leather and think it is a most gift-able fabric. This Fold Over Tab Wallet makes an excellent gift for anyone needing a good quality wallet that will last them for years to come. Originally $68, it is now on sale for $52.99. I seem to be the only one in my family who ever buys people wallets – but they are really appreciated. My father needed an elastic to keep his wallet together so a brand new leather wallet was welcome. My husband’s was so stretched that cards kept falling out if he held it at the wrong angle. New wallet time!

Express shipping starts at $16.95, and goes up from there so this is a fantastic offer from Roots Canada. You will also get all your items in time for Christmas if you place your order before the free express shipping deadline.

(Expiry: 19th December 2014 @ 1PM EST)

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December 17

Entertainment Coupon Code: 50% Off Mobile App – Now $10

Posted by on December 17, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Entertainment Coupon Code: 50% Off Mobile App   Now $10

The Entertainment Book now has a mobile app that you can purchase instead of the book! It is like having the book on your phone, which is far more convenient than carrying the book around. Use the coupon code below to purchase the Entertainment mobile app for just $9.99, originally $19.99.

Click here to view the Entertainment mobile app @ Entertainment Book now

  • Coupon Code: CHEER
  • Discount: 50% off mobile app
  • Expiry: 17th December 2014 (code still working on the 18th)

The mobile app gives you digital access to all Canadian coupons and deals for only $9.99 a year. Seriously, you would be insane not to pick up this deal as you are bound to use enough coupons to cover easily the price of the app and save money on top of it. This app makes it easy to travel, as the coupons appear not to just be for your own city, but also for the rest of Canada as well. If someone could confirm this, I would be grateful!

This app is better than the book in many ways. First of all, who actually carries around a book these days? With the mobile app you do not have to carry the book with your or pre-plan what coupons you are going to use. All the coupons are on your phone at the touch of a button. If you decide on an impromptu trip to the local gardens, then make use of that 2 for 1 admission instead of missing out.

The only downside I can see, if that, is there are probably less region specific coupons on the app then you get in the book. That is my assumption, I could be wrong. I remember that the mobile version of the entertainment Book for Edmonton often had fewer coupons. However, for some of the restaurants you could find monthly coupons on the mobile version to use instead of being limited to the one or two you found in the book.

I am pretty sure the coupon code expires tonight (though I hope they extend it) so take advantage of this little gem before it goes! The best Christmas gift is an early start on saving in the New Year.

For this and any future Entertainment coupon codes, visit our forum.

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December 17

Free Sennheiser Headphones with Dyson Purchase @ Future Shop ($150 Value) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 17, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Free Sennheiser Headphones with Dyson Purchase @ Future Shop ($150 Value) (EXPIRED)

I am stoked about this sweet deal from Future Shop Canada. Receive a free pair of Sennheiser HD Pro Over-Ear Sound Isolating Headphones for free ($149.99 value) when you purchase a Dyson vacuum or air multiplying fan for $349.99 or more.

Dyson and Sennheiser are both higher end brands that I love. I currently own a Dyson vacuum and would love to own a Dyson fan. I have also been drooling over Sennheiser headsets for ages now.

For the free headset, you need to add these Sennheiser HD Pro Over-Ear Sound Isolating Headphones (HD280 PRO) to your cart with the Dyson product and they will be automatically discounted. This headset is an absolute classic for Sennheiser. While it may not be exactly what a casual music listener is looking for, it is designed for studio use with crisp clear sound and incredible differentiation. As one reviewer put it: if your music sounds good on this headset, it will sound good on any headset.

This deal is at its best when you purchase the lowest priced Dyson’s available. I would pick up the Dyson Digital Slim Multi Floor Vacuum (DC35) before the last few go out of stock. If I was to need a new vacuum cleaner, I think I would purchase this one. It is compact, cordless, and has a long arm that really reaches into hard to reach places. The vacuum retails for $349.99, so you will receive the headset for free. This vacuum has such positive reviews including:

Amazingly powerful for its size. Got construction dirt out of our new home’s hardwood floors that a bigger, more cumbersome vac had not picked up. Light, maneuverable and very easy to use. Love it!

My second choice would be the Dyson Animal Stick Vacuum (DC45AN) for $449.99. We have two cats and one of our big boys is a lovely black long-haired feline. That can be rather taxing on a vacuum cleaner. The animal line is designed to deal with pet hair and I know that would be a huge bonus in my household! There is cat hair everywhere – sometimes I feel like plastic wrapping the furniture! It is worse when they decide to join me in bed. They are warm furballs but they sure leave their fur lying around. I would also love the free headset with my new vacuum cleaner. Free Sennheiser Headphones with Dyson Purchase @ Future Shop ($150 Value) (EXPIRED)

This deal is a limited time offer only. You will know if it is still on as you will see this on the product page:

Free Sennheiser Headphones with Dyson Purchase @ Future Shop ($150 Value) (EXPIRED)

(Expiry: Unknown)

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December 16

Free Gifts with $50 Toy Purchase @ Future Shop ($10 Value)

Posted by on December 16, 2014 at 3:15 PM

Free Gifts with $50 Toy Purchase @ Future Shop ($10 Value)

Score two free gifts valued at $4.99 each when you spend $50 or more on toys at Future Shop Canada.

I love getting free stuff when I buy items, so having two gifts with a $50 toy purchase is really cool. You will need to add both of these items to your cart so they can be discounted at checkout.

These are your two free gifts:

  1. Mattel Apptivity Angry Birds King Pig - $4.99 value

This single pack includes an iPad conductive base and the Angry Birds King Pig. With it, you can use them with the associated Angry Birds iPad app to launch your piggy across the screen. A fun little toy like this would make a great stocking-stuffer.

  1. Words With Friends Race Board Game – $4.99 value

My husband is a Words with Friends addict, so I understand the appeal of this fun little freebie. No board is needed in this speed version of Words with Friends, just play words as fast as you can with the 100 tiles included. Tiles come in two different colours so it is easy to tell who made what word. Store them in the included tin.

Now that you have seen your free items, let us check out some toy deals.

This Star Wars Mini Lightsaber Dark Side Detector was $19.95, and is now on sale for $9.95. It is a fun toy where you get to build your own mini light saber. If you belong to the light side, your saber will be blue. If you belong to the dark side, then your light saber will turn red.

Looking for an awesome party game based on your favourite geek show? Pick up Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory Board Game for just $9.99, saving you $20! The same game is $35.92 at Walmart so you are scoring quite the deal. Only 10 are left in stock.

For the lovely young women, this Mega Bloks Barbie Build n’ Style Convertible is just $9.99, originally $19.99. Combine it with some of the other deals above and your cart is getting close to that $50 minimum while you are saving a bundle on toys.

For children a bit too young for regular Lego, pick them this LEGO DUPLO Brick Box for just $12.99, originally $17.99. There are 31 pieces including a cat figurine and a dog figurine.

I also think that the Little Tikes Jelly Bean Racer is about the cutest thing ever. It is available in red (see previous link), Green, Orange, or Pink. Originally $22.99, they are now on sale for $15.99. These all cost $19.94 at Walmart Canada right now.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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December 16

Toys R Us: LEGO Space Hive Crawler Was $90 | Now $67

Posted by on December 16, 2014 at 2:40 PM

Toys R Us: LEGO Space Hive Crawler Was $90 | Now $67

Toys R Us is selling the LEGO Galaxy Squad Space Hive Crawler for $67.47 with free shipping. This cool bug like Lego set was originally priced at $89.99.

I did some extensive price comparing as Lego sets are sold at many places. I wanted to make sure you were getting the best deal on a toy such as this, especcialy as a large set like this is often an investment piece. Here is what other companies are selling the set for:

  • $89.99 @ Lego Canada
  • $89.99 @ Future Shop Canada
  • $89.99 @ Best Buy Canada
  • $89.86 @ Walmart Canada
  • $69.45 @ Amazon Canada (7 left)

As you can see, Toys R Us has the best price with Amazon coming in a close second. However, Amazon’s stock is quickly selling out with only seven sets left in stock as of this post. Once it sells out, you would have to wait for the product to be restocked.

Toys R Us not only has a cheaper price by several dollars, it also is still in stock and includes free shipping to your home. For those wanting to get this in time for Christmas, you can choose “Free In-Store Pickup Today” when you checkout. This is an option that Amazon, unfortunately, does not have.

The set includes a ton of cool features including:

2 insectoids and 3 minifigures with weapons: red team leader Billy Starbeam, robot sidekick with jetpack and an alien mantizoid. Features an egg launcher, 2 hatching eggs containing 1 flying and 1 crawling insectoid, razor-sharp moving legs, rotating laser guns, a pinching mouth and an opening cockpit with space for a minifigure.

There are tons of other cool features like blasters and detachable parts that pull double-duty. The Hero’s speedster converts from a sky speeder into a planet speeder.

Overall, this set promises loads of fun. The reviews on Lego sing the set’s praises with the only downside often mentioned is price. Many reviewers think that the set is overpriced – but still completely awesome. This reviewer said:

I have to say that this set is completely awesome. All the pieces are great with many rare pieces for collectors and MOCers (My Own Creation). Plus the leg mechanism and the larva egg launching system just add to the greatness.

Well, now you can save a good chunk of money and still get one of the coolest Lego sets out there. This set has been rated as challenging, and adults have taken around 1.5 to 2 hours to put it together alone. Enjoy!

(Expiry: unknown)

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December 16

Mexx Coupon Code: Extra 50% Off Discounted Clothing

Posted by on December 16, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Mexx Coupon Code: Extra 50% Off Discounted Clothing

Receive an extra 50% off discounted clothing with Mexx Canada’s newest coupon code.

Click here to shop the outlet @ Mexx Canada now

  • Discount: 50% Off
  • Expiry: Unknown

Upon first peak into the outlet section, you may be disheartened; it does not exactly look like the sale items are discounted by very much to begin with. However, that is why we are bargain hunters my dear Moosers! There are indeed some deals to be had if you just paw through enough pages of clothing.

My pick of the litter would be this V-Neck Bodycon dress in white. It is structured with mesh fabric cut outs for a beautiful silhouette. The dress is still available in sizes small and extra-small. Originally $130, the bodycon is on sale for $59.99. After coupon code, you will pay just $29.99 for this beautiful dress. You save $100 on this item alone!

I have two other suggestions from the women’s section. First, the Edgy Printed Maxi Dress is on sale from $130 down to $99.99. After coupon code, pick up this dress for just $49.95. Five sizes are still available so there is a greater chance that this dress will be in your size than the dress above. If you need shorts, then you might also want to check out the Bleached Denim Shorts that will cost $25.95 after coupon code, originally $79.95.

The men’s section is not quite as promising. You can find a bunch of men’s Essential Round Neck cotton T-Shirts for just $14.95 after coupon code, originally $35.95. With five colours to choose from and multiple sizes still in stock, these make a good buy for your basic wardrobe.

In the children’s section, these tank tops are just such a good deal for Mexx brand clothing. Originally $14.95 each, they are now on sale for $8.99. That means you are only paying $4.49 per shirt after coupon. The white and the pink version have a different graphic than the yellow and the blue versions.

While there are some rather sad looking sale prices in the outlet section, there are still some great deals to be found. The 50% off coupon code will make almost anything a decent enough sale, but you know how much we love steep discounts. Mexx Coupon Code: Extra 50% Off Discounted Clothing

Receive free shipping on orders of $75 or more. Orders under $75 will incur an $8 shipping charge.

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December 16

J. Crew: Mohair Cardigan Was $102.50 | Now $27.59 US & Free Shipping

Posted by on December 16, 2014 at 1:24 PM

J. Crew: Mohair Cardigan Was $102.50 | Now $27.59 US & Free Shipping

How I LOVE great deals especially on clothing. While I really should not buy any more clothing until I start to purge my own ample collection, this Mohair cardigan from J. Crew is calling my name! Originally $102.50, it is now on sale for $45.99. After you use the coupon code JINGLE it comes down to $27.59 US with free shipping!

I am really excited about this deal for so many reasons. First of all, mohair is an extremely soft and lightweight material. I bought a scarf made of mohair in Iceland and it is warmth without the weight. I also love how fuzzy it is – but beware a little shedding.

Next, cardigans are fantastic for winter. I do not even own a cardigan, which is what makes me want to buy this deal even more. I am in desperate need of a cardigan to layer over my other shirts to help keep me warm. I would go for a fairly neutral colour, like the mushroom, but you can also buy the cardigan in lavender, blush, or river. Those colours translate over to brown, purple, pink, and blue respectively.

I also appreciate J. Crew’s ample sizing. Cardigans start at size XX-small and go up to size X-large for women of all different sizes.

This cardigan is such a good deal with the extra 40% off and free shipping to Canada thanks to the coupon code. In addition, there is no need to worry about extra fees on J. Crew items as they say in their shipping information:

Taxes will be included in your order total. No additional duties will be applied at checkout or upon delivery.

Your package will come duty free.

J. Crew: Mohair Cardigan Was $102.50 | Now $27.59 US & Free Shipping

Reviewers are pretty torn on the cardigan. While they love the cardigan overall, they find the material rather itchy. I highly recommend washing this garment before wearing it and using a good fabric softener! That should help bring down the itchiness. I know that you are never supposed to wear an item before washing it, but I am a terrible at following through.

The coupon code JINGLE can be used on other items as well. The promo code will give you 30% off regular-priced styles and an extra 40% off sale winter-styles.

All prices are in USD.

(Expiry: 18th December 2014)

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