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May 23

Double Interest Rate & $50 in Bonuses @ Tangerine Canada

Posted by on May 23, 2015 at 7:00 AM

Double Interest Rate & $50 in Bonuses @ Tangerine Canada

Tangerine Canada is now offering double interest2.10% – for six months on all new savings accounts PLUS you can earn up to $50 as well.

This promotion is fairly simple. Open a Tangerine Savings Account, Tax-Free Savings Account, or RSP Savings Account to receive 2.10% interest for six months (double 1.05% regular interest). Now, if you are near retirement, then you need to open an RIF Savings Account because you will receive 3.00% interest for six months.

On top of this double-interest promotion, you can qualify for up to $50 in bonuses. When you sign up, use orange key “Orange25″ for a $25 bonus to be deposited in your account. I highly recommend getting an orange key from a friend instead, as you will receive $50 instead of $25. (Note: no personal advertising is allowed on this blog so please don’t comment with your orange codes. I would like nothing more than to share my code, but those are the rules).

The second part of this promotion takes a bit of time. Set up an Automatic Savings Program (ASP) of $100 or more per month. That means money from your chequing account will automatically transfer to your savings account. All deposits will earn double interest of course. When you keep your ASP deposit going for the full six continuous months, then you will receive an additional $25 cash bonus.

Now, you will want to open a Chequing Account as well – and the $120 Payday bonus has been extended for new chequing accounts. If you are opening both a new chequing account and a new savings account (as a new customer), then you have the potential to earn up to $195 between the two (when you get a friend’s orange key).

Last time I posted about a Tangerine deal, Mooser Sandy had this to say:

I’ve had a Tangerine account for a few years now. Its where I have my TFSA and our vacation account. I set up regular transfers to both and its great because its not part of my regular bank account, therefore I don’t see the money growing and risk taking it out for something else. I have had one referral and its great, free money for both.

This promotion just started on May 11, so you have plenty of time to take advantage of it yet. For the savings account double interest promotion and $50 – $75 in bonuses, you must enrol by the 31st of July 2015.

(Expiry: 31st July 2015)

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May 22

David’s Tea: Purchase Steeper & Get 15% Off Loose Leaf Tea All Summer

Posted by on May 22, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Davids Tea: Purchase Steeper & Get 15% Off Loose Leaf Tea All Summer

David’s Tea has the most interesting summer promotion. Purchase either a steeper or a pitcher to receive 15% off loose-leaf tea all summer long.

Click here to shop steepers and pitchers @ David’s Tea now

  • Coupon Code: SUMMERSTEEPER
  • Discount: 15% off loose-leaf tea all summer
  • Expiry: 25th August 2015

Pitchers start at just $28 and steepers cost $30. A few fancier pitchers cost $35. While I really like the design of the pitchers, I just do not drink my tea cold unless I forget about it. However, the steeper is totally on my wish list. You simply dump the tea leaves into the steeper and add water. The two float around together for a bit and then the water is strained from the tea leaves when you fill your cup. They are brilliant, and i would totally pick up the The Steeper Clear for $30 (36 oz).

This coupon does not stack on top of sale teas. To take advantage of the loose-leaf tea offer, I added 100g of Chocolate Macaroon tea to my cart. This tea is currently rivalling my previous favourite (Birthday Cake) as it just tastes so delicious. 100g retails for $15.50 but the 100g of tea comes down to $13.17 with this deal. You also receive a free tin with tea purchases of 100g or more.

Davids Tea: Purchase Steeper & Get 15% Off Loose Leaf Tea All Summer

This offer is valid on all orders after May 6th until August 25th. You must be a ‘frequent steeper‘ (membership is free) in order to take advantage of this deal. I have linked to information on the frequent steeper program. With the program, you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. When you reach 100 points, you can redeem it for 50g of tea. The only catch is that you must sign up in store.

I am not sure how you would get 15% off your loose-leaf tea on orders after the steeper… you may just use the same coupon code or they will send you one in your package. Alternatively, it may be linked to your frequent steeper card so you will automatically receive the discount for the rest of the summer. Only loose-leaf tea is included in this deal: gift packs are not included.

This offer is available both in stores and online. If you are in store, you may want to ask how this works for the rest of the summer after you have made your initial purchase.

Receive free shipping on $50 and three free samples with every order.

(Expiry: 25th August 2015)

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May 17

Bulk Barn Printable Coupon: $3 Off $10 Purchase

Posted by on May 17, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Bulk Barn Printable Coupon: $3 Off $10 Purchase

*** Bump: coupon is back again! ***

We are back with a new Bulk Barn printable coupon that is currently valid. Receive $3 off $10 in store when you print out this coupon and bring it into your local store.

This coupon started quite recently, so you have until the end of the month to use it. You can combine this coupon with your local Bulk Barn’s weekly promotions. Click this link here, select your province, and you will be able to view the weekly sale’s flyer for your area.

Ah, the Bulk Barn. If you are in British Columbia, then the deals this week are quite nice. My partner is currently experimenting with Quinoa, which is currently 20% off (organic). I recently added it to my stew and found it does not expand like barley. I put in the amount I would with barley – and I should have at least doubled the portion if not tripled it. I did find the taste and texture pleasant for a grain.

Whole cashews are also on sale in my area. I really love the taste of cashews and they have a good amount of zinc in them too. Zinc is important for the health of your skin and your autoimmune system. I eat cashews and pumpkin seeds on a regular basis to keep up my zinc intake.

There is also plenty of candy on sale. Usually I would ignore candy – for the sake of my health – but they have sour keys on sale and I LOVE sour keys. They are like my favourite candy ever. I could live off them and probably ignore any other candy except for chocolate… and maybe Almond Rocca. That stuff is so addictive.

This offer excludes the purchase of gift cards. It also cannot be used in conjunction with the senior and student 10% discount. There is one allowed per visit so you can print off a couple and use them on multiple visit or give one to your partner and then each take complementary but separate shopping lists in store. I recommend bringing a reusable bag as well!

I really like blogging about this printable coupon because it is so popular. The last one (in March) we used to buy cashews, pumpkin seeds, and a few other things.

(Expiry: 28th May 2015)

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May 16

Golden Tips Tea: $15 US Tea Sampler & Free Shipping with Coupon

Posted by on May 16, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Golden Tips Tea: $15 US Tea Sampler & Free Shipping with Coupon

Golden Tips Tea sells various type and various flavours of loose-leaf 100% Pure Unblended Indian Teas. Currently, they are offering a tea sampler kit for just $15 USD. The Tea sampler will come with free shipping when you use coupon code FREE15.

These exotic teas ship in directly from India so you are guaranteed the most authentic and the freshest tea possible. There are actually several different samplers to choose from: 10 in total. I will go over a few of the samplers that perk my interest.

As a loose-leaf tea consumer, I am personally interested in this deal. I would like to try the First Flush Teas Introduction Sampler as the description sounds like teas that I would like. The flavour profile includes fruity, flowery, aromatic, mellow, and flavourful teas. That sounds like something I could like. Surprisingly, the package includes four black tees and an Oolong.

If you are new to loose-leaf tea, then I would suggest the Tea Introduction Sampler. It is a great way to establish what kind of teas you like. This sampler includes:

  • Okayti Darjeeling Black Tea First Flush (Organic)
  • Glenburn Darjeeling Black Tea First Flush
  • Avaata Supreme Nilgiri Green Tea First Flush (Organic)
  • Giddapahar Darjeeling Oolong Tea Autumn Flush
  • Halmari Gold Assam Black Tea Second Flush (Clonal )

The sampler includes an Oolong, green, and three black teas of different forms. I do think some of the samplers are quite heavy on black teas, but there are samplers devoted to other forms as well. Try the Green Tea Introduction Sampler for five healthy teas to add to your repertoire.

Golden Tips Tea: $15 US Tea Sampler & Free Shipping with Coupon

Now the coupon code will give you free shipping not only on this tea sampler but also on any order of $15 or more for first time customers. Thus, you can add other teas to your cart and they will ship for free as well. I like this offer because Golden Tips’ free shipping minimum is $49 or else you pay a flat rate of $10 as you can see above.

Each of these tea sampler kits has a retail value over the $15 USD they are being sold for. As these cost under $20, there is no risk of duty / customs charges as your package crosses the border. All orders are shipped in from overseas so you would need to be careful about duty if you place an order over $20.

(Expiry: unknown)

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May 15

Roots Canada: Free Shipping & Mid-Season Sale Up to 50% Off

Posted by on May 15, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Roots Canada: Free Shipping & Mid Season Sale Up to 50% Off

Roots Canada is offering free shipping with no minimum this Victoria Day long weekend. Usually, Roots Canada requires a minimum of $50 or else you pay $4.50 for orders under that minimum. In addition, Roots Canada is well into their mid-season sale, up to 50% off, with new additions to the sale section quite recently.

I checked out the women’s section first. The Fair Isle Bateau Top is on sale from $74 down to $34.98. Not only is this a great price, especially with free shipping, the top is still in stock in sizes XS, small, large, and XL. Reviews are quite positive with one reviewer saying:

I first bought this sweater in the burgundy colour. I loved it so much, when this grey one went on sale I bought it too. My husband always compliments me on it Roots Canada: Free Shipping & Mid Season Sale Up to 50% Off

I am all for warm arms so these Chunky Cabin Armwarmers in either purple or black-multi are just my style. They also happen to be perfect for my budget too. Originally $32, the arm warmers are on sale for $14.98.

In the men’s section, this Arena Long Sleeve T-shirt is on sale from $36 down to $16.98. Surprisingly, all sizes from XS through to XXL are in stock right now. The shirt is burgundy with a yellow ’73’ on the front. This Men’s Hawksley Scarf is gorgeous and I do not know why it is just for men: it seems more like a unisex item! I would certainly wear that scarf; the colour combination is a beauty. Originally $40, the Hawksley scarf is on sale for $19.98.

I just had to pop into the leather sale section as well. There I was met by a sea of yellow leather, but my heart felt green. The Helens Bag Prince is my favourite style – bucket – and on sale from $188 down to $149.99. The style of this bag makes me drool but I would probably prefer it in a different colour.

Roots is a Canadian staple, and one of the brands Canadians most identify with. A friend of my partner’s recently came back from England to visit friends and do a little shopping. She outfitted her young son out in Roots gear as a token of her homeland.

I also wanted to note that Roots Canada has upgraded their website: you can now search for clothing by size! This is a very useful feature when navigating the clearance items.

(Expiry: 26th May 2015)

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May 15

Kallone Intimi: $10 Swimwear Separates Sale

Posted by on May 15, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Kallone Intimi: $10 Swimwear Separates Sale

Kallone Intimi is throwing a big beautiful swimwear sale this weekend. There is a plethora of swimwear separates on sale for just $10 each, thus giving you a two-piece bikini for just $20.

This deal is not the most organized. You will have to wade through other items as well to check out all the $10 swimwear. However, I have managed to narrow it down for you so all the $10 swimwear should be through the link above.

I love love love this sale! You can get such cute swimwear for so little money! This Agua Dulce One Shoulder Tube Top was $72 and is now on sale for $10. Pick up the matching Agua Dulce Side Tie Ruffle Bottom that was $70 for just $10 as well. Usually I am not big on wearing ruffles out, but this set is so adorable I cannot resist. I really like the one-shoulder look of the top as well.

While I like the bikini style, I really need a fuller bottom to cover my bottom! The Vavoom High Waist Bottom With Bow Belt In Mint Dot is on sale from $75 down to $10. Pair it with either of these tops:

There are some truly gorgeous sets in this sale. For something even more flirtatious than the Vavoom, the Rumba Ruffle Bottom and matching Rumba Tube Top are ready to get this party started! Each piece was originally $65, and they are now $10 each. There are many colours to choose from including orange, purple, blue, pink, green, and black. I think this is my favourite set of them all but I would not have the guts to pull it off! One reviewer said:

I am middle aged and have a flat pancake behind but this bikini bottom gives the illusion of fullness with the ruffles on your backside. It also helps to hide the fact that you might not be able to fill out the swimsuit!

The Greek Summer Bandeau that was $95 and is now $10 pairs nicely with the Greek Summer Bottom for $10 (was $70). I am not one for patterns, but this set is the loveliest blue and the pattern really looks beautiful. You also save an ungodly amount of money on just this set alone. Imagine buying this set full price: you would pay $165.

Sizing is very limited so it may take some scrounging to find a set you like that is still available in your size. Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more.

(Expiry: unknown)

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May 15

Fluevog Canada: Free Shipping & Every 45th Order Free (EXPIRED)

Posted by on May 15, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Fluevog Canada: Free Shipping & Every 45th Order Free (EXPIRED)

The absolute best day of the year is upon us: Fluevog Day. If you are a devoted fan on the Fluevog brand, then head on over to the John Fluevog website today only and receive free shipping on any order. In addition, every 45th order on their website will be free- it could be you!

Let us review the normal Fluevog shipping policy. Normally, shipping is $16 per item if you are just purchasing one pair of shoes. Two pairs of shoes or more cost $10 each to ship For example, if you purchased three pairs of shoes then you would have paid $30 shipping. Thus, free shipping from Fluevog is worth a minimum of $16 and potentially much more.

It is no secret that I love Fluevog. I only own six pairs of their footwear and love each pair to bits. However, Fluevog is quite expensive (worth every penny) so I rarely buy unless the shoes I want are on sale. Thankfully, the sale section is positively filled with amazing Fluevog shoes right now.

Are you looking for some crazy toes? The Mezzo Della and the Mezzo Cecilia have the same toe, but different style. The Della is a cute little shoe with a wooden heel and a lace up front. Originally $355, this shoe is on sale for $169 in two different colours: black or red. The Cecilia is the same toe style in a gorgeous boot. I find that these fit standard (I have wide feet) so they were comfortable but form fitting when I tried them on. Originally $459, the boots are on sale for $259 right now.

The Killa Betty is a shoe that can be dressed both up and down. The black and gold closed-toe sandal is perfect for a night out on the town in your little black dress. The gold is eye-catching and you are sure to get many complements on these. Originally $285, these shoes are on sale for $159.

The Wearevers Kiitos are a fantastic everyday shoe with a fun little heel and a rounded toe. Originally $299, these shoes are now on sale for $199.

I own the 7th Heaven Zachary: Women’s in black and they are quickly becoming my favourite boots. I find them a bit tight across the bridge of my foot, but that can be stretched out. I really wish I had purchased the purple version, as they are gorgeous. Originally $359, the Purple Zachary are on sale for $229.

While this is a one-day deal, they have been known to extend it before. With the Victoria Day long weekend, I expect this deal to be extended.

(Expiry: 15th May 2015)

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May 15

Chapters Indigo: The Complete Far Side Was $72 | Now $58 with Visa Checkout

Posted by on May 15, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Chapters Indigo: The Complete Far Side Was $72 | Now $58 with Visa Checkout

Until this winter, there was no way to get your hands on the Complete Far Side unless you were ready to shell out over $100 for the hardcover edition. In November, The Complete Far Side was re-released in a new softcover box set. Originally $115, the box set currently retails for $72.10 with Plum. However, with the Visa Checkout discount, you can purchase The Complete Far Side for just $57.68 with free shipping.

I mention this set for several reasons. First, it is rare that a box set already discounted by 37% will go on sale. You can see that Chapters Indigo and Amazon Canada match on their prices (pre-Visa Checkout) as well. Amazon Canada has the box set for $72.10. It is pretty rare for Amazon Canada to discount box sets any further – book sales just do not happen very often. Book Depository has the set for $101.61. Not many other places online sell new books to Canadians.

This is also a very new set, just released at the end of November. The previous (hardcover) set came in two gorgeous but huge volumes. My partner owned this set, but could never read it much as the volumes were huge: larger and thicker than encyclopaedias. He was super stoked when this set came out and promptly purchased it. This set has three volumes that make the books much easier to read. They come in a cardboard slipcover that is cow-patterned. Overall, this is one sweet set and incredibly affordable after the Visa Checkout discount.

Really brings back great memories. Very, very funny. Never tire of reading them again and again….They remain funny

I also wanted to point out a few other box sets that become rather affordable with Visa Checkout – and a better price than you will get at Amazon Canada. The Complete Calvin and Hobbes paperback box set is one of my favourite things on this planet. Originally $100, the box set is on sale for $62.20 with Plum. Pick this beauty up for just $49.76 with Visa Checkout.

While not a box set, I highly recommend picking up the Oz Omnibus during this promotion. This recently released omnibus collects over 1000 pages of the Morvel comic ‘Oz’ illustrated by Skottie Young. The OZ Omnibus was $140, but it will only cost you $70.29 after Visa Checkout. This book collects all six volumes.

Receive free shipping on these box sets, omnibuses, and more when you spend $25.

(Expiry: unknown)

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May 15

Hunter Canada: 70% Off Original Nylon Down Jacket – Now $164 & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 15, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Hunter Canada: 70% Off Original Nylon Down Jacket   Now $164 & Free Shipping

Hunter Canada is offering 70% off the Original Nylon Down Jacket for men. Originally $550, the jacket is now on sale for $164 with free shipping.

While winter is behind us, now is the perfect time to pick up a discounted winter coat. Hunter Canada is selling the Original Nylon Down coat from their autumn/winter 2014 collection. This coat is filled with down composed of 90% duck down and 10% duck feathers. The lining is 100% nylon and the outer fabric is a water-resistant cotton and nylon blend. The cotton brings certain softness to the exterior of the coat. With a quilted shell and bungee cords at the hood and waist, you are sure to lock in warm and lock out winter’s harsh winds. The jacket also features subtle moustache style: classic Hunter.

There are four colours to choose from: black, burgundy, forest green, and midnight (navy). Sizing is limited for some of the colours, but more generous for others. Rather than the typical small, medium, large… these jackets have numbered sizes. To find the right size for you, click on the pop-up size chart. Here are the sizes that are currently in stock:

  • Black: 40, 44
  • Burgundy: 40, 42, 44
  • Forest Green: 36, 38, 40, 42
  • Midnight: 36, 38, 40, 44

As sizes span from 34 to 48, this is good representation of sizes still left.

I often highlight women’s clothing deals, as I know the products a little better, but there are such amazing deals for men as well. In fact, Hunter Canada has an amazing selection of men’s footwear, clothing, and accessories on sale for up to 70% off original prices. I like the Original Ribbed Moustache Sweater, for men, on sale from $150 down to $44. This is an affordable sweater for most budgets and a kick-ass brand name too.

This is not the only men’s jacket on sale, but I thought this was a very practical jacket for Canadian winters and an amazing price for the Hunter brand. I also really like the Original Waxed Hunting Coat that was $495 and is now $149. The size selection and colour select is much smaller on this coat, but I still think it is a beauty.

All orders from Hunter Canada qualify for free shipping. I just received the gloves I ordered from Hunter, and they are amazing. The quality is the best! I think i will save my pennies and order a sweater from them as well.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 14

Dell Canada: Dell 20″ Monitor Only $99.99 (Save $60)

Posted by on May 14, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Dell Canada: Dell 20 Monitor Only $99.99 (Save $60)

**BUMP – This deal is back on at Dell Canada**

I have not seen a deal on this monitor for over a year so I figured it was a good deal to post. Purchase a Dell 20″ E2014H monitor for only $99.99 with free shipping. The regular retail price for this monitor is $149.99 $159.99.

Whenever a Dell monitor goes under $100, I always take note. While there are many brands of monitors out there, Dell monitors are known for their quality and they hold their value a lot better than other monitors do. I resold my hubby’s basic Dell monitor for $40 when he got rid of his desktop when some people can hardly give away their monitors.

This monitor features a 19.5″ display with 1600 x 900 optimal resolution at 60 Hz. The monitor is backlit by LED. You can adjust the screen by tilting it, but you cannot swivel it from side to side. The screen has both an anti-glare coating and a hard coating for a prolonged lifespan. That is one thing that drives me insane about my laptop, the glare off the computer screen is something awful. Even if I turn up the brightness, it does not eliminate the glare problem.

The 20″ Dell monitor seems to be well loved by reviewers. One reviewer said:

So glad I choose this monitor to compliment my new dell desktop. The color display of the monitor is crisp and vivid. The monitor’s adequate size allows for a display that is easy to view. My favorite feature though is the clear crisp colored display. I’d buy it again without hesitation.

All six current reviews give the monitor a full five out of five stars.

I expected the monitor to come with the usual one-year warranty that most products come with these days. However, the tech specs say that a three-year advanced exchange service is included. This is interesting, as I would think any problems you would find in a monitor would show themselves within the first few years. I am curious if this would include dead pixels; I expect so.

One commenter pointed out that this monitor does not come with built-in speakers. They still argued that this was a fantastic monitor for the price, but also said that one of the reasons Dell could keep the price so low was because of not building in speakers. However, the reviewer was still impressed enough to give a five star review.

(Expiry: 16th May 2015)

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May 14

Walmart Canada: Lexar S50 16GB JumpDrive 2/Pak Only $10 *HOT*

Posted by on May 14, 2015 at 1:02 PM

Walmart Canada: Lexar S50 16GB JumpDrive 2/Pak Only $10 *HOT*

Walmart Canada is selling a two-pack of Lexar S50 16GB Jump Drives for just $10! That works out to only $5 per Jump Drive.

Walmart no longer has free shipping with no minimum to your home, but you can still get this shipped for free (no minimum) to your local Canada post outlet. This is by far your best option for shipping.

The same two-pack of Lexar S50 16GB flash drives currently costs $40.44 at Amazon Canada. Individual units cost $16.44 @ Amazon Canada, $14.94 @ Staples Canada, and $8.99 @ Best Buy Canada (where they are currently on sale). I also found a cached page for Walmart’s previous price, which was $24.99.

Whether you would buy these separately or as a two-pack, Walmart Canada has the best price by far! The next closest price is still nearly double.

The reviews for this two-pack of Lexar flash drives are great. 70 people have reviewed the pack on Walmart Canada for a 4.6/5 score. One reviewer said:

Works well and have found no issue to date. Transferring of data was quick. Got them on anniversary sale. They were great value for my dollar. I agree with other comments over the slider cover. Could have been made to slide smoother but not a big feature issue…

These keys normally retail around the $15 price range for any brand name that you would recognize. Sometimes, on sale, they come down to around $10 each. To purchase two for $10 is pretty much unheard of.

These Jump Drives come with a two-year warranty. You receive one purple and one black covered jump drive in each pack. These little drives are fantastic for transporting photos, videos, and music. As a student, I found these imperative to saving and storing my homework so I could work on it both at home and at school. There is nothing like going to the library to work on your paper and then not having the in progress paper with you.

I assume these will sell out quickly, so purchase yours ASAP. These are available to ship to your local Canada Post so there is no reason to pay shipping fees.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 14

Lululemon Canada: In A Flash Bra II Was $52 | Now $39 & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 14, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Lululemon Canada: In A Flash Bra II Was $52 | Now $39 & Free Shipping

Lululemon Canada has discounted a bunch of athletic bras. One of those styles is the In A Flash Bra II, which is on sale from $52 down to $39 with free shipping.

I chose this bra for a couple of reasons. First, the sports bra comes in sizes two through 12 with all six sizes still available for purchase. When online shopping, there is nothing more aggravating than finding something you like that is already sold out in your size.

This bra also looks beautiful and has fairly positive ratings. The negative ratings tended to be a result of larger busted woman being unable to wear the top due to boob overflow. However, many women (up to a DDD cup) found success with this athletic bra, so you may as well. Do note that this is a medium coverage and medium support bra. The heavier your chest, the lower the support level really. One reviewer said:

Fit on this very similar to the all sport bra. I love the mesh in front which breaths while keeping you covered and helps with sweaty boob problem. I found it very supportive. For reference 5’7″ 32D/DD went with my usual size 6.

This athletic top is designed for the gym and for running. Arguably, it should also be good for yoga as well. This is an open-back bra with criss-cross straps for added support. This type of strap design keeps the straps closer to your core and prevents the dreaded ‘shoulder strap slip’ that often happens with bras. The straps are also wide to increase comfort. They sit below your shoulder blades instead of on top of them.

The athletic bra is made of sweat wicking, four-way stretch Luxtreme fabric that is breathable. The added LYCRA ensures that the bra retains its shape despite frequent wear. Mesh is strategically placed to keep you cool.

The bra is designed with pockets for removable cups. I am not sure if cups come with the bra (doubt it), but you can just walk into your local Lululemon and request a pair. I owned a Lululemon sport’s top once and they gave me the cups free-of-charge in store. You could also try emailing or commenting with your order asking for a pair and specifying what size you need.

There are many others bras for sale in the ‘We Made Too Much’ section. Personally, I wanted to buy the Ta Ta Tamer II but they are out of my size.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 14

Amazon Canada: 37 Free Apps for Android ($110 Value)

Posted by on May 14, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Amazon Canada: 37 Free Apps for Android ($110 Value)

To kick the Victoria Day long weekend off, Amazon Canada is offering 37 free apps for your Android phone. These apps have a combined value of $110, so this is a great freebie for Android phone users.

I will not give you details on every app (as that is a fairly long list) but here are a few popular apps and a few of my favourites as well.

First, AVG AntiVirus PRO Android Security is one of the best applications you can score during this offer. Regularly priced at $14.99, this app is now free for downloading. While AVG does offer a free basic phone security app, this software is far more advanced and will protect your smart phone far better than the standard free version. This app offers:

  • Protection – AntiVirus
  • Performance – Battery, Data and Storage management + Task Killer
  • Anti-Theft – device location
  • Privacy – App Locker, App Backup, Call & Message Blocker

I am sending this free app to all my friends who own android phones: most of them have Samsung Galaxy phones actually.

Next, we transition over to fun! The Game Of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series app is discounted from $5.89 to free! If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones series, then this is a must-have app. The graphics are superb and the characters really do resemble themselves quite well. There are in-app purchases, as with most games, but these are not mandatory for game play.

Smart Office 2 is my next pick from the selection of free games. I know so many people frustrated that they cannot get Microsoft Office on their android device. Well, Smart Office 2 allows you to edit and save word documents. On top of that, you can annotate (not edit) PDF files as well as save, export, and convert PDF files. Essentially, every Android phone user needs this app. The app has a value of $10.29 but is now free.

There are plenty of other games and utilities yo get your hands on while they are free. Here are a few other honourable mentions:

Check out all 37 games through the main link above. I have already sent this deal to a couple friends of my own and am pleased to share it with you as well. These apps are free for download from the Appstore.

(Expiry: 16th May 2015)

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May 14

Dell Refurbished Coupon Code: 40% Off $159+

Posted by on May 14, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Dell Refurbished Coupon Code: 40% Off $159+

Dell Refurnished is back with this Victoria Day long weekend with a new promotion: receive 40% off orders of $159 or more. Orders under this minimum will still receive 25% off.

Click here to shop @ Dell Refurbished Canada now

  • Coupon Code: 40VICDAY15
  • Discount: 40% off
  • Expiry: 18th May 2015

This coupon combines with Dell Hot Deal items for the best discounts possible on office quality refurbished computers, monitors, accessories, and more.

I know I am totally out of my depth with these computers – as they are designed to be work stations and do not use the same hardware as regular computers. However, I always think bigger stats are better. I have been thinking about speed lately – mainly because my computer is deathly slow. The OptiPlex 990 Core i5 Quad 3.30 (i5-2500) is built for speed. It comes with an i5 processor with up to 3.30 Ghz of processing speed. The 250 GB hard drive and 4 GB RAM will certainly store a decent amount of information, but that is not what this desktop is built for. Originally $609, the desktop is on sale for $517. After coupon, this desktop comes down to $310.20.

Everyone likes a big monitor when they are working for long hours at a computer. Several people I know prefer two monitors so they can have multiple documents open – at a size they can read – at the same time.

There are plenty of Dell Professional Series P2012H 20-inch Flat Panel Monitors available right now, over 20 I believe. These monitors make an excellent edition to your current office monitor or a great replacement monitor if yours is obsolete. Originally $129, they are in the hot deals section for just $109 each. Now, if you just purchase one, you are going to pay $81.75. However, if you purchase two, then you will pay just $65.40 each as your discount goes from 25% up to 40%. You will need to add two monitors individually as each has a different serial number.

Monitors this size can easily cost $100+ new so this is a good way to pick up bulk monitors for a very cheap price.

Shipping depends upon what you are purchasing and where you are shipping. There is no set fee and I could not find out if they have a minimum for free shipping. I know for sure that anything in this post would still require shipping paid for its delivery.

For this and future Dell Refurbished coupon codes, please visit our forum.

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May 14

UGG Australia: Plaid Melange Throw Was $170 | Now $85 + Shipping

Posted by on May 14, 2015 at 10:00 AM

UGG Australia: Plaid Melange Throw Was $170 | Now $85 + Shipping

UGG Australia is selling this gorgeous Plain Melange Throw in chestnut plaid that was $170 and is now $85. Shipping is an incremental rate of 16% of your order total – thus express shipping will cost $13.60.

I tried to price compare the throw, but it was sold out of every place I looked including Nordstroms. UGG Australia is a premier and well sought-after brand for their footwear, but they also make beautiful home accessories and clothing.

The Plaid Melange throw is only available in chestnut plaid now. The throw measures 50″ x 70″ so you have a large nice throw to snuggle under while drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. The throw is made out of 70% acrylic and 30% mohair. Mohair is an extremely soft fabric that will really make the throw enjoyable to use. While pure mohair is also gorgeous, it is not very durable so the acrylic blend is a better combination.

Because of the mohair, this is a dry-clean only blanket. However, I have successful hand-washed wool blankets and machine-washed them on delicate cycle. However, you should always hang dry them or lay them to dry on a rack if you are going to attempt hand washing. I know that wool tightens up when it has been washed and dried – I am not sure if it is the same for mohair.

I did not know that UGG had a home collection until I checked out their sale section a few days ago. They actually have some beautiful stuff. However, it can be pricey. I would love to buy one of these classic leather bound rugs that are 50% off. The Classic Leather Bound Rug 3×5 Feet is on sale from $800 down to $400. The larger Classic Leather Bound Rug 5×7 Feet is on sale from $1,145 down to $572.50. There is a third size but it is very expensive even on sale.

I really like the throw and think it is a great price for UGG Australia products. I could easily pay that much for a regular-priced throw at Chapters Indigo. The size is convenient for use on the couch, bed, or even in the car. I will be taking my wool blanket with me when I travel just in case I need a nap on the way.

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