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July 30

Lego Canada: 75% Off Lego Legends of Chima Playmat – Now $4.98

Posted by on July 30, 2014 at 11:30 PM

Lego Canada: 75% Off Lego Legends of Chima Playmat   Now $4.98

We rarely post about Lego Canada, but I found this really great deal on their website I just had to mention. Pick up a Lego Lego Legends of Chima Playmat for 75% off. Originally $19.99, the playmat is now $4.98.

The laminated playmat is designed for Speedorz and features foam barriers with two build-able ramps. The ramp measures over 2″ high and 10″ wide, but length is not mentioned. I looked on a few other websites but still could find no mention of length but it seems pretty long. This set is composed of 24 pieces as the build-able ramps actually come with the parts you need to build them up.

There are many reviews of this product, with most of them being super positive. One reviewer said:

This item is a must have for Speedorz fans. I do not play much but picked it up as it kept the Speedorz from wandering off and it would work well in machinima. I am positive any child who is a fan of Speedorz would adore playing with their toys, even the models, on this product.

I have never played Speedorz but the mat is really cool and an absolute steal for this price. Unfortunately, shipping is only free on orders of $75 or more. For orders under $75, shipping starts at $5.95. I still think this is a great deal even if you pay for shipping.

Do you have LEGO loving daughters? I also found this LEGO Friends Heartlake City Playmat that was $17.99 and is now $8.98. Build your Lego creations on the mat with a heart shaped lake in the middle, and roads radiating outwards from it. The mat is pretty big, measuring 43″ wide and 29″ tall. The mat is also reversable, so you get two scenes for the price of one. As this reviewer mentioned:

I expected a playmat made out of a thin plastic, but this is coated cardboard, much like a board game creating stability. Very easy to play with, just unfold and go! Double sided for different scenery, we purchased two to keep them out and set up. Each mat holds roughly 10 sets big and small.

You could pick up both this and the map above for just under $14 and still only pay $5.95 shipping for both. You would have saved $15 on the first mat and $9 on the second mat.

There are plenty more deals in the sales section as well, these are only the best two that I found.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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July 30

Sony Canada Coupon Code: $25 Off $200 Audio Purchase

Posted by on July 30, 2014 at 11:00 PM

Sony Canada Coupon Code: $25 Off $200 Audio Purchase

Sony Canada has a coupon code for $25 off any $200 audio purchase.

Click here to shop @ the online Sony Store Canada now

  • Coupon Code: AUDIO251407
  • Discount: $25 off $200
  • Expiry: 18th August 2014

This coupon is not applicable on cables, PlayStation hardware and software, Gift cards, or SonyCare extended warranty. However, this is valid on audio purchases such as headphones, speakers, speaker docks, and sound bars.

While this coupon doesn’t seem that big, coupons from Sony Canada are not that common. So, if you are already planning a purchase then this is a nice little bonus. You can also stack this coupon code with sale items.

This pair of Hybrid, 2-way, In-Ear Headphones are on sale from $179.99 down to $139.99 already. These noise isolation earbuds feature a hybrid two-way driver for deep bass and amazing vocals. They come with three sizes of silicone earbuds to ensure you get the best fit for your ears. One reviewer has given these headphones a 5/5 rating with this praise:

Both bass and treble sound great and with excellent depth and presence. I was skeptical after my experience with the 2-drivers but I’m glad I got these. As a testament I’m actually back buying a new pair to replace the ones my dog chewed up…

You can read the rest of the review on Sony’s website.

I am looking into the 4GB Walkman Sports MP3 Player for $89.99 from Sony. I like that the MP3 player is built into the headphones that hook over the ears and wrap behind the head. This style of headphone is harder to knock off your head. What also attracts me to this headset is the claim that it is waterproof. I like swimming so I am thrilled that this is something I could use in the water. The Walkman looks sleek, lightweight, and stylish so I wouldn’t mind sporting this in the pool. 4GB is also more than enough memory to carry playlists for my workouts. The black is currently in stock. Unfortunately, the white is not available right now (and it is my favourite colour of the two).

This coupon applies on plenty of other things, so shop around a bit and see what you can pick up. It also may work as long as you have one audio item in your cart with other items.

Sony Canada offers free shipping on all orders.

Don’t forget to stop by the Sony coupon code page in our coupon section.

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July 30

Davids Tea Canada: 50g Free Tea With Travel Mug Purchase ($7.50 Value)

Posted by on July 30, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Davids Tea Canada: 50g Free Tea With Travel Mug Purchase ($7.50 Value)

Receive 50 grams of tea for free when you purchase a Davids Tea travel mug. If you purchase in store, you can choose whichever tea you like. If you buy online, you will receive 50g of their new summer tea: Cotton Candy.

I was just in DavidsTea a few days ago smelling their newest summer tea scents. The cotton candy smells delicious and I highly recommend the Carmel Corn (which I bought) as they are only available till the end of August. 50g of Cotton Candy costs $7.50, but you will receive it free with your travel mug purchase. Travel mugs start at $9.50.

I am also excited about this promotion because a tea travel mug has been on my wishlist for a while. I do not drink coffee and I try to avoid hot chocolate (mmm… sugar), so my warm beverage of choice is tea. I drink primarily loose-leaf teas, so I would love to be able to take my tea to go.

For a basic travel mug, you can purchase The Iconic Cup for $14.50. It is a ceramic version of the DavidsTea cup you all know. As an added bonus, whenever you get this cup filled at your local Davids, you will receive 10% off your drink. Unfortunately, this mug doesn’t come with a strainer, so it would be best to use only if you have bag teas or buy the little bags for sticking loose leaf tea into.

I want an inexpensive tea mug with a built in mesh infuser, so this Balloons Double Wall Stainless Tumbler is my first choice. The mug costs $19.50 and has everything a girl needs to brew and drink a good cup of tea on the go. Make sure to remove the infuser before you drink your tea though… nobody likes a mouth full of tea leaves.

There are plenty of fancier mugs as well. I want this Bodum Travel Mug because you do not have to remove the infuser before drinking. You simply push down on the built in plunger and it pushes the leaves to the bottom so you can drink your tea without needing access to a garbage or compost for the leaves first. This is my type of mug and is priced at $34.50.

Receive free shipping on all orders of $50 or more. Offer excludes Mason Jar products. Receive three free samples with every order.

(Image Credit: Jack Keene)

(Expiry: 5th August 2014)

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July 30

Roots Canada: Free Shipping No Minimum

Posted by on July 30, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Roots Canada: Free Shipping No Minimum

Roots Canada is offering free shipping with no minimum purchase required right now!

This free shipping offer is really occurring at the perfect time. Right now, Roots Canada has a 50% off sale with an extra 40% off sale clothing at checkout. The extra 40% off does not apply to leather, shoes, and selection other items. Items that qualify for this discount will say so below their description.

These women’s Canvas Pocket Denim jeans were $88 originally, but are on sale for $43.98. Once you add them to your cart, they come down further to just $26.39. These are a mid-rise pair of jeans with a relaxed fit. They feature oversized front pockets and the jeans are in an indigo wash. Sizes 24, 26, 28, 29, 30 and 31 are in stock.

If you want something extra special for your patriotic soul, view the men’s Canada Fleece Bomber. Originally $148, the bomber is currently on sale for $117.99. Once you add the bomber to your cart, it will come down to $70.79. The red bomber is available in sizes medium, large, and extra-large. The grey bomber is available in sizes extra-large and XXL. I prefer the red bomber because the red contrasts beautifully with the black lettering and accents. If you don’t mind being noticed and complimented on your jacket, then you should definitely pick up the red one.

While the clothing is an extra 40% off, it is worth looking at the sale leather section if you need a new purse or accessory. The Raw Edie Verona purse in cashmere (colour) was $138 and is now discounted to $109.99. It is a pretty good size everyday purse for girls who do not like to carry around the kitchen sink: just the basic necessities for me. Roots leather purses are durable and made in Canada, so you are supporting Canadian manufacturing with your purchase.

While it is such a small thing, I am considering the purchase of the Roots Luggage Tag in veg. Originally $38, the tag is now on sale for $18.99. I like to travel when my budget allows, so my luggage receives a decent amount of use. However, conveyor belts and travel seem to eat the paper luggage tags I get from the airline. I think it is about time I got a durable luggage tag before my luggage gets permanently lost.

What are your favourite items from Roots? Any ‘cannot live without’ pieces you have purchased?

(Expiry: 5th August 2014 @ 10 AM ET)

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July 29

Costco Canada: 8ft Wall Panels Kit $130 with Free Proslat Hook Kit ($65 Value)

Posted by on July 29, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Costco Canada: 8ft Wall Panels Kit $130 with Free Proslat Hook Kit ($65 Value)

Purchase the Proslat 8 ft. Panel Kit from Costco Canada and receive a bonus Proslat Hook Kit valued at $64.99 with your purchase.

Click here to view the panel kit @ now

According to the promotion, a bonus hook kit will be sent with each 8 ft. wall panel ordered during the promotion period. If I am reading that right, it should mean that you can buy multiple panel kits and receive multiple hook kits: one for each panel kit you buy.

The panel kit costs you $129.99 with the hook kit freebie valued at $65. In my opinion, that is a good value gift with purchase.

The panels are made in Canada of 90% recycled material heavy-duty PVC. They are 2 mm thick and measure 8 feet tall. Each box comes with ten panels. One box of panels will cover an area of 32 square feet. Depending on the size of your garage and how many walls you want to cover, you may need more than one kit. The panels are a crisp white, but do not worry about them getting dirty. They are easy to clean and impact resistant. With their interlocking style, they are also resistant to mold, mildew, or water. If you install these in your garage – where most people will be – you can just hose them down if they get too dirty.

As for the hook kit, you receive good strong high-grade steel hooks with a silver powder-coated finish to put on your wall panels for hanging sports equipment, tools, and more. The kit comes with:

  • 12 x 10.2 cm (4-in.) hooks
  • two double 20.3 cm (8-in.) hooks
  •  two double 10.2 cm (4-in.) hooks
  • two super-duty hooks
  • two heavy-duty U hooks

You would be amazed how quickly you will go through these hooks. I am even looking at these kits and thinking I would need more hooks.

These two kits are a good way to save space in a crowded garage. Instead of piling everything on the floor, mount some of it on the wall. Those heavy-duty U-hooks would be good for a mountain bike and some of the other hooks can be used for extension cords, water hoses, kids’ bikes, car accessories, and other things.

The panels come with a 10-year warranty and I assume that the hooks do as well. While this kit would cost a fortune to ship from most any other retailer as it weighs in at 45 lbs, Costco offers free shipping and handling on all orders.

(Expiry: 3rd August 2014)

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July 29

Picaboo Coupon Code (U.S.): Discounted Books & Unlimited Pages

Posted by on July 29, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Picaboo Coupon Code (U.S.): Discounted Books & Unlimited Pages

Picaboo is now selling 11″ x 9″ photo books for only $30 each. That is a good deal by itself, but they have sweetened the offer by giving buyers unlimited pages in their books. You can also purchase a 14″ x 11″ photo book for $40 and also get unlimited pages.

Click here to purchase your photo book @ now

  • Coupon Code: UNLIMITED
  • Discount: Up to $150 savings
  • Expiry: 4th August 2014

This coupon code excludes soft cover photo books, Lay-Flat Pages, Prestige Books, and Seamless Lay-Flat Books. The extra pages must be regular pages, nothing fancy.

How Much You Are Saving on the 11×9:

The 11 x 9″ photo book from Picaboo regularly costs $45, so you are saving $15 off the original book price. The real savings comes with the unlimited page count. An 11 x 9″ classic hardcover only comes with 20 pages. After that, pages are $1 each with a maximum of 160 pages. If we calculate that out, you can get $140 worth of pages for free with this coupon code. In total, you are saving $155.

How Much You Are Saving on the 14×11:

The 14″ x 11″ photo book retails for $65, so you will save $25 off the book’s regular retail price. Again, the real savings comes with the extra pages. For this size of book, extra pages cost $1.50 each. You can have a total of 160 pages per book (and the book comes with 20) so you are saving $210 if you max out your page count. Add on the book savings and in total you are saving $235.

This is sheer awesomeness and I only wish I had a big vacation planned that would do a book of this size justice. Just to give you reference, all my photo books have been over 60 pages with most of them hovering around the 90-page mark. The only reason the page count is so low, is that pages cost extra money and vouchers never cover that cost. If I had an unlimited page budget, I would max out my page count in a hurry. I am positively drooling over this voucher and considering re-doing one of my vacation books in a thicker book.

The only downside of this offer is that it expires in one week! That is not much time to put together an amazing photo book, but it can be done.

Shipping prices vary, see their website for details. Duties may apply, but so far we have not heard of them hitting Canadians.

If you are looking for more Picaboo coupons, you will find them posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

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July 29

Butterfly Collection Canada Coupon Code: 50% Off Panties

Posted by on July 29, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Butterfly Collection Canada Coupon Code: 50% Off Panties

Butterfly Collection Canada is offering 50% off all their panties with the following coupon code.

Click here to shop @ Butterfly Collection Canada now

  • Coupon Code: KNICKERS14
  • Discount: 50% off panties
  • Expiry: 4th August 2014 @ 9PM EST

While Butterfly Collection specializes in DD – K cup bras, they have underwear in all sizes.

I invest in quality bras but I often do not buy the matching underwear. This is not because I do not like matching sets (I seriously love having a matching set), rather it is because my budget often does not facilitate purchasing both. With this coupon code for underwear from butterfly Collection Canada, I can pick up some matching underwear for bras I already own. I can also buy good quality underwear in other fun styles without needing the matching bra.

This coupon code stacks with sale underwear. This Dessous Neon Turquoise Thong was $18 and is now $15. After coupon code, it comes down to $7.50. I own the matching bra and this thong already. The colour is just stunning and this set is super comfortable and good quality for the price. Should I pick up another pair of matching underwear?

I do not own the bras that match most of these underwear but some of the patterns are so cute I just cannot resist. The Meg Brief in navy blue was $25 and is now on sale for $18. After coupon code, you pay $9 for this pair of underwear. I love the birds print on the front and the red ribbon accent as well.

While on the more expensive side, the Retro Chic by Wacoal, Rose of Sharon Brief is just so pretty I might have to buy it. I am a sucker for retro style lingerie as long as it isn’t bullet bras. The back has a mini polka dot design on stretch mesh and the front features lovely pink lace. Originally $40, this is now on sale for $30. After coupon code, pay only $15. Unfortunately, I am not a size small or I would probably be buying these.

While the coupon code only works on underwear, there are many bras in the sale section as well that are worth looking at. I have bought from The Butterfly Collection a couple times since I first found out about them and have always been happy with the products and service.

Receive free shipping on orders of $39 or more.

For this and any future Butterfly Collection coupon codes, check out our coupon forum.

(Image credit: whatsthatpicture)

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July 29 Coupon Code: Unlimited Subscription Only $0.99 TODAY (Expired)

Posted by on July 29, 2014 at 11:30 AM Coupon Code: Unlimited Subscription Only $0.99 TODAY (Expired)

Little late on this offer (because I thought it was open to US residents only) but you need to get in on this! Get an entire month of Marvel Unlimited for only 99 cents with the following coupon code.

Click here to sign up for Marvel Unlimited Now

  • Coupon Code: SDCC14
  • Discount: One month for $0.99
  • Expiry: 29th July 2014 @ 11:59 EST

Long story short: I was going to blog this a few days ago but read some fine print somewhere that said it was for USA residents only. However, this morning I was messaging a Twitter gal in Belgium (got to love the internet) and she mentioned the Marvel unlimited Subscription. Upon confirmation, I found out this is indeed available globally. So, get your cute little butts on this deal because it is awesome.

What you get:

You get access to over 15,000 digital comics spanning the last 75 years from Marvel. This database is enough to keep any geek reading for the entire month with no hope of making it through the entire database. Book some vacation for August friends, because your little geek eyes are going to need it. Try to get some sleep too, eh?

What you save:

The Marvel month-to-month subscription regularly costs $9.99 so you are saving 90% on the monthly subscription. Make sure to cancel your subscription before your next billing cycle so you do not get charged the full cost for the next month. If you want to continue with your subscription because of the sheer awesomeness of the digital Marvel library, you would be better to cancel your current subscription and then switch over to the annual subscription for $69 a year. The 99-cent offer is not valid on annual or annual plus memberships (you would need to cancel and then get one of those after). Either way, this 99 cent offer will give you a taste of what the Marvel archives have to offer for an entire month while you decide.

This sweet little offer from Marvel is open to new and former (now-cancelled) Marvel Unlimited members. If you currently have an account, you are out of luck. All prices are in USD. We can also send out thanks to the San Diego Comic Convention for this coupon code, you might notice that the code is to celebrate this year’s convention.

As a side note, who is excited for Rocket Raccoon? I know I am! I just love anything Skottie Young touches.

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July 28

Tiger Direct Canada: $15 Off $100 Purchase

Posted by on July 28, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Tiger Direct Canada: $15 Off $100 Purchase

Receive $15 off your $100 purchase at Tiger Direct Canada during their Friends and Family Event.

This deal works a bit different than most the deals we post about. You need to click through the above link and fill in your (valid) email address. Tiger Direct will email you a unique link that activates the $15 off $100 offer good for one use only. You will need to click through your unique link when you go shopping at Tiger Direct for the discount to apply. The discount will be automatically deducted at checkout. While the fine print in one place mentions the 24th of July, this deal is actually good till then end of the month as this offer has been extended.

I am looking for a new external hard drive as mine has failed to create a full back up the last three times I have attempted. No matter what I do, it gets near the end of the backup, looks like it is going to complete it, and then says “the system cannot find the file specified.” As my backups take four to five hours, it is enough to drive a person crazy. I found this WD Elements 3TB Desktop Hard Drive – USB 3.0 on sale from $155.99 down to $119.97. After coupon code, the 3TB hard drive would come down to just $104.97 plus shipping. The transfer speed would be a lot faster than my current hard drive and it would save me several grey hairs. That is if my problem is the hard drive. If the problem is my computer, then a new hard drive is not going to solve my problems.

As always, I suggest price comparing any electronics you buy to see if you can get them cheaper anywhere else. The above hard drive is $181.38 and $5 shipping from an Amazon marketplace seller, and CDW Canada sells it for $168.99. I even checked it out on eBay where it retailed for $160 US plus $20 shipping to Canada. This price from Tiger Direct Canada is most certainly the best. It is a strong deal and very tempting given my hard drive’s current state of uselessness.

Be sure to follow the appropriate steps for getting your $15 off $100 unique link for the $15 discount to be applied at checkout. There are no exclusions to this deal that I am aware of currently. If you find any, let us know.

(Expiry: 31st July 2014)

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July 28

Canadian Coin & Currency: Free Shipping On $150

Posted by on July 28, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Canadian Coin & Currency: Free Shipping On $150

Canadian Coin & Currency is one of the big online Canadian collector coins and currency sellers. They just started a special promotion for free shipping on orders of $150 or more.

That might seem like a really high minimum for free shipping; however, neither The Mint nor Canadian Coin & Currency have free shipping minimums anymore. Except for the occasional coin or rare promotion, shipping must be paid on all orders. Thus, a free shipping offer from Canadian Coin & Currency is a pretty good deal even with a $150 minimum.

My husband collects the Proof Silver Dollars for each year. Usually there are two or three different proof silver dollars, so he just gets the one he likes best (or accepts whatever one he is given). The first Proof Silver Dollar for this year is the 100th Anniversary of the Declaration of the First World War coin for $59.95 (tax exempt). I am not the biggest fan of the coin design – neither is my husband for that matter – so we have been waiting for another proof coin to be released. Recently, the second design for the proof coin was released in a limited edition coin: only 7,500 have been made. The 75th Ann. of the declaration of the Second World War coin costs a bit more because it is such a limited print coin. You can purchase it for $69.95 (tax exempt). I prefer this design to the first one, but my husband is still holding out for a third design that is less ‘war’ oriented.

I am not a coin collector myself, but I do love this $15 2014 Lunar Lotus Year of the Horse coin. I adore the scalloped coin edges and most of the coins in this set are just lovely. The coin costs $98.88 and is also tax exempt. I have long admired this coin section but it is out of my budget. However, I would not mind getting the animal that matches the year I was born: the tiger. It is out of stock right now.

If you are looking for some deals at Canadian Coin & Currency, then visit the Special Offers and Wholesale Lot tab. Who knows, you might find something special in there.

Some products may be ineligible for free shipping and shipments of 1.5kg and over are ineligible. Eligible items will display the “this item qualifies for free shipping” text.

(Expiry: unknown)

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July 28

La Senza Canada: 70% Off Loungewear & Lingerie

Posted by on July 28, 2014 at 9:00 PM

La Senza Canada: 70% Off Loungewear & Lingerie

I love buying new lingerie, but the price tag can be quite steep. Thus, this 70% off lingerie and lounge wear sale by La Senza Canada is just the ticket to save money and spoil myself at the same time.

The lingerie category most interests me. This Chiffon Kimono in fantasy leopard print is sure to be a hit with cat loving ladies. Size S/M is in stock and the price is just splendid! Originally $39.50, this robe is now on sale for $11.85. The chiffon robe hits approximately mid-thigh and includes a sash for tying at the waist.

There are a bunch of bodysuits on sale for 70% off their original price including this Unlined Bodysuit in smoldering black. Featuring a black floral lace pattern, underwire cups for support, and a cheeky lace bottom this bodysuit is a bedroom staple. You can also wear it layered under shorts with sheer teas or under dresses. Originally $34.50, the bodysuit is on sale for $10.35.

The lounge section features more versatile pieces that will take you from bed to lounging to running errands, without anyone ever knowing. Pick up the Fold Over Cropped Legging for only $6.75, originally $22.50. They work for lounging around the house, running errands, or going to the gym. Sizes XS and small are still in stock. Pair these bottoms with the Perforated Tank in ink dip-dye. It is made of all-over perforated cotton in a racerback style. Both sizes XS – S and M – L are available. Originally $22.50, the top is now on sale for $6.75 as well.

If you want something a bit sexier in your loungewear then check out the Lace Tee currently available in white. It is just a simple cropped tee made of lace, but I think it is beautiful and would look amazing paired with your favourite bras or layered with other tops. Sizes medium and large are both in stock. Originally $24.50, the lace crop top is now on sale for $7.35.

La Senza Canada has a flat shipping rate of $9 across Canada. While that might seem a bit much, you are saving often double that amount just on one article of clothing. With getting 70% off lingerie and lounge wear, it is worth paying $9 for shipping in my opinion.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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July 28

Little Burgundy Canada: Up To 70% Off Accessories & Free Shipping

Posted by on July 28, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Little Burgundy Canada: Up To 70% Off Accessories & Free Shipping

Little Burgundy Canada has started a free shipping with no minimum promotion. This is a great time to pick up inexpensive items like shoes for less than $20 and accessories for less than $12.

I found some great accessories on sale for reasonable prices. First of all, this woman’s woven straw hat is on sale for only $11.98, which is 70% off the original price of $40. The hat is two-tone: natural straw colour accented with black. It has a small bill to protect your eyes from the sun. Rather than the large floppy sun hats a lot of girls wear, this one is styled after 1920′s style flapper hats. Close fitting caps always look better on me than large brim hats.

Are you the proud owner of an iPhone 5? Pick up a new cover for your iPhone for less than $10. This Pantone Universe – Emerald rigid case for the iPhone 5 by Case Scenario was $35 and is now on sale for $9.98. I like how the case resembles the paint chip cards you can get from places like Home Depot or Rona to see if that colour is really what you want on your walls. Emerald green looks nice on a phone but it would certainly not be good for a bedroom. This Gijon iPhone 5 case is also on sale from $35 down to $9.98. If a whole bunch of people having a party is your idea of fun, then check out this phone case.

Does everyone own a tablet these days? If you are a tablet owner then this deal from Vans may apply to you. The famous shoe company has also created tablet cases to keep your favourite electronic device safe when you are not using it. The case looks to be lined on the inside with very soft fabric to keep your tablet from being scratched and it zips closed at the top. Choose from checkered black and white or brown and black leopard pattern. Originally $30, the cases are on sale for $9.98 each.

The best part of this deal is the free shipping. Shipping at Little Burgundy usually costs $5 or else you need to hit a $75 minimum for free shipping. With no minimum, you can pick up any of these sale accessories and get them shipped to you free. You can also check out all the clearance and sale shoes that Little Burgundy also has.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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July 27

The Bay Canada: Men’s Linen Shirts Starting At $16.87 (Was $44.99)

Posted by on July 27, 2014 at 10:30 PM

The Bay Canada: Mens Linen Shirts Starting At $16.87 (Was $44.99)

The Bay Canada has a nice deal on men’s 100% linen shirts by Black Brown. Originally $44.99 apiece, the shirts are on sale starting at $16.87 and going up from there. There are two different styles; one has a button down collar and a button accent on the front pocket while the other does not.

In the button down collar shirt variety, two colours are on sale for $16.87. The Chambray (bright blue) is available in a size small and large. The Mineral (dull blue) is available in small, medium, and large. In the non-button collar variety, only one colour is available for $16.87. It is a beautiful frog green (I say frog because I have a frog plushy that is the same colour as that shirt).  I showed my husband this deal, and we just ordered one of each of these three shirts. I will be confiscating (or shall I say borrowing without return) the green one because I adore the colour. He bought the purple version of the regular collar linen shirt a few weeks ago and I just adore it. It is so light in the summer heat and makes the ultimate shirt to steal from your boyfriend or husband’s wardrobe. So now, I will own both the purple and the green ones.

Other colours are also on sale, just not quite as highly discounted. You can purchase the beige linen shirt with buttoned collar for just $18.56. In the regular collar shirts, you have many choices for the next price point. Pick up a white, pink, cyan blue, or shell coloured shirt for just $18.74. The purple shirt, which I already own, will cost you $23.62 if you want to get your paws on it. It is the loveliest shade of purple. In the button-down collar variety, you can get the rest of the shades including mimosa, coral, or china blue for just $23.62 each. As each of these shirts originally retailed for $44.99, this is a great deal for linen dress shirts. They are perfect for hot days at the office and equally good for the beach. Just role up your sleeves and pair them with shorts and a pair of sandals.

The Bay Canada offers free shipping on orders of $49 or more if you pay with your HBC Card. If you pay with any other currency, receive free shipping on orders of $99 or shipping starts at $5.95. See the rates through this link here.

(Expiry: unknown)

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July 27

Body Candy (US) Coupon Code: 20% Discount & Clearance Sale

Posted by on July 27, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Body Candy (US) Coupon Code: 20% Discount & Clearance Sale

Body Candy regularly offers 15% off coupon codes, so 20% off is a special treat for anyone with piercings. Enjoy a myriad of jewellery from toe rings to earrings to belly rings.

Click here to shop jewelry @ Body Candy now

  • Coupon Code: legit
  • Discount: 20% off
  • Expiry: 28th July 2014

This coupon comes at such a sweet time because Body Candy is hosting a clearance sale with jewellery starting at just 49 cents apiece! Are you stretching out some holes in your ears? Pick up this adorable little 6 Gauge Alien Encounter Acrylic Saddle Plug for $0.49 before coupon, only $0.39 after. These are sold individually, so you will want two for a pair. Still, a pair will cost you less than a dollar, which really does not hurt your budget any.

Now, you could completely load up on less than 50-cent body jewellery, and I really encourage you to do so, but there are other treasures out there as well. This SQUARE GEM Drop Blue Austrian CRYSTAL Dangle Belly Ring retails for $44.99, but is on clearance for $8.99. After coupon code, this lovely little sparkly accessory comes down to $7.19. You can also get this ring in pink or in green to match different outfits.

If you do not have any piercings but are into fun jewellery at a low price, then have a ball in the necklace section. This Artisan Funhouse Coiled Choker Necklace retails for $24.99 and is on sale for $1.99. After coupon, pay only $1.59. The necklace features a glass bead with a metal coil wrapped around it. It reminds me of a misshapen marble caught in a spring.

There are so many inexpensive options for body jewellery at Body Candy that I really cannot even count them. I also cannot recommend them enough. I have bought from them before and their quality is equal to what I would find in my local stores for often ten times the price. With Body Candy, I paid a fraction of the price at my local piercing places or local body jewellery kiosks in the malls and yet it was all the same quality. I have been very happy with my purchases from them so far.

All prices are in USD. Orders of $19.99 or more ship for free to Canada. If you are looking for more Body Candy coupons, you will find them posted on the Bargainmoose coupon forum. As it ships from the U.S., you may encounter duties and fees.

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July 27

39 Dollar Glasses (US) Coupon Code: $15 Discount

Posted by on July 27, 2014 at 9:00 PM

39 Dollar Glasses (US) Coupon Code: $15 Discount

39 Dollar Glasses is a US site for eyeglasses that offers basic prescription glasses for only $39. We have found a coupon code that saves you an additional $15 off the regular price, making it only $24 for a pair of glasses, plus shipping.

Click here to use the 39dollarglasses coupon code now

  • Coupon Code: study15
  • Discount: $15 off
  • Expires: 31st August 2014

Shipping fees to Canada may seem high at $12.95, but as a person who frequently imports items from the US, I assure you this is a decent shipping fee. As you are saving $15 with this coupon code, the discount completely offsets the shipping fee and saves you a couple extra dollars. Even with shipping, you are paying a grand total of $36.95 for a pair of glasses. This is a great place to pick up a cheap spare pair of glasses.

You cannot combine other deals with this offer. So, if you see another offer for 50% off a pair of glasses (this sometimes pops up), it is for the full price glasses and the $15 off coupon will not work with them. Now, the price quoted above is for your basic single-vision lenses. Once you start doing add-ons like different types of lenses (bi-focal, progressives) or coatings (non-reflective, etcetera) then the price on the glasses will increase quite a bit.

You will need to have your prescription information on hand to place your order. When ordering glasses, I suggest using your current glasses as a benchmark. Measure your current most comfortable pair of glasses and use the measurements from them to find a new set. Glasses differ in width, depth, and in the width of the nose bridge so it is important you know what you normally wear. If you are out even a few millimeters, it can result in a very poor fit with the arms tight across your temples or the bridge not wide enough across your nose.

As this company ships from the USA, you may be eligible for customs or duties at your door. I have never ordered from them, so I do not know. However, from my experience, the cheaper your item is the less of a chance that customs is going to pick it up.

All prices are listed in USD. The current conversion rate is around 0.925 US = $1 Canadian.

For this and any future 39DollarGlasses coupon codes, be sure to visit our forums. They have a wealth of coupons just waiting to be used.

(Image Credit: Thomas Hawk)

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