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September 19

Chapters Indigo Canada: 79% Off select Monogram Necklaces – Now $4

Posted by on September 19, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: 79% Off select Monogram Necklaces   Now $4

Chapters Canada is offering 79% off select monogrammed necklaces. Originally $19.50, the necklaces are now on sale for $4 apiece.

Not all letters are included in the sale (like X is full price) and several are on sale but this discount is not as good. Here is a list of the monogrammed necklaces in this sale that are still in stock:

The other letters that are still in stock are all $10 (only 49% off). If your name starts with one of the five letters above, or if you want to use the letters to symbolize something else, then this is a very good deal. For example, “F” can stand for any name that starts with an “F” or it can symbolize family or friends.

Monograms are symbolic by nature, so you can determine what they symbolize. “O” can stand for optimism and organization. “I” can represent individuality and ingenuity. “D” can symbolize determination and dedication. “R” can represent a reminder (like a forget me not) and resilience.

You could also declare your love for a certain make of vehicles by purchasing the “F,” “O,” “R,” and “D” monograms. Chapters Indigo Canada: 79% Off select Monogram Necklaces   Now $4 I thought that was kind of funny.

My husband’s name is Daniel, which starts with a D. I know he would never wear one of these necklaces but I could wear one with his initial around my neck. After all, these are more for girls than guys anyway. The engraved pendant hangs on a 16″ gold chain with a 2″ extender. The pendant itself is gold coloured on the front and has a white enamel backing. Here is what one reviewer said:

A simple yet elegant statement. Decent quality the pendant metal was not as smooth as it appears in the picture and has some very minuscule shallow scratches, but for the price, it’s no great travesty.

and another viewer said:

I bought 3 different letters (2 for me, and 1 for a friend). The chain was a little to short for me (as I’d wanted to layer my 2 letters and have them a little off-set when I wore them together). Made a great gift for a new Mom.

For this price, you may want to pick up a few. They make great stocking stuffers!

Receive free shipping to your local store or get free shipping to your home on orders of $25 or more.

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September 19

Derriere De Soie (US): Massive Sale on Lingerie & More

Posted by on September 19, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Derriere De Soie (US): Massive Sale on Lingerie & More

Derriere De Soie is a lingerie boutique out of the USA with mind-blowing deals in their sales section and VERY reasonable shipping to Canada. Sale items start at just $5!

This is a US website so all items are priced in USD.

When we blog deals on the Bargainmoose, we try to only blog stuff that we could see ourselves actually buying or sales we would actually shop ourselves. Well, I have already shopped this sale and received my package much to my delight! The quality of what I brought was awesome, shipping was so cheap, and I was not hit with duty as my package crossed the border. So today, I placed another order! When you see these deals, you will understand why.

This Dreamweaver Bra was $55 and is now just $5. There are two colours available, grey and mauve, and a bunch of different full bust sizes in F, G, I, and more cups. A seriously good deal for the fuller busted community.

This Josie Jumper in Cream from Zinky is made of 95% silk and looks like an absolute dream to wear. I have heard that Zinke runs a bit small (their large is more about a size 8 I have heard), so I will not be ordering this for myself but I am positively drooling. Originally $154, the jumper is on sale for just $38.50.

If you are a 32F, then you must buy this Blossom Fully Padded Bra by Mimi Holliday. Originally $89, the bra is on sale for just $10. I have owned several of their bras so I know they are absolutely beautiful and made with quality materials.

The Morning Glory Camisole by Belabumbum is available in size large for only $5, originally $36. This would be a great loungewear piece or could be used to sleep in as well. If I had an unlimited budget, I would have added this to my cart as well. Instead, I bought two Ribbed 2×2 Tanks by Skin Worldwide. Originally $58, they are on sale for $14.50. I had a Skin shirt in my first order and it was the softest thing I had ever touched. They are available in white or black and in sizes small, medium, and large still! I highly recommend.

There are tons of items on sale for mere peanuts! Shipping to Canada appears to depend on how much you buy. I purchased five items and shipping to Canada only cost me $5.

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September 19

Book Outlet Canada: Beyond The Bargain Section

Posted by on September 19, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Book Outlet Canada: Beyond The Bargain Section

For all our book loving Moosers out there, Book Outlet has a new section called “Beyond the Bargain” that rotates books every Friday at 7:00 AM EST. This section is a compilation of extreme deals for book lovers with most all books in the section 75% off or more.

The books in this section are so cheap it is almost a crime. I instantly ran across one I wanted. The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget: Save Money. Save Time. Save the Planet. sounds like just my kind of read. Face it: going green is pretty expensive so learning how to do so on a budget sounds like a book I want. Part of the description says:

From raising eco-conscious kids to greening your daily commute, Dorfman provides insights into the next wave of green innovation and the products and services that will lighten your planetary impact and lower your expenses.

I am sold. The book originally retailed for $16.99 and is now on sale for $2.99. The Beyond Bargain price is just $1.49.

Another book along the same line is titled Super Natural Home: Improve Your Health, Home, and Planet–One Room at a Time. Originally $15.95, the book is now $5.99. Beyond Bargain pricing brings this book down to $2.99. Here is a sweet little synopsis of what you can expect:

At a time when impeccable scientific research points to an alarming correlation between common chemical compounds and cancers, allergies, psychiatric disorders, and birth defects, among other serious health concerns, Super Natural Home gives consumers the tools to start protecting themselves and their families.

Sounds like a must read for any family. There is a catch to all this. The fine print says:

Get the Beyond Bargain Price by having $30.00 or more of non-”Beyond Bargain” items in your shopping cart.

So, unfortunately, you cannot just load your cart up with these deals and scoot. However, if you are placing a book order this is a section you will not want to miss. I want both of those books and I only made it onto page two of the four pages of books available in this section. You can load up on books from the 50/50 section or the scratch and dent sections to reach the $30 minimum as books in those two are always priced super low.

Shipping is $3.99 for the first item, and then an additional $0.75 per item. Be sure to check out the coupon forum for future coupon codes like this one.

Image credit: Tim Geers

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September 19

Hudson’s Bay Canada: Up to an Extra 20% Off This Weekend

Posted by on September 19, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Hudsons Bay Canada: Up to an Extra 20% Off This Weekend

For HBC cardholders, receive 20% off your purchase at Hudson’s Bay this weekend. If you do not have an HBC card, you will receive 15% off with any other method of payment. Not all items are included in the above categories, so some items only qualify for 10% off no matter what form of payment.

There are a ton of exclusions to this offer, as expected with the variety of goods and brands that The Bay sells, so please click through the above link to consult the exclusion list.

Get 20% off:

Use your Hudson’s Bay Credit Card or your Hudson’s Bay Mastercard to get 20% off most everything. This section includes clothing, shoes, jewellery, luggage, and many products in the home category.

Get 15% off:

If you do not have a HBC card, then you will receive 15% off almost any purchase with your normal VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, and more. This discount applies on the same products as the above and includes things like beauty, handbags, kids’ items, and more.

Get 10% off:

The items in this category do not qualify for the higher discounts. Get 10% off on regular, clearance, and sale priced furniture, mattresses, major and small appliances, personal care electrics, BBQs, vacuums, confectionery (wait, they sell that?), cookware, bake ware, and select gadgets.

This promotion cannot be combined with the new account offer or any coupon codes. You do not need a coupon code for this offer; the qualifying discount will be taken off at checkout.

My husband wants this Le Creuset Large Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser because we drink a lot of loose-leaf tea and the built in infuser would be so very helpful. However, we already have three teapots so it is just not practical to get a fourth teapot in a house with only two tea drinkers. The price is great though. Originally $80, the teapot is on sale for $56. Once I add it to my cart, it comes down to just $50.40.

I am also looking for a slip to add to my wardrobe. The Hudson Bay has this Carine Slip on sale from $90 down to $45. If you pay with any tender, you will get the slip for just $38.25. However, if you pay with your HBC card then the slip comes down to $36.

Receive free shipping on any order of $99 or more. When paying with your HBC card you will receive free shipping on $49 or more.

Image credit: Tim Shields

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September 19

Honest Company (US): Free Sample Bundles – Just Pay Shipping

Posted by on September 19, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Honest Company (US): Free Sample Bundles   Just Pay Shipping

Honest Company is offering free sample bundles for you to try out there products. The sample bundles are free; you will just need to pay for shipping: $5.95 US for your sample kit.

There are three discover kits to choose from.

The Diapers & Wipes Bundle comes with 7 diapers and 10 wipes. These diapers are made of natural and sustainable products with no harmful fragrances, lotions, or latex that might irritate your baby’s skin.

The Essentials Bundle includes a bunch of great personal care products. Enjoy trial sized non-toxic samples of their Shampoo + Body Wash, Face + Body Lotion, Multi-Surface Cleaner (for your home), Healing Balm, and Hand Soap. This is the bundle that I just ordered as I am always looking out new skin care (and home) products that are all natural. That way they are safe for me, safe for my family, safe for my cats, and better for the environment.

You have two choices in the Health & Wellness Bundle from Honest Company. You can get the bundle with Prenatal and DHA/Omega-3 samples, or you can choose the Baby & Toddler Multi Powder and Kid’s Chewable Multi-Vitamin sample instead. This discovery kit seems to be of lower value than the other two.

The really awesome thing about this offer is you can request all three kits and only pay $5.95 US for shipping. One shipping cost, it does not matter whether you request one or three discovery kits.

Now, some people have been annoyed at the company because these people failed to read the fine print. Here is the fine print that you need to know:

With your Discovery Kit, you’ll be enrolled as a member of The Honest Company. You have 7 days following receipt of your Discovery Kit to cancel your membership at any time, for any reason. We will remind you about your membership options. If you choose to not cancel, you’ll be charged $79.95 /month for the Diapers & Wipes Bundle, $35.95/month for the Essentials Bundle, or $39.95/month for your Health & Wellness Bundle (plus shipping & handling).

Let me make that clear: from the day you receive your kit, make sure you cancel your subscription if you do not want to continue. They give you seven days to do this once you receive your trial product (and I hear they email reminders). If you fail to cancel the subscription, you will be billed.

I am excited to try out their Essentials bundle, what are you going to try?

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September 18

7-Eleven: Name Your Price for Large Slurpee on Sept 19th

Posted by on September 18, 2014 at 9:30 PM

7 Eleven: Name Your Price for Large Slurpee on Sept 19th

Tomorrow is ‘name your price’ day for a large Slurpee at 7-Eleven. Pay whatever you want for the Slurpee and 100% of the proceeds go to Food Banks Canada.

Pay whatever you want. That is all there is really to this deal. You can pay higher than, equal to, or less than the Slurpee is worth. Either way, every penny down goes to a very good cause. This sort of hits one of those grey areas: it is sort of a deal because you could frankly pay cents for a Slurpee. Yet, if you choose to donate more, then it sort of leaves the realm of a deal but is still a good deed. I am a big fan of charity myself, so this offer is a win-win in my eyes.

I might check this out tomorrow, but I have been really disappointed with the flavours they have for the light Slurpees. My local 7-Eleven usually only has one light Slurpee flavour, and last time it was a very chemical-tasting orange that I could not finish. I wonder why they do not make some of the standard flavours like Coke and Root Beer in a light. One time they did have a rather delightful light Slurpee, a tangy lime that was not too chemical. I would just like to see them expand the light options with some of the more popular flavours – I would love a cream soda.

You do not appear to need the 7-Eleven app for this deal and I cannot find any fine print for the deal either.

Hey Moosers, what are your favourite Slurpee flavours? Do you tend to get a mix or do you just get one flavour?

(Expiry: 19th September 2014)

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September 18

Lunapads Canada Coupon Code: 10% Off No Min. & 15% Off $50+

Posted by on September 18, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Lunapads Canada Coupon Code: 10% Off No Min. & 15% Off $50+

Lunapads has released a coupon code for 10% off your order with no minimum.

Click here to shop @ Lunapads Canada now

  • Coupon Code: FALLSAVE
  • Discount: 10% off
  • Expiry: 25th September 2014

Usually, Lunapads coupon codes require a minimum purchase like $35 or $50. The only other coupon I have seen lately for them without a minimum was for 5% off. As this coupon code is double that discount, I thought it worth blogging. However, if you are placing a larger order, be sure to use our exclusive coupon code below to get 15% off orders of $50 or more.

  • Coupon Code: BMOOSE15
  • Discount: 15% off $50
  • Expiry: Unknown

For anyone who just wants ‘one’ of something, the 10% off coupon code is a very good option. I have been admiring the new Dear Kate Vera Hipsters in regular and queen size. I have used Dear Kate before, and they are great back-up underwear during your period. Rather than wrecking a nice pair of undies, these panties can handle a little leakage, will keep it from ruining your pants, and wash up beautifully. The regular Vera underwear retail for $34 and come down to $30.60 after coupon. The queen size Dear Kate retail for $42, and come down to $37.80 after coupon.

Many women want to save money, and while panty liners, tampons, and pads do not seem to cost much money, they do add up over a year. Switch to Lunapads to save money on your period supplies. With the Divacup, I have cut my spending on menstrual products down to $0 per month, with an initial investment of $40 x 2 (because I lost my first cup once and bought a second). My cups should last me a couple years each (up to 5 years) and save me several hundreds of dollars over that time. The divacup originally cost $39.99, and is on sale for $34.99. After coupon code, pay just $31.49.

There are several extra for your diva cup that you can choose to buy along with it or not. The Carry Pouch for just $6.29 (was $6.99) is worth purchasing to store your cup and for traveling as well. They have a few nice designs to choose from and no one will ever know what you are carrying. I suggest buying two diva cups and two carry pouches to get all set up. It is absolutely no fun misplacing your cup right before your period without having a backup.

For these and future Lunapads coupon codes, check out the forum. Shipping is free on $75 and varies under that.

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September 18

Canadian Freebie: Free Comics for 14 Days @ Humble Bundle

Posted by on September 18, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Canadian Freebie: Free Comics for 14 Days @ Humble Bundle

Here is another sweet little freebie from Humble Bundle. While the Valiant Comic Book Bundle is on at Humble Bundle, they will be offering a different free issue from the Valiant Comics library. Each day the new comic will appear at 11am PDT. Today’s free comic is Eternal Warrior #1.

Just scroll to the bottom of the page to request your free comic book. The only thing it requires is an email address and a Humble Bundle account.

Now, redemption is a little more complicated than your standard Steam game. You can choose from several different redemption methods:

  1. Look the comics into your Google Play Books library
  2. Send the comics to your Kindle or Kindle reader
  3. Download the ‘hard-file’ and get instructions on how to put it on your Android, iOS, ETC.

I went to the page where I needed to choose the format I wanted to download – and to my surprise, I found not just one but two free comics waiting for me.

Canadian Freebie: Free Comics for 14 Days @ Humble Bundle

I am not sure how that happened, but I hope it happens to all of you! As you can see, I am also getting a free copy of X-O Manowar #1. I believe that is yesterday’s free comic as this Bundle was just released then. Though these are not my type of comics, so I will not be finishing the downloads, these are fantastic freebies for anyone into comics that wants to expand their horizons. Each day you can get a new free comic and that should continue for 12 more days! In total, you should be able to score 14 free comics from this offer.

I also suggest you consider buying the Humble Valiant Bundle if you like what you read. It is over $420 worth of comics and a good portion of they are pay what you want. A portion of the proceeds goes to charity and you get a whole lot of great new comics to read.

(Expiry: 11AM PST each day for 12 more days approximately)

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September 18

Walmart Canada: RCA 50″ LED HD TV Only $398 (Save $100)

Posted by on September 18, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Walmart Canada: RCA 50 LED HD TV Only $398 (Save $100)

You need to checkout Walmart over the next few days as they just launched their huge anniversary sale with discounts in almost every department. I ran across this beautiful RCA 50″ Direct LED HD TV on sale for just $398, down from $498.

I tried price comparing this TV, but all I could find were refurbished ones that are not available online. However, they are the same televisions so I have added them here to show you the price difference. Factory Direct sells a refurbished RCA 50″ for $449.99 and Angel Electronics sells a refurbished RCA 50″ TV for $499.99. With Walmart, you are paying less and getting a brand new television.

The RCA supports 480i, 480p, 576I, 576p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080P HD. Thus, the TV is full-HD capable for brilliant movie viewing. The screen is thin to keep the unit light while you still enjoy the large screen size. HDMI, composite, and component inputs as well as an integrated ATSC tuner are built into this television for versatility and compatibility with your console, DVD player, and more.

Most reviews on this television are very positive, with only one negative review in the group. This reviewer said:

No complaints, super TV, we love it! however, make sure you are home for delivery, otherwise you will have to pick it up yourself, NO second deliveries!

That is very good advice! Another reviewer mentioned hooking it up to their console:

I just bought this tv and so far I am happy with it,  it was easy to set up and so far the kids like playing their playstation on it Walmart Canada: RCA 50 LED HD TV Only $398 (Save $100) the colors seem good.

A 50″ television for under $400 is a good deal in my books.

Looking for something different? If you are, then feast your eyes on these other TV deals. Pick up an RCA 32″ Direct LED HD TV for just $169 (was $198). Over 250 reviews give this television an average 4.5/5 star rating. While it is a smaller screen, you really cannot beat the price! Perfect for dorm rooms, rec rooms, and even as your main television!

There is also a Samsung 50″ Full HD Smart LED TV on sale for just $648, down from $898. The same Samsung 50″ TV is $748 at You save an extra $100 at Walmart Canada.

Receive free shipping on all orders no matter what the size! As the reviewer above suggests, try to be home in time for your delivery to avoid picking it up from the post office yourself.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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September 18

Carrie’s Closet Canada: Leggings for $10 & $5 Off Coupon

Posted by on September 18, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Carries Closet Canada: Leggings for $10 & $5 Off Coupon

Carrie’s Closet Canada has a sale on leggings right now where you can purchase funky new leggings for just $10 a pair.

While this is a good deal in and of itself, with the coupon code TRYME still currently active (previously blogged here), you can buy one pair of leggings for just $5! The coupon gives you a flat $5 off your order, so if you just buy one pair of leggings you are getting them for $5 + tax + shipping.

Do you love the great outdoors? The Olive Green Skirt Leggings are a skirt and legging combination that resembles abstract grass. These leggings are ideal for anyone who likes to wear leggings but also wants their butt covered more. I usually buy tunics or very long shirts to cover my butt when wearing my leggings, but this pair would solve that problem for me. Originally $15, they are now only $10.

The Pleather Denim and Animal Print Leggings are sure to be popular with many girls. The patchwork style mixes denim and animal print together for a retro feel. Wear them with your favourite animal print top or work them into a costume. Originally $15, they are now $10.

If you are looking for a basic legging to go with most your tops, then look no further than these Pleather Leggings with zipper available in teal, olive, royal blue, or taupe. The solid colours will match well with tops that are more expressive and the zipper down the outside of the calf provides additional visual appeal. Originally $15, they are now only $10.

For girls who are queen of the disco floor, these Shiny metallic leggings in gold, silver, and black are your ticket to fun. They are slightly sheer, so I suggest wearing these with a shirt long enough to cover your delicate bits. These are also only $10.

I really like the skirted design that Carrie’s Closet offers, though I am not too fond of the grass print. However, this pair of Zebra print skirt leggings is a pattering I could see getting my behind inside. Zebra is certainly one of my favourite animal prints.

Last but not least, these Zig zag leggings in blue, taupe, or gray look comfy and would certainly go well with an over-sized chunky knit sweater. Both these and the zebras are also on sale for $10, originally $15.

Most of the leggings are OSFA – good for up to size eight. Shipping is a flat rate of $5.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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September 17

Pink Cherry Coupon Code: Extra 50% Off Closet Collection (NSFW)

Posted by on September 17, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Pink Cherry Coupon Code: Extra 50% Off Closet Collection (NSFW)

Pink Cherry has released a substantial coupon code for the Closet Collection by Impulse Novelties. Receive 50% off this line of adult toys for women.

Click here to view the Closet Collection @ Pink Cherry Canada now (18+)

  • Coupon code: CLOSET
  • Discount: 50% off the closet collection
  • Expiry: 18th September 2014

We do not often receive coupon codes for 50% off from Pink Cherry, thus I considered this a deal worth blogging about. The Closet Collection contains a number of adult toys for women ranging in price from $29.99 up to $119.99. With the additional coupon code, those prices substantially decrease to a minimum of $14.99 up to only $59.99. Keep in mind that all the following links are 18+ as Pink Cherry is an adult website.

The The Carrie B. Twister Vibe in Pink is one of the least expensive toys you can pick up in this sale. The vibe boasts 12 modes of vibration, which is unusual in a vibe! Most only have around six or maybe eight if you are lucky. There is a lot of power packed into this portable pink vibe and for the price, it is certainly worth trying. The vibe retails for $44.99, but costs only $29.99 at Pink Cherry. After coupon code, you will pay just $14.99.

There are many interesting toys to choose from in this sale. Aesthetically, I found the more expensive options far more interesting. The Victoria Triple Play Vibe in Purple looks like a small shark to me (seriously!) but would probably be a real tiger in bed. This incredibly versatile toy has textured silicone petals up top and a dual beaded, up-curled tail off the base to serve all your needs. This vibe also has 12 modes of vibration. If you do not like purple, you can also buy this toy in pink or in turquoise. The Victoria has a retail value of $109.99 but costs $79.99 at Pink Cherry. After coupon code, pay only $39.99 for this wonderful vibe.

Orders of $49 or more will ship discreetly across Canada for free. If your order totals $69 or more, you will receive a free Voila Mini Rechargeable Massager Vibe in Pink valued at $69.99. Do not worry about adding it to your cart, it will automatically be added to your cart when you qualify. Your order must total $69 after coupon code and before taxes.

For this and any future Pink Cherry coupon codes, please visit our forum.

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September 17

Nuvango Coupon Code: $6 Off iPhone 6 Cases

Posted by on September 17, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Nuvango Coupon Code: $6 Off iPhone 6 Cases

Nuvango (formerly Gelaskins) is offering $6 off iPhone 6 cases for when you get your beautiful new phone. Instead of paying $35 a case, the case will only cost you $29 after coupon.

Click here to shop iPhone 6 cases @ Nuvango now

  • Coupon Code: 6OFF6
  • Discount: $6 off iPhone 6 cases
  • Expiry: 22nd September 2014

All iPhone 6 cases bought during this offer will ship on the 24th of September 2014. That is when Nuvango is shipping all iPhone 6 cases and skins that have been ordered prior to that date.

Why would you want to buy your case at Nuvango? First, they make good quality cases that will keep your new phone from getting all scratched up and protect it from minor bumps and falls. Secondly, and the reasons that I and many others will keep going back to Nuvango, is for their amazing selection of top notch art from a variety of artists who specialize in different styles and genres. No matter what your taste, you can find something on Nuvango to suit your appetite for beautiful art. What better to put on your beautiful new phone than a beautiful piece of art?

Sometimes covers do not need to be complex. Rather, they can have a simplistic beauty to them that adds to the aesthetic of your device instead of overwhelming it. This Sanctuary cover by Ivy Jacobsen has been a contender on my list of covers for a while. It seems so peaceful, like a foggy morning in an enchanted forest.

Of course, art is so subjective. What I like may be totally appalling to someone else. For example, the cover that lives on my iPhone 5 is Beyond The Rainbow by Camilla D’Errico. You can get this cover also for the iPhone 6. I would highly recommend it because I love this piece so much and probably read way too much into the art! My father (surprisingly) also loved my cell phone cause but my mother was not a big fan. However, I bought the case for me so as long as I still think it is the perfect cover ever – it shall remain.

All prices in US dollars and all orders are shipped via UPS. While Nuvango bills in USD, all Canadian orders are shipped from within Canada and GST/HST will be charged at checkout (no duty). Shipping depends on what you are order and where it is shipping.

For this and future Nuvango coupon codes, visit our busy coupon forum.

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September 17

Best Buy Canada: Sennheiser In-Ear Headphones MM30i $34.99 (Save $45)

Posted by on September 17, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Best Buy Canada: Sennheiser In Ear Headphones MM30i $34.99 (Save $45)

Pick up an inexpensive set of Sennheiser In-Ear MM 30i Headphones for just $34.99 at Best Buy Canada. Save $45 and receive free shipping on the earbuds.

I price compared these earbuds with a few places. They cost $64.63 @ Amazon Canada, $79.99 @ The Source Canada, and $39.99 (sale) @ Future Shop Canada, which is Best Buy’s sister store.

Okay, so something is pretty interesting about this set of Sennheiser headphones. I looked at them on four websites and only Future Shop and Best Buy average a mediocre rating on these earbuds. The Source and Amazon Canada average about a 3.5 – 4.5 star rating for the headset whereas Future Shop and Best Buy are averaging 2.5 – 2.7. I find that pretty curious. Either way, this headset has lovers and haters. For every bad review there is also a good review. For example, this person cannot say anything nice about them:

These headphone have much worse low end than the standard apple ones and in general rather poor sound quality. I would have expected better. If earphones could be returned I would!

Whereas this person thinks they are the best thing ever:

If you can get these on sale it’s a no brainer. But even at whole price It would be hard to beat. The detail and dynamics of these are amazing. Nice deep tight bass with sparkling highs. The noise cancelling on these is very impressive aswell. I work with loud equipment and once the music is on it goes away and you can hear only what your listening to with no sound degradation at all. The mic is a very nice feature to have aswell , it almost works to good. Picks up small details around you and I find I like to use 1 eat bud or it’s like u can’t hear your own voice while talking.

Therefore, it is hard for me to advise you one way or another. What I can say is that Sennheiser is a well-known brand in headphones and that this is a very good price for a pair of their earbuds. You will also receive free shipping on this headset as it reaches the minimum required from Best Buy Canada.

Quantities are limited; there are currently only 14 sets available in my own area. I am sure these will sell out way before the deal expires. If you buy them, let us know what you think!

(Expiry: 4th October 2014)

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September 17

Danier Leather: Kelsey Stretch Knit & Lamb Leather Jacket – $99.99 (Save $200)

Posted by on September 17, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Danier Leather: Kelsey Stretch Knit & Lamb Leather Jacket   $99.99 (Save $200)

Danier Leather Canada has a very good deal on a beautiful Kelsey Stretch Knit and Lamb Leather Jacket for your wardrobe. Originally $299, the jacket is now on sale for just $99.99.

The white body is made of stretch knit with an intricate front stitch detail. Both the knit and the inside lining stretch to better fit your curves. The sleeves and upper portion of the jacket are made of black lamb’s leather and the effect of the white and black colour blocking is quite striking. This jacket can be dressed down with jeans and runners or dressed up with a little black dress and spiked heels. A versatile jacket like this will stick with you for a night on the town and look fashionable while providing you warmth and protection.

Sizing starts at XXXS and goes up to XL with all sizes currently in stock. I always found it best to size down in Danier leather coats. While I wear a large in most jackets, I generally wore a medium in Danier leather coats (and sometimes a small). Leather tends to stretch out and adjust to your body over time, thus I was never afraid to buy a slightly tight leather coat. Leather also ages beautifully, which is just one of the many reasons I am a big fan of it.

I have a similar style jacket to this one from Danier. I love the zips on the cuffs and the form fit across the arms and the upper chest. However, I have never had a knit and leather combo top so that is pretty new to me. In general, though, this is a very good price for a Danier jacket and is akin to their Boxing Day sales. I used to go to Danier every Boxing Day for a new jacket so I am pretty familiar with their pricing.

You will receive free shipping on orders of $150 or more. However, this jacket is below that so you probably want to know that shipping will not cost an arm and a leg. Pay only $8 to get this jacket shipped expedited (5 – 7 business days) to you!

Around the fall, I always end up buying a new jacket. I think it ’tis the season’ and all that. Will this be your new jacket of choice?

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September 17

The Source Canada: Canon PowerShot ELPH 130 IS Now $99.96

Posted by on September 17, 2014 at 7:30 PM

The Source Canada: Canon PowerShot ELPH 130 IS Now $99.96

The Source Canada has a good deal on the Canon PowerShot ELPH 130 IS Camera. Originally $209.99, the camera is now on clearance for $99.96.

This camera is just on clearance, and does not appear to be an open box or refurbished model. I did some price comparing to ensure you are getting the best deal. I found the camera, in various colours, for the following prices. The same model is $136.26 @, $119.97 at Future Shop (sold out), $149.95 @ Newegg and $151.13 at Hookbag. The Source Canada’s price is the best out there currently.

The camera features:

  • 16.0 MP
  • 8x Optical Zoom(4x digital zoom as well)
  • 28mm Wide-Angle Lens
  • 720p HD Video Recording

It also has a 3.0″ screen to help you see your photos better and help you take better photos. The built in Wi-fi allows you to transfer wirelessly the photos from your phone to your computer. The camera also comes with a rechargeable battery, a recharger, and it appears to come with a case as well if the photos are any indication (as the text does not mention it).

This is a good camera for an affordable price. 16MP will give you good quality images and the 8x optical zoom will bring you in close enough to capture them. The 720DH video recording and the Wi-fi are bonus selling points in my book. I am not much for taking videos, but they often capture a mood or even far better than photos can. I certainly like having that built into my camera. It is also very convenient not to have to connect your camera to your computer each time you want to share pictures. I would love that feature on my camera.

Here is one review of the camera of off Amazon:

Great camera. I love it. The pictures are incredible and clear resolution at 16MP. I also have a Canon T3i and travel alot. But during travels, the size of the Canon T3i makes it very impractical and heavy. So the ELPH 130 is my travel camera. It goes on my hip and takes great pictures. I especially love the CMOS capability, which makes it a very nice camera for close quarters and limited lighting. I strongly recommend this camera to anyone looking to buy a camera that takes professional quality pictures at a fraction of the cost of a large professional camera.

There are tons of reviews of this camera on Amazon Canada, I suggest reading a few to get a good idea of what it does and it does not do. This camera is on sale in grey.

Receive free shipping on orders of $30 or more.

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