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Sophie the Giraffe is perhaps thee most popular teether toys out there. Parents just go nuts on the extremely rare occasion that they go on sale and many a kid has been raised gnawing on Sophie. If your child loves Sophie and never wants to let her go, then consider picking up the Sophie Plush Toy for your little one. Originally $26.49, this soft plush is on sale for $13.

This cute little Sophie Giraffe plush toy is made of super-soft plush material that is comfortable for long bouts of cuddling. Inside you will find a little tinkling bell that will make your child want to shake Sophie just to hear it again. This plush is made by Vulli - the same company that makes the ever-popular rubber chewing toy (teether).

I could not find this plush sold alone anywhere else so price comparing is a little difficult. Given that this is authentic Vulli brand and is a plush off Sohie the Giraffe that is larger than the actual teether, I am positive that $13 on sale is a fantastic price for it. I have seen gift-sets with both the teether and the plush for around $50. I assume most people already own the teether for their child - so this plush is a nice addition.

The reviews - unfortunately - do not help at all as they are for the teether and not the plush. However, the kid above seems to be having a grand ol' time both drooling on and playing with their Sophie plush. This plush would make an excellent baby show gift as well: Sophie is super popular and rather than be the person to give the third Sophie teether in one bridal shower; you can step outside the rubber and go for soft plush.

This toy is recommended for newborns up through age one. However, most young kids love plush toys so this could even last until your child is five or six - maybe even longer.

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