Glitter2enemies Promo Code: $3 Discount - Glitter Envelope For $7 & Free Shipping!


Do you have any enemies? Or were you planning on sending any anti-Valentines? If so, consider this interesting service… an envelope full of GLITTER which will explode everywhere when the recipient opens it! And I’ve found a coupon code which will get you a $3 discount, meaning you can get an envelope of glitter shipped to anywhere in the world for only $7 with free shipping.

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  • Discount: $3 off
  • Expires: Unknown

The above site is a pretty simple layout as they only have one product – an envelope filled with glitter. Glitter2enemies are based out of Toronto, so your envelopes will ship from there. However, they will deliver ANYWHERE in the world, it doesn’t have to be to an enemy in Canada. The worldwide delivery is included in the price.

While Glitter2enemies doesn’t seem to have been around for very long, they’ve got a couple of reviews on site, such as this one:


Ha ha!

I listened to the Podcast on here, and they say that Canada Post will take about a week to ship your order (but they say it should be two business days for a local shpment)… so get it in now if you want to get an order out for Valentine’s Day.

Price Comparison

You might think that it would be cheaper to buy an envelope and some glitter at the dollar store and just mail it yourself. But there are a few issues with this method. One: it’s just a regular envelope and not specifically designed to explode the glitter everywhere. Two: you won’t have the same level of anonymity and your fingerprints would be all over the offending matter!


I take it that Glitter2enemies are just trying to jump on the viral bandwagon that was Their price is $9.99 for the same service but I think that could be in US dollars so you’ll probably end up paying a little bit more with the Canadian exchange rate at that site. The price from Glitter2enemies is in Canadian dollars and a better deal overall.

What do you think? Will you be using this service?


    Thanks for the post. Just want to clear up a few things that are wrong above. 1. The promo codes "TheEdge" and "FearlessFred" give you a $3 discount, not $25. 2. Shipping within Canada is 1-4 business days depending on location. USA 2-7 depending on location. International is about 7 days. If you're ordering for Canada or the USA, chances are it will arrive before Valentine's Day if you order by tomorrow latest. These times were provided by Canada Post. But we ship for any reason, not just Valentine's, so send away! 3. Our pricing is in Canadian dollars Thanks again for checking us out!
    • Anna W.
      The 25 was a typo, thanks, fixed!
  • Shar
    I'm sad to see that you are promoting this type of asinine behaviour.
    • Anna W.
      We can't please everyone all of the time. If you don't like it, just scroll on by please.
      • Shar
        Sorry you did not like getting called out... I'll keep my comments to myself from now on. I do enjoy your site and have taken advantage of several of the deals so thank you for that anyway.
        • Anna W.
          You're welcome, thank you for being a Mooser.
  • Julie
    I love this idea!!! I feel sorry for those of you who do not have a sense of humour, I see a ton of opportunities with this! I'm not going to creep out searching for my "enemies" address, but I happen to know my sisters off hand. And my mother in law!!! As long as you know someone who can handle this as a joke/prank, and would be ok with getting one sent to you also, then I don't see anything wrong with this. Hey Shar, what's your address?? Hahaha!
  • Avigayil M.
    Haha!! I have an ex-boyfriend or two I would LOVE to do this to... actually. I have a really good friend who is not quite secure in his masculinity that could use some glittering!
  • stevebromley84
    Hahaha this is amazing!! I am definitely ordering some for my wonderful ex girlfriend. There is no one in the world that deserves this more lol.
  • Fay. (.
    I would ship this to my besties that I KNOW who understands this type of humor. Maybe offer to help clean up if they get mad :P
    • Anna W.
      Exactly! I would personally never do this maliciously, but I would do it for a prank.

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