Zipcar Canada: No Annual Fee + $15 Free Credit

29 January 2013

This is a post aimed at those Moosers living in the metropolitan areas of Toronto and Vancouver, so it won’t be relevant to all of you. Zipcar is the world’s largest car sharing service and they are offering a new plan where you can use a car Monday - Friday with no annual fee. New Zipcar sign-ups will receive free $15 credit!

It is called the "access plan" and you can drive most zipcars and zipvans Monday - Friday with no annual fee. This is great because the other two plans either required you to pay a $65 a year annual fee or spend at least $50 a month. This plan doesn't require a monthly or yearly commitment - awesome!

This is an amazing alternative to owning a car - imagine the money you will save not having to spend on car insurance, maintenance, and other unforeseen expenses! This is fabulous if your car needs are minimal - trips to the doctors office, grocery store, and other small excursions.

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