Zipcar: $10 Off Account For College Students

22 August 2014


Zipcar is offering $10 off new accounts for college students. Just enter in your school name and see if your university is a member of Zipcar.

I tried a few universities around Canada, and the only one I could get this working for was University of Toronto. I kept getting an error every time I tried UBC in Vancouver. I did not try all the universities (that would be a lot), so you may wish to check if yours is on there. I know that Zipcar's presence in Canadian cities is limited to Vancouver and Toronto right now. However, they may be present at large universities where they do not have a presence otherwise.

When I went through the University of Toronto link it said that students could sign up to Zipcar for just $20 (save $5), and the $30 application fee was being waived. This seems like a different promotion: though in many ways better as you save $35. However, some websites just add things up oddly.

Zipcar is a pretty awesome system, and for a university student it is like borrowing a ticket to freedom. Zipcar is simple. You just need to:

  • Sign-up if you are 18 years or older.
  • Reserve from any device that has an internet connection. Take a car out for hours or days.
  • Save as gas and insurance are always free.
  • Drive away: take your car and then return it to the same spot by the end of your rental time.

While this program is only available at a few universities across Canada, I still think it is a worthwhile deal. In addition, for Canadians that are going to be schooling across the border, you can also save $10 on your Zipcar membership at USA universities. Zipcar is more common in the USA than Canada right now. I do hope that changes. I would love to see Zipcar spread across Canada because car sharing would save an average Canadian household thousands of dollars a year. If we had access to a car-sharing program, my husband would sell his car in a heartbeat.

For more details on this offer, check the website.

Just a little note, while writing this post I had many problems with their website. I am not sure if it is just my internet hating me again, but the website was slow and sometimes it would not load. You might need a little patience with this one.

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