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18 June 2011

It was to be expected really... shortly after Air Canada announce a 15% discount on all US & Canadian flights with this Air Canada coupon code, Westjet follow suit with the exact same offer.

Click here to  use the Westjet promo code online

  • Promo Code: PCR82
  • Coupon Code: H7H1CA5
  • Expires: 19th June 2011
  • Travel by: 14th December 2011

PLUS there's a 30% promo code for select eastern destinations:

  • Promo Code: PCR83
  • Coupon Code: Y2XILGK
  • Expires: 19th June 2011
  • Travel by: 14th December 2011

This Westjet promo code and the one from Air Canada are both really good - a 15% discount is pretty high, plus there are no location exclusions. Sometimes they run discount codes which are only applicable to certain areas.

Westjet and Air Canada always seem to be copying each others' promotions, in the hope they won't lose business to each other. But I feel that it has devalued their brand images - in that people won't just make a booking, they'll wait until one of the companies makes a promo code and see who comes up with the best offer.

I've always found it odd on Westjet that you have to enter both a promo code and a coupon code when making your discounted booking, it's the only site that I have ever seen doing this. Normally, stores have one single box for a discount code, and that's it.

Happy travels Bargainmoosers!

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