Westjet Canada Coupon: 20% Off Next Flight


West Jet has released a 20% off coupon code perhaps as a response to Air Canada's GiftMassive code giveaway. Westjet Canada's coupon code is valid on Econo fares between January 7th and June 15th 2015.

Click here to book your flight @ Westjet Canada now

  • Promo Code: WJP72
  • Coupon Code: NXRXJGF
  • Expiry: 30th December 2014 11:59 EST

This coupon covers nearly six months’ worth of travel giving you plenty of date flexibility. There are two blackout periods for which this coupon will not work: April 1 to 7, 2015 and May 14 to 19, 2015.

The link above should automatically fill in the promo and coupon code; however, I have included them in case it does not fill them in for you. The discount percentage is applied to the base fare only and excludes taxes, fees, and extra charges. The coupon is valid for one-way and round-trip flights.

As Anna mentioned in her Air Canada post, just because a company is handing you a 20% off coupon code does not mean they have the cheapest flights. We recommend Google Flights to price compare the flight you are looking at. You can also price compare between the Air Canada deal with their coupon and West jet with this new 20% off coupon to see which airline is offering the best deal.

Now that I live away from my family, I understand the yearly or bi-yearly pilgrimage that other people make to go visit their relatives. I still live close enough that I could theoretically drive, but flying is a lot less exhausting than a 14 - 16 hour drive. With a good flight deal, it can also cost about the same if you factor in fuel, food, and taking a vehicle across the ferry twice. That is even without a hotel room for a midnight stop.

I was looking at flying from Vancouver to Edmonton in the spring. A one-way flight starts at $151.54 before taxes and discount. Thus, a round trip ticket would cost only $305.18 for one person after discount. Even adding on bus and walk-on ferry transit (+$50) I cannot drive my car there and back for that price as the ferry alone would cost me $140 round-trip with a vehicle.

Where are you going to travel this coming year Moosers?

For this and any future Westjet coupon codes, visit our forum. We try to keep them up to date there.


  • Tim P.
    Given the blackout dates listed, would we receive this discount if we flew to Mexico on May 9 and returned May 16 or 17, 2015? Thanks
    • Anna W.
      Tim, just pop the dates in for the flights, add in the promo code and you will see if it works for your chosen journey.
  • Penny P.
    wow! Now to decide where to go!
  • chris
    Attempted to use promo code with choice rewards and doesn't work with the west jet flight! It's garbage
  • Tricia
    Already have a WestJet flight booked - leaving REgina Jan 11, 2015 and returning Jan 23, 2015. Could this discount apply to my flight?
    • Anna W.
      You'd have to call customer services and ask - you never know, they might be nice and refund the difference!

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