Air Canada: New Year's Flight Sales

4 January 2013

I guess I am getting the travel bug. Air Canada has their own New Year's Flight sales on right now! Travel in Canada, the US, International, or popular sun destinations!

The bonus with Air Canada is they travel a lot of places. I decided to place my examples out of Toronto, since that is where the largest population of people are in Canada! Here are some price examples.

(Note: these are total price: including taxes, surcharges and charges and fees for a one-way trip).

  • Toronto to Vancouver - $276
  • Toronto to Los Angeles - $363
  • Toronto to Paris - $850
  • Toronto to Cancun - $272

As I said before - flight sales are really worth waiting for as they can save you so much money. If you are planning any trips in the near future you should be checking out these sales.

Expiry: 10th January 2013

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