Speak Out Game Extra Mouth Guards $11.99/10 Pack @ Amazon Seller: Magician's Hat

Speak Out Game Extra Mouth Guards $11.99

Everyone has been clamouring for the Game of the year this season, Speak Out. We posted about how to get your hands on it here. After you buy the game you'll be on the hunt for extra mouthpieces as the game includes 5 mouthpieces.

The game is for only 4-5 players but it def. never hurts to have more mouthpieces, especially if others join in. In the link below, click on 'Available from these sellers' in the upper right hand side of the page, and there you will find Amazon Seller: Magician's Hat.

Watch that your pets can't have access to them. Not because they might start 'talking funny' but because they like to eat dental appliances.

This 10 pack of Grinigh Dental Mouth Opener/Cheek Retractor in a M Size Blue Color is being sold for $11.99 by reputable Amazon Seller: Magician's Hat. The order is fulfilled by Amazon.ca so you'll receive these quickly. You will also note there are several variations on sizes, amount and pricing that will show in the above link.

Shipping is free with orders of eligible (Amazon fulfilled) items that total over $35, otherwise shipping will vary, starting at around $4.25.

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