New Dinosaur Fingerlings Available Now @ Chapters

Dinosaur Fingerlings Out Now!

Quick! These little guys are in stock at Chapters Indigo, but they might not stay there for long!

Fingerlings Dinosaurs are real, and pre-orders are finally over – which mean you can buy the real thing NOW at Chapters Indigo! These little velociraptors sell for $19.95 each, and they're available online and in stores.

The Fingerlings Untamed pre-orders sold out right away the first time we spotted them, so I'd hurry if you're hoping to grab one or two (or all four)!

There are four to choose from:

I thought these might be knockoffs at first, but they look like the real deal. However, WowWee, the company behind Fingerlings, hasn't announced the new dino toys on their site.

Orders over $25 ship free, or you can ship your order to a Chapters store for free.

You can also find them at Mastermind Toys for $19.99 each or pre-order Fingerlings Untamed at Toys R Us Canada (if you're willing to shell out a few more cents and wait for a bit). They're selling for $19.99 each.

Looking for Fingerlings Toy Monkeys? Check out our list of where to buy Fingerlings in Canada!


  • Renée G.

    Stephanie Drumheller Delorme for Krozby :blush:

  • Virginia B.

    for Addison ?

    • Jeff B.


  • Nathalie C.

    ...these look like those monkey things you love!:wink:

    • Heather S.

      Her name is Charlotte and she has her own Instagram account...Lol

    • Nathalie C.

  • Ashley N.

    Yessss he willll LOVE this!!÷

  • Jonathan B.

    Wow :open_mouth: FÉLIX

  • Amanda D.

    B day!

  • Ashley N.

    . Yes exactly what i was thinking! Thank you :heart:

  • Sheila C.

    Ordered 2. :grimacing:

  • Natalie B.

    lol! He will love them!!

  • Kate M.

    O...M...G... must resist.

  • Allison F.

    Omg I was going to send you a screenshot earlier and forgot! Hahaha!

  • Alexandria D.

    for RJ :heart:

    • Jill C.

      Omg he would FREAK OUT

  • Carlos. A.

    buy these for the boys

  • Cory G.


  • Natashia O.

    Clyde!! Haha

    • Cindy G.

      Lol real cute

  • Christine K.

    for Rafi

    • Sheryl A.

      He’d love them!!!

  • Sandra A.

    now you can get Synthia her dinosaur

  • Charlyn-Nathaniel L.


  • Stephanie F.

    - jake would love these

  • Tricia H.


  • Krysten M.

    there’s a certain little lady that would love this lol

    • Michelle M.

      Haha i saw those pop up in my news feed earlier. She totally would.

  • Danielle N.

    !!! Brody’s Birthday present?

  • Linda L.

    haha Keaton would love these

  • Amanda D.

    - Finn would freak

  • Hillary J.

    Omg!! Lol Camden would love it

  • Samantha F.

    my family! lolol

  • Michelle M.

    if your in a chapters and see one, let me know. lol No chapters here. :disappointed:

    • Catherine K.

      No problem!!! I'll check it out this week!

    • Quinn K.

      Looks like they have to be pre ordered - not in stores

  • Melanie R.


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