Kid's Party Coming Up? 100 Glow Sticks for $9 @

Kid's Party? Grab 100 Glow Sticks for $9!

My kids love glow sticks. Heck, I love glow sticks! I've transitioned from waving them around wildly at nightclubs to waving them around at campfires and kids' parties but still always fun!

I usually grab a bunch for loot bags and have some on hand for any time we've got guests with kids for dinner. Put the kids in the basement, give them each a glow stick, shut of the lights and magic. They are occupied for hours while the adults enjoy actual conversation upstairs!

I get mine at the bargain store nearby and spend $2 for packs of 5, but they are smaller and not all that bright. These are just $9 for 100! That's 77% off their regular price of $39! They are 8" long and come with connectors so you can bend them into bracelets and necklaces. They come in five colours and claim to be non-toxic and safe as well (but I still kind of wonder what's in there to make them glow...)

You have to spend $25 to get free shipping from so if you're shopping for an upcoming kids' party, add a gift or a few more party supplies to top up your order.

See the glowing balloons in the image? I've done that at a kids' party and it blew their minds! Try it!

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  • JuIie

    There is also a free offer when you purchase these glow sticks.  If you add a 25 pack of the larger glow sticks from the same seller (listed at $15.99), you will receive them for free if purchasing the pack of 100.

    • miarodak

      Awesome! Thank you for letting us know Julie. Glow sticks for everyone! 

      • Jet

        Adding the larger (25) set to my cart results in the additional $15.99 cost, not free, as previously indicated.  

        What am I missing?   Perhaps this deal has passed...

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