Indie Games Summer Six Pack (PC) For $5 / $10

At, there's a deal happening for 6 popular indie PC games for only $5 or $10!

I am going to be super lazy now and post the first paragraph from their press release to explain the $5 / $10 promotion:, a collective of six independent game developers, today unveiled a unique limited promotion for game enthusiasts and casual gamers called “Indie-Games Summer Six Pack”.  This special offer is a collection of six indie-games for the PC for only US $10 dollars.  Because of the viral nature of the indie-game market, and to share the amazing value this collection offers, the “Summer Six Pack” is offered for only US $5 when customers “SHARE” this promotion on their Facebook page.

So if you share it on Facebook, the site then redirects you back to the domain, where you can complete the transaction for only $5.

If you're really not happy about the sharing on Facebook aspect but still only want to pay $5, you could share it on Facebook then delete the update from your wall after you've made your payment. But I don't really recommend doing this - the developers are giving you it for half price on the chance that you'll share with your friends, and spread the word for them.

The games you get:

  • Aztaka
  • City Rain
  • Puzzlegeddon
  • Bob came in pieces
  • Vizati
  • Lylian paranoid friendship

I'm a big supporter of Indie game devs, having played many little gems that are absolutely astounding, like Osmos, Drawn, World of Goo. I will say that I haven't played any of the 6 games in this pack though. A friend of mine has played "Bob came in pieces" and he says that it is really good and this pack is probably worth the money just for that game alone.

What do you think?

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