50% off Sleeping Dogs (PC)

27 October 2012

One of the biggest sleeper hit games of the summer, released a mere two months ago, for 50% off. Thank you, GreenMan!

Like I said, this game just came out a couple month ago so a 50% discount is pretty sweet. I have bought used games that came out years before I bought them, for less of a discount than this. It is normally $49.99 but you get it for $24.99, a $25 discount! You also get the Triad Enforcer DLC.

I am absolutely in love with Open World games. I love the GTA games, I love the InFamous series, I love Assassin's Creed. Don't get me wrong, I can hang out with Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid all day long, but the whole open world thing has really captured my attention. Sleeping dogs is one of these open world games and it is super-awesome. It has an 80% on MetaCritic on nothing but great review on GreenMan. I have not played the game but I plan on getting it after I clear up some of my back log of games.

Along with the 50% off you can also get $4 cash back or $6 in GreenManGaming credit.

(Expires: 29th October 2012, 10:20AM ET)

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